My Life’s Miracles (Part 18)

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In each step Arnav taking towards her, Angel heart beat increasing…… She feel like her heart almost come out from her rib…..???
In a second, Arnav stand in front Angel….Angel feel like the world almost stop at moment when he stand in front of her and pull her from the sit and kissed her passionately……

She doesn’t know how to react with his sudden attitude and she didn’t even realize when she reciprocates his kiss…….???
Everyone just stare them with wide open mouth and didn’t interrupt them and Swasan just enjoying the drama in front of them….….. He broke the kiss…… Angel look down at the floor shyly, she couldn’t face him after the kiss in front others…..
Arnav knelled down of Angel and took her hand…….

Arnav: My dear and dearest Angel…. I know this all so sudden believe me…. I’m totally flat on you when you said hi to me with your beautiful and melting smile which make my heart skip’s a bit which never happened till now with any girls that I ever meet….. i couldn’t stop myself coming near to you…. I feel so possessive about you…. When we at Sky Bridge, I can feel you scared which make me want you feel you are safe with me I will be your shield to protect you from anything that gonna harm you….. The moment you enter the ballroom with the backless mesh and lace dress white, you make me breathless…… I lost myself…. You make my feeling uncontrollable…..You were looking like an angel who sent by God to the earth for me………. I really want to prove myself to you that I can cook when you stated that guys can’t cook…..I don’t know why but I want your attention….. Sorry I don’t know what I’m blabbering so long and I never talk so long…… Goshhhhh…. Why it’s so hard while rubbing his hair with frustration while one holding Angel’s hand…???
“ Angel I love you…… I love you the moment I saw you….. I know you are better half the moment I saw you…. And I can feel you like me also but I don’t know how far…… Will you marry me? while opening a small box which he takes out from his pocket which contained a beautiful ring…..???

All the while Arnav speaking, Angel was just standing like statue and tears come out from her eyes nonstop…..???
She never been loved like this in her life after a parents and friends… but his love for her is just for her only which she don’t need to share with anyone….. She starts to react after awhile…. She doesn’t want lose him from her life….. She extended her finger while sobbing with happiness “I DO”…….???

He take out the ring from the box and slide on her finger…… he quickly get up and hug her after putting the ring in her finger with clapping and whistling sound from his friends at background…… ????
He broke the hug and kissed her on her forehead……???

Angel cupped his face and said “I have never believed in love at first sight that we are able to give our heart away upon one view or that after just one glance we are in love but I do believe that the second I saw your eyes, I loved them and the moment I saw your smile, I loved it and the instant I heard you laugh I fell in love with the sound….. I have never believed in love at first sight till I meet you….. You change my mindset….. Now I do believe that after one glance in your direction I have belonged to you completely….. I love you, Arnav…… Angel stands on her toes and kisses his forehead and wipe his tears for his eyes…..
Arnav: So, guys the girl that I kissed is Angel, my love and my fiancée which a few second ago who agreed to marry me witnessed by you all….???

Everyone starts to cheers them…… all comes to hug and congratulate the couples…… There is nothing will be happier than witnessing the uniting of the two hearts……???

Next: Swasan and Zohil ( a cute scene as Teja wish)

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  1. Ohhhh so sweet dear you write so well?

  2. Omg yo dear friend i loved it i mean arnav loves angel that is so cool and swasan cute scenes and zohil????? i mean thanks for accepting my request and also love you??

  3. I loved it

    1. Rina Sivaguru

      Tq teja….. ???

  4. Hey dear the episode was awesome I commented on previous epi too but they are not posting my comment that was also very nice

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      Tq sunehri….. Its ok sometime its happened when I comment too….. ☺☺☺☺☺☺

  5. Awesome confession.. 😀

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      Tq sweetie……☺☺☺

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