A Lifeless Sanskaar’s Love Story – Prologue

Hi Guys!! I am a Random writer and I will be revealing my name at the end☺So this is my new FF… hope you guys like it… today