MY LIFELINE (swasan 3 shots) 2

Sanskar came to his house by cab. It’s was 9 at night. He gave the money and the cab went. He stood out still looking at his house after 3 months including his injury period. His eyes became moist. He thought that he could never return back to his house but now he is here in front of the house where he spent his whole life here. From birth till the day he was going, all started with this mansion only. He slowly started to go inside while he saw his garden where he himself used to plant small sapling from small till now and many have grown up big just like him. He moved further inside and saw his garage where his bikes were standing. Flashes started to run in front of his eyes like how he and swara used to go by bike happily and how his mom used to get scared to come with him on the bike as he rides fast while ram and him used to tease her. He chuckled remembering each and every thing. He came out and moved further inside and now he was in there at the main door step of the house. He smiled remembering how he used to play out and used to be adamant to sit and eat here to see the stars at night when he was small and how swara comes and stand here to bid him and his dad to say bye each every day with his mom.

He smiled sadly. Ram came out of the house and was shocked+ happy to see his son after 3 solid months of struggle. While sanskar was all shocked to see his dad face all pale and his eyes were ready to leave it’s tears any time. Whatever situation is his dad never gets leaves his hope and used to say strong but now he could see his dad in such a situation. Without wasting time he walked a bit while ram took big steps and gave him a bone crushing hug. Sanskar could feel how much his dad missed him. He closed his eyes tightly to control himself and broke the hug and was totally shocked seeing his hero, his dad crying seeing him. Immediately sanskar cupped his face.
SAN: Dad I…I’m fine please don’t cry I can’t see u in this state.
Saying this he hugged his dad tightly. Ram wiped his tears and broke the hug.
Ram: U know sanskar after u left we all r not the same and we missed u like hell.
SAN: I knew it dad (smiled sadly).
Ram: Come in my son.

Sanskar nodded and came inside and he saw his mother sobbing yet taking aarthi in front of the in-house. He slowly took baby steps and stood behind his mom while ram smiled knowing what he was going to do. Sanskar does it each and every time. His mom turned back and saw her son, her sanskar standing in front of him. While sanskar eyes turned glassy yet he maintained a smile in his lips.
SAN: Mom u know na, I’m waiting to have yr hand made Prasad for a long time won’t u give them to yr only son.
Ram came and took the aarthi plate from her hands while sujatha immediately hugged sanskar still sobbing . After 3 long months meeting her son fit and fine made her happy yet the pain which they was going under these three months was unbearable too… How can a mother be happy without seeing her son and the flight crash made her world upside down. Sanskar definitely knew this would happen. He knew how much his mother loves him and how all she could have broken down hearing the flight crash news. Even he missed his mother too….
He broke the hug and wiped her tears.
To make the situation light
SAN: Mom I asked u Prasad and u r crying ah unfair (dramatically).
Sujata screwed his ears while he laughed and winced.

SAN: Mom…..
Sujata smiled and fed him the Prasad. She really missed her son’s drama. Sanskar again hugged his mom. Now Sanskar’s eyes were searching. Ram saw this.
Ram: Sanskar go to yr room, swara is there.
Sanskar nodded and went to his room. He was now standing in front of his room. He closed his to control himself and opened the door. The room had only a dim light on. He looked for swara and saw her on the couch but he couldn’t see her face. He came in front and sat beside her now only he looked at swara. Swara was sleeping sitting in the couch.

Sanskar eyes went glassy very soon seeing her condition. Once her face used to glow brightly but now her face has lost all her glow and charm, she looked dull and plain. Her face were read and tears stains were there in her cheeks indicating her cries.
Sanskar’s tears fell from his eyes without his concern. He felt immense pain seeing her in such an state which he have never imagined. She moved a little in her sleep. Sanskar closed his mouth tightly suppressing himself from making sound due to crying while tears were flowing unconditionally. Without wasting anymore time he took big steps and sat down in a thud in the terrace as his legs no longer supported him. His eyes was filled with swara whom he saw now. He mentality started to curse himself while crying bitterly.

Sanskar’s POV:
Swara is a strong girl who is bold enough to face any type of situation but today she lost all her strongness just because of me. Yes only because of me I am the soul reason for her condition now….. I never wanted to give her pain but today just because of me she is suffering so much. I hate myself…..POV ends.
Ram came to the terrace as knew sanskar cannot see swara in such a state and would definitely come here. He wiped his tears and sat beside him and placed his hand on his shoulder. Sanskar looked at ram and hugged him tightly and cried.
SAN: Just because of me swara is suffering dad. I hate myself for….
Ram: No my son (wiped sanskar’s tears) U can’t do this. U have to be strong. U was and were the strength, boldness behind swara and if u break like this then how will u manage her?
SAN: Dad but im the reason behind for swara’s pain only because of me she is suffering.
Ram: No sanskar don’t take the blame on your side it happened unexpectedly so u can’t be the reason and u have come back to make everything fine. Now stop crying.
Sanskar wiped his tears.

