My Life’s Miracles (part 1)

We check in Villa Samadhi. We was stunned to see the big villa which is too big for three of us but we think it’s alright once a while because we are not the one who doesn’t value money…. We just want our first holiday the best…. So three of us quit search a lot of info for our holiday because it’s a new place a new country for us…..
Wow!!!!! Look at this villa Swara and Zoya… I just love it……. Even we just gonna stay 2 days at here I will missed this place shouted Angel….
We just laughed at her……

Swara: Imagine Zoya how crazy she is!!!! She just reach this Villa five minutes ago and now she is talking about she will miss this villa….. really she is drama queen……?
Zoya: Opsssss “Swara, I know she is drama queen but still she can’t reach your level of craziness….. hahahahaha……????
Swara: Omg!!! Look who’s talking….. A super weird lady is giving comments…. ???Hahaha….seriously girls enough of pulling our legs because we have two whole week for teasing each other and chit chatting and we no need to do it in one day…. Let’s go have bath and take a nap for while after that we go enjoy ……

After bath and resting….. Zoya waking up me and Angel…… At least Angel got woke up but me nope….. That’s why they always called me with the name of sleeping pig….. hahaha…. ??? I know right when we are together a lot of weird names will come out…..
We reached the tallest building in the world, KLLC….. We do a lot of shopping…… we buy a lot of clothes…. ( No matter how many clothes we have, we always feel like it’s not enough…. Hahaha ??? )
Zoya and Angel went to washroom while waiting for them I’m dashed with a guy…. Sorry it’s not my fault, it’s his fault….. He made me fall down….. Arghhhhhhh!!!! Such bad moment in a best day……
I literally shout at him without even looking him because I was trying stand up from the place I fall…… heyyyyyy!!!! U!! Can’t you see! Are u blind!!! ???
He was looking at me with and replied that “heyyy, miss! You should watch out right! You are blocking the way!???
Me in my mind what the ****! I was standing in a corner and he was saying that I’m blocking the way! How dare him!!! Arghhhh!!! My day become the worst because of this idiot!
When I look at him to reply back….. I was stunned he was damn hotttt!!! Some more he look more handsome in his black t-shirt and jeans…..
Omg!!!! Sh** Swara what the hell are you thinking….. ???
Guy: hey!!! Miss enough of scanning me and I know I’m handsome! Look at you…. You look fine and nothing breaks right! With that word he tries to leave…

How dare him!!! This is Swara!! How will I leave him without reply back!
Swara: Hey mister!!! Please don’t have day dreaming! I think next time when you leaving from your room you should look at you mirror first man! And I think you never heard this word from other but its ok I will tell you…… You’re not handsome at all and you are an arrogant bastard!???
Before he replies her back she went from there with a smirk………

End of their first day of holiday……
What will happen next?
Who is that guy?
Will Swara meet him again?
Let’s see what miracle will happen?

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