MY LIFELINE (swasan 3 shots) 1

We could see a young man lying in the bed. His eyes were closed and trips wire was connected to him. He has a bandage in his hand and a small bandage on his forehead and little bigger one in his left leg. It seems like he is in the hospital. Nurse was checking all the wires. She saw his hands moving a bit.

Nurse went to call the doctor. He was slowly getting consious and all his fingers were moving. He scrolled his eyes and slowly he opened his eyes. First he felt blurr but slowly slowly he was getting everything clear. Soon doctor came.
Doc: Hello mister, r u alright?
SAN: Yes doctor (weakly)

Doc: Don’t worry u r fine and ur name?
SAN: Sanskar
Doc: k Mr. Sanskar I’ll meet you later.
Sanskar smiled weakly. Doctor left. He was now getting a clear idea what happened to him.

Sanskar was sitting in flight and suddenly the flight started to shake. All the passengers started to shout. Soon they started to make announcement and they started to send people with parachute as they already announced how to open the parachute. Soon one by one they started to jump and now it was Sanskar’s turn. He closed his eyes tightly. The first thing which came was swara, his mom and dad. He doesn’t know whether he will be able to see them again nor survive. Soon he jumped in the air and he pulled the parchute. Slowly he was landing down but all went invain as he is now going to go inside the forest. He some how got down with little injury in his head and quite a big one in his hand to prevent himself from getting hit by the bark and branches of the trees even his left leg got hurt. He was now finally lying down in the forest. He felt his eyes getting heavy and he heard a blasting sound. With great difficulty he looked up a bit and saw the flight bursted and all the parts of the plane coming down with full speed. He again felt that he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore so before closing he thought of his family and swara smiled came into his mind he too gave a faint smile and closed his eyes. The forest department found him that evening and they admitted him in the nearby hospital.

SAN: I’m sure all could have known about the flight crash in my family……Uff swara oh no what if she thinks I’m dead no no she will be completely broken down and she is pregnant too.(tensed).
He saw the nurse coming to his nearby bed as he was in the general ward.
SAN: Nurse.
She looked at him.

SAN: Can u do me a favour? Actually I want to inform about me to my family so can I have your phone?
Nurse: Sure.
She gave him her phone and he dailed swara’s no.

Swara was in the hospital for checkup. She looked at the screen.
SWA: Who could be this?

Swara was about to pick the call but nurse came and called her. So she kept her phone in silent and went inside the doctors cabin.
SAN: Swara pick up the call…. But invain she didn’t attend. So sanskar called his mom but her phone was switched off. His only hope now was his dad’s phone number. He called his dad.

He was sitting in the office but all his thoughts were of his son and daughter.
His thoughts were broken by the call.
He took the photo and attended the call and spoke up.
Ram: Hello.

Hearing his father’s voice he felt very happy. He was about to speak but a small kid came and took the phone from him… And the call got disconnected. Soon his face fell and tears started to form in his face. He wispered merely which was heard only to him.
SAN: Even don’t want me to talk to anyone. I missing u all.

He closed his tightly leaving behind his tears in his cheeks. His only thoughts were about His mom, dad and swara,his jaan…..
Soon days were passing now it was 2 week since he is in the hospital. Even though his wounds were getting healed up soon his heart was now filled with immense pain, longing to meet his family. He definitely knew how much he is need for them now, especially for swara. Even now he was thinking about them. His thoughts were broken by the doctor.
Doc: Mr. Sanskar u r fine now and u can be discharged tomorrow morning.
SAN: Thank you doctor.

He was waiting for these words and now here it is.
SAN: Swara mom dad I’m coming back to u all again…….
He sleeps only due medical effects before but now even this medicines couldn’t make him sleep. He was disperately waiting when will the sunrise and when he will leave to see them.

He got ready to leave the hospital. Soon he came out of the hospital. The sunrays hitted his face after so many days. He smiled. Soon he started to his journey to his house and was waiting when he will reach his home.
@Maheshwari mansion
Swara, ram and sujata we’re sitting and eating their food silently. Before when ever they used to eat they could always chat, tease each other and laugh but one incident turned everything upside down. Swara was just eating only for the baby which is inside her, Ram and suju were eating just because of swara as they swara promised swara that they will take their food on time. In tv news channel was running.

In news:
Breaking news: The flight which had a massive blast may have few survivers.
Hearing this all three looked at the tv.
(In news): The flight which had a massive blast in sky few weeks ago. It was said that few passengers jumped from the flight through prachutes. It’s is said that they might survive but still we don’t know anything about the passengers who jumped. Hope they all r fine……..
Swara smiled through tears.
SWA: Ma I’m sure sanskar will be one among them. He will not leave us.
She said and went to her room.

Suju and ram had no words but they prayed that their son should be one among them and should be safe and sound………..
Swara looked at his photo
SWA: I knew you will be there for me my love………………


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