Ram: Look sanskar after u left swara was not the same sanskar, but they day u said u r arriving she made each and everything to make u welcome but after hearing the news she was totally broken but she smiled outside. Very soon she lost her charm she started to talk less, eat less, sleep less. I’m sure only because of baby she is eating if not she couldn’t have ate that too. U r the only power for her my son. It’s u who have bring back all her charm. Will u do that my son?
Sanskar nodded his head and hugged him. Both got up.
SAN: Thanks dad u r always ready to give me solutions.

Ram smiled.
Sanskar again went inside the room but still the guilt was there inside him. He sat beside her and caressed her hairs and kissed her forehead. Swara rolled her eyes as she felt someone near her. She opened her eyes and tried to sit but she felt a strong arm helping her. She looked up and saw it was her sanskar. Yes he is back. She blinked many times to make sure that he was not her haulcination. Her eyes became glassy.
SWA: Sanskar…. ( This was the only word came from her mouth and her throat went dry).
This was it he couldn’t control anymore he hugged her tightly. Both sobbed showing how much pain, struggle they had gone through. Sanskar let her cry to make her heart light. After sometime sanskar broke the hug and wiped her tears while wiped his.
SAN: How r u?
SWA: Hmm u have come back na I’m super duper fine

Both smiled.
SWA: and I missed u…..
SAN: Missed u too.
SWA: sanskar I knew you couldn’t have ate anything so wait let me bring yr dinner.
She stood up followed by him.
SAN: I know how much u would have ate too.
Swara lowered her head. Yes, she just used to eat only few spoons that too because of the baby.
SAN: Ill bring u food u better sit here.
Swara smiled. She really missed his love and care for her and finally after months she has got it right back to her. He opened the door and saw ram and Sujata already standing with 2 food trays.

Suju: U both better have yr food here itself. Sanskar smiled.
SWA: No mom we’ll come down.
Ram: U better don’t and look how pale u r so u better be with yr husband.
SAN: Dad that means I’m not yr son…..ah mera bhagwan y r doing this to me.(dramatically).
Suj: Sanskar u dramamaze, u better make my daughter eat otherwise no food for u tommorow.
Ram and swara giggled hearing this.
SAN:Mom…. It’s unfair.
Ram: Its all fair now u better both eat and swara don’t worry we both will have our tablets and food.
Swara nodded her head. Both left and sanskar made swara sit in the couch and ate their food feeding each other. Then both slept hugging each other after so many months both slept peacefully.
Swara was still sleeping and sanskar was admiring her and caressing her hairs. Soon swara woke up and saw sanskar first.
SAN: Gud morning jaan.

Kissed her forehead.
SWA: Gud morning (peaked his lips).
Swara sat with help of sanskar. She was tieing her hairs into a bun.
SWA: Sanskar what is the time?
SAN: It’s 9
SWA: Oh….(realized what he said) what 9? Y didn’t u wake me up?
SAN: U were sleeping peacefully so thought not to disturb u jaan.
SWA: U and ur useless excuse.
Swara got up and she immediately took her clothes while her bun again turned into free hairs. She rushed inside the washroom. Sanskar smiled. After half an hour she came out wearing his favorite saree and she sat before the mirror. Sanskar went to her and made her wear her accessories and he took the sindoor box in his hands. Both had an lovely eyelock through mirror and without breaking the eyelock he filled her maang and tied her mangalsutra on her neck.
Swara was waiting for this movement and now it happened. She got up with the help of him and looked at him.
SWA: Sanskar was u there when the flight crashed?

SAN: Ah….I was in the flight but as some technical problem we had to fly through prachutes and I was one among them who flew from the flight and I landed in a forest. I heard the flight crash and I fainted after that I was admitted in the hospital and I even tried to call you but u didn’t pick the call.
SWA: Uff…..this much happened.
SAN: hmmm I really thought that I will not to able to see u all again but by God’s grace and my family’s prayers I’m back and I really felt guilty seeing in such a condition yesterday.
SWA: U r MY LIFELINE sanskar without you I’m nothing.
SAN: As if I am…..

Soon everything came back to normal. The house was once again filled with joy and happiness like before. Swara was back again in full form all her lost charm, glow, smile every thing came back… soon Swasan were gifted with a baby girl and they named her as Samira sanskar maheshwari. They leaded a very happy life with their princess.


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