My Life’s Miracles (Part 15)

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Living Area
Sanskar and Angel keep watching Titanic movie together while sit beside each other…. After a few minutes, they noticed no one with them in hall…..
Swara: Sanskar, where is everyone…. Why they not here yet???
Sanskar: That’s why….
Swara: Wait I want go check why Angel haven’t here yet….
Sanskar: Wait Swara… I’m coming with you…. I’m thirsty…
They both make their way to kitchen before they enter….. They heard Angel and Arnav’s voice…. So, they just stop and hide their self and listen their conversation….
Arnav saying “I want kiss”…..
Hearing this Sanskar and Swara eyes almost come out with shock……
Swara: What the!!! In a low voice so Arnav and Angel won’t know their presence….
Sanskar comes out from the shock and drag Swara with him to the hall….. He make Swara sit on the couch that still in an utter shock…..
Sanskar: Swara!!! Slightly shake her….

Swara come to her sense…..
Swara: What was that Sanskar? Am I dreaming?
Sanskar: If like that than I’m dreaming the same…. While sitting beside her and place his hand on her shoulder…. Look like we have another loves story….
Swara jumping with excitement followed by sanskar……. They hug each other with excitement……. Before they composed theirself seeing their closeness, Sanskar stumble cause of the pillow on the floor and fall on Swara…… Sanskar was lying on the top of Swara on floor….. Sanskar feel his lips touching something soft….. Sanskar open his eyes slowly seeing what it was….. He couldn’t register anything in his mind when he sees his lips on Swara’s lips…… He can feel the same shock expression in her face when she seeing their closeness….
Sanskar start to get up seeing their position… For his bad luck he falls down again on Swara……..They have an eye lock…. Both of the lost in it….. Swara’s hair was disturbing her eyes…. Sasnskar slowly raisng his hand and tug her hair behind her ears…. Feeling his touch, Swara close her eyes tightly….. While Sanskar finger tracing her eye brows…. Which make swara couldn’t breathe and couldn’t think anything….. She just enjoys his sweet torture at the time with closed eyes……. She didn’t even push him just stay still…. He slowly traces his finger from forehead to her nose to her lips….. He slowly make pattern around her lips with his thumb, she shivered under his touch, and she was melting like the ice under the sun……..
At these gestures, she slowly opens her eyes and their eyes meet…. she lost again in his deep eyes which like an ocean….. She feels like want drown herself in that ocean….. She doesn’t want to swim to the edge of the shore…. She want herself drown more to the ocean….. She feels the ocean is safest….. The ocean won’t harm her…..
He also lost in her eyes….. She breathing heavily, he was looking at her angelic face….. There was some hair that were blocking his view, his arm lifted on its own accord and took them behind her ears… he got lost in her gazal eyes, her eyes were big, and a lot of expressive, and it seemed to him that he could stare her eyes for hours without even blinking…. He felt eyes show how innocent and pure she is…..

He felt like kissing her senselessly and he let his heart guide him, he bend his head down and brushed his lips on her hers…… making her clutch his shirt and close her eyes, he gently took her bottom lips in his lips….. Swara wound her arms around his neck and pulled him closer deepening the kiss……Sanskar moaned into her mouth as the kiss went on for God only knows how long.
They both finally pulled away for some air. Both of them felt their entire self go up in flames just in a kiss, the kiss was just what they both needed, it represented their hunger, their want, their need and their love for each other which they haven’t name it……
They stand up and didn’t utter a word due to awkward situation….. it’s a pin drop silent between them and don’t know how to start the conversation due the kiss that they share a while ago…. Swara hug Sanskar tightly who was standing nearby when she heard thundering sound at outside… Sanskar was shock at first but composed his self and hug her back to ensure he is there……. Swara pull herself back seeing herself hugging him tightly…. Her face became red as tomato……. Sanskar seeing her uncomfortable start to tease her to divert her mind….
Sanskar: Wow….. The great Swara afraid of thunder!!!
Swara: NO!!!! I’m not…..
Sanskar: Ohhhh…. Really???
Swara: Shut up Sanksar! Lightly slap his shoulder……

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Credit to: Rina Sivaguru


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