My Life’s Miracles (Part 16)


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Living Area
After a hot sizzling romance between them, all gathered at living area having cool drinks and snacks while chatting……
Arnav: Guys, it’s so boring!!!
Swara: Then, let’s play game!
Arnav: Wow… Swara, good idea! But what game we can play???
Swara: hahaha…. Don’t worry Arnav…. Where Swara is there is no place for worry…..
Sanskar was admiring her cuteness….. All the while she speaking, she can feel a gaze on her….. She can tell without looking who is that…. She turns on that direction and have a eye lock with Sanskar….. The eye locks break with Zoya’s question “What game. Swara?”…
Swara: Let’s play truth or dare!
Sanskar: What game is that????
Swara: What??? You don’t know what game is that! Are you sure you life in this world?
Sanskar got hurt and irritate with her question and reply her that “If I don’t know the game doesn’t mean that I don’t life in this world….
Arnav: Even I don’t know the game Swara…..
Swara: Arnav, you too….
Ahil: Swara, they all have different life style than us….. If our childhood filled with fun and games, they all are filled with only educations….. They learn how to compete with other at outside world…. They didn’t have a childhood like a normal child….
Swara feel sad for them “I’m sorry, Arnav & Sanskar”
Arnav & Sanskar: It’s ok, Swara…..
Arnav: I think Swara, Sanskar and me still have time to learn about the game right…..
Swara: You are right Arnav! First let me guide you with the game….. A bottle will be spinned in the middle of player…. When the cap pointed a person, the person will be asked to choose “Truth or Dare”. If Player chooses “truth”, then other players ask a question, usually an embarrassing one, which player must answer truthfully? If player instead chooses “dare”, then other players dares them to do something, often embarrassing or dangerous, which they must do which can entail telling an embarrassing story or acting out embarrassingly. However, the player cannot dare someone to say the truth. On occasion, someone can choose “double dare”, which means that they and the person who dares them can have an action suggested for them to perform. A player cannot dare another to choose truth. Likewise, you cannot be dared to tell something. Those are strictly to truth. Its can be modified as our wish too….. But in our game there is no choice if we select the truth or dare, we can’t back off….. So think twice before we start to play and question might be personal which you don’t want to share…..
Sanskar: Swara, I really want to play this game…. It’s sound so interesting and fun….
Arnav: Me too, Swara…..
Swara: So, how about Rey, Linda, Zoya And Ahil?
Reylin & Zohil: We ok with the game…..
Arnav: yeahhhhh……
Angel: ohhh…. Hello… I haven’t agreed with the game!
Arnav: “Please Angel said ok” with a cute puppy face which Angel couldn’t deny…
Angel: Ok….
All start to laugh seeing Arnav antics to play the game……
Sanskar: So, how about you Swara? Are you ok with the game?
Swara: Yeahhh… I’m ok….
Sanskar: Think twice we might ask you the question that you can’t answer.,…
Swara: Don’t worry, Mr Sanskar…. Just worry about yourself……
All laugh seeing swasan cute fight……

Next: Truth or dare and more interesting things…..

Credit to: Rina Sivaguru

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