My Life’s Miracles (Part 28)


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Hiii friends, I promised will update long part….. I know this is a short update…. Tonight I promise to update another 2 part…… Do comment readers…..

After having lunch, we all decide to go Heritage Tea Centred Factory Est. All couples travels in a car while me and Swara was traveling together. Swara intertwined her fingers with my fingers and laid her head on my shoulder while I was driving and telling me today’s stories….. She told me how the girls were teasing her once he left with his friends….. she slightly slap my shoulder and complaints like a child….
Swara: it’s all because of you! ???
Sanskar: what I have did??????
Swara: obviously it’s because of you…. see you give a big love bite which can seen by others (showing her neck while taking of her scarf)…. I didn’t even see it in the morning… if not I must had covered it… the girls tease me more after saw it….. with pout???
Sanskar smile and said “its show how much I love you wifey and the mark mean you are mine” while winking at her…. ???

Swara blush hearing his comment.. ??? she blushes more when Sanskar took their intertwined fingers to his lips and kiss her knuckle…..
Swara:I Love You, Sanskar…. I Love You so much…. I love you even I die now itself also I won’t have any regrets…..
I apply a sudden break hearing her nonsense and start to scold her…
Swara: I’m sorry….. I’m too happy and the words slipped from my mouth…. here after I won’t speak like that while holding her ears….
I quickly hug her. I don’t know why but I feel more restless and afraid of losing her….Swara breaks the hug and peck my lips which shocked me with her sudden action….
Swara: I Love You, Sanskar…. I know I won’t feel tired saying this words to you even it’s so sound so cheesy…. I want grow old with you and have kids who exactly look like you…..So, we will have a happy life forever and holding hands together like this….???
I smile hearing her confession even I heard it before still I won’t feel bored with it….. it’s show me how important I am for her…..
Sanskar: I love you too wifey…. I Love you forever…..??? you don’t know how much you mean for me….

Swara: You know Sanskar what I feel when I wakes up in your arms in this morning….
Sanskar while hugs her tightly from his passenger seat “what you feel dear”
Swara: I feel complete…. You make me complete… You make me smile when I have no reason to. When everything in my life is empty, I call you and you filled it with love… You make everything better for me…. I love you so much, I didn’t know what love mean until I met you… I couldn’t believe my eyes today when was actually waking up in your arms…. This is the best feeling ever in the world when get to know that you belong to me and you are mine….??? Every morning, that’s all I need to know and that’s enough for me to have a good day….
I kissed her before I start to drive again….. While driving the car, I lost in my thoughts with the conversation between Ahil and Arnav awhile before lunch….

Sanskar: I know there is no works because we already settled few day works before my marriage….. what was it? I can feel you guys looking restless….
Ahil: Sanskar, I hope you calm down first and don’t get angry before listen to us…..
Sanskar: Ok, Ahil…. I get it…. Now tell me fast…..what happened??????
Ahil: Sanskar, we get to know that one of your business rivals where trying to murder you…. Our bodyguards found out a guy who tried to poison your food by disguise like a chef….. They guy already handed to police officers to investigate the real culprit behind this murder attempt…… The investigation still going on because the guy doesn’t want to reveal the person behind this plan……

Arnav: We don’t want to tell this in front of the girls and made them freak out and scared…. So, we called you here with the excuse of pending works…… You don’t worry, Sanskar…… I already put more bodyguards around even for the girls also….. The bodyguards will in disguise as normal vacationer….. So, they can protect us……

Sanskar come out from his thought hearing loud banging sound at the back of the car…. Before he can react what is happening around, Swara already open his site of car’s door and push him out with full force…. He fallout from the car and roll over and hit the big rocks and fall unconscious…..

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  1. Awesome but y swara kicked him

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Maha, She want to save him dear…… she love Sanskar a lot till she can do anything for him even sacrifices her life also… ???

  2. I think here will be a twist in the story

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      Yes Teja the twist started edy….. ???

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      Tq Aahna…???

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