My Life’s Miracles ( Epilogue )

Haiiiii, I’m back again with the finally end of My Life’s Miracles…… Thanks to you all who supported me through this whole journey….. Affaa, Tejasvi, Mica, Bresh, Anu Ann, Sujatha, Rubi, jiya, Shan, Zzzz (charming) and others. Sorry if I forgot to mention any of ur names…. Still thank u for the support friends…..

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One year leap

Sanskar’s POV
It’s Rael’s firsth birthday. Swara is the early bird among us. Even Arnav and Angel also gets up late as me. She were so excited and arrange and planning everything for the party since on month. It’s was very obvious that Rael is her pearl of eyes. Since Rael born she became first include me became after. I chuckled with my thoughts. It’s not that I’m complaining but I’m jealous….. Swara and Rael share an unique bond than everyone include Arnav and Angel. I still remember the day Swara back with babies, Rael started cry none can calm her include Arnav and Angel. The moment Swara hold her stops her cry and playing with Swara finger while smiling. We all stunt to see their bond. It’s was like Rael was pulling a stunt crying to grab Swara’s attention. Rael keep pulls the same stunt since after that. She will be calm once Swara hold her. Till than Rael will be with Swara and me even she more often sleeping with us at night. She were very fond with us. While Yael spend more time with Angel while Aril very fond with Ahil and Zoya. Arnav and me more pampering our princess Zara, Zohil’s child. Zara name was formed through the alphabets which were taken from our names. “Z” was stands for Zoya, “A” stands for Arnav and Angel, “R” taken from the middle of Swara’s name and the end my name and last “A” the beginning letter of Ahil’s name. The name of Zara also means princess in Russian and flower or star in Arabic.
Swara: Sanskar, what are you doing here? Go see the arrangements!

I come out from my thought with Swara’s voice. I quickly grab Swara through a waist and pulled her. Her front crashed my chest. She shut her eyes close with my my sudden pull. I blew air on her face. She open her eyes slowly but I can feel rapid heart beating and she really affected with my sudden proximity even it’s already so many years we married. Swara snacks her arms around my neck and said “wow…. My hubby in a romantic mood today…”
“It’s because I didn’t find Mrs Sanskar beside me today morning when I wake up and I didn’t get my morning kiss too”.
Swara giggling with my statement will I give annoyed look. She quickly get out of my hold and said “my dear hubby I’m so busy can’t play with you know. Better you get to work”. She made a way to handle the party arrangements and suddenly turn and run to me give a quick peck on my lips which I take a minutes to register her act. I smiled with my childish act of my dear wifey.

Swara POV
I settled all the arrangements for the party and start to get ready Rael for her birthday party. I know she is Arnav bhai’s daughter but I shared a special bond with her since she born. I even told everyone that Rael will be my first child and come before Yael and Aril. It’s not for me only for other too Rael became our first baby. Soon the birthday party end with our family pictures. It’s our first family picture with our children. It’s not the end of our life. It’s just the new beginning of our life. There is a lot that we need to face again in future. But whatever it is we all will stand for each other. It’s my family till the end of my life. I will keep it united forever.

Swasan POV
My lifeless life gets a meaning through the vacation,
It’s my life’s miracles,
My lonely souls got a soulmate,
It’s my life’s miracles,
Myself being an orphan gets a family,
It’s my life’s miracles,
When life push me to end of cliff,
It’s give a hope again to life,
It’s my life’s miracles,
The imperfect life get perfect with the children,
It’s my life’s miracles,
It’s our life’s miracles,
Life’s miracles…….?

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    Dil pe pathar rakhna… I’m saying goodbye to this ff… Didu this is not good… How u can end… Ya every story has a end… But the end was fab… Didu outstanding… I love you ff from the frist itself didu.. My didu rocks… Tu will miss the writer like u… I love you so much… I hope u’ll start new journey with new ff… Hai nah didu.. I’m waiting for it… Love you keep rocking

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    Hehehe….. TQ for the long comments my dear sis….. It’s an unexpected ending for me too….. I just simply write it….. It’s my first ff….. N I’m really felt a bit sad first to end it but then I felt it’s need to be end one day….. So why not….. I love u too…. Will be back with another ff for sure….. But I’m more interested in ur ff….. Keep writing and please back with another ff dear….. ???

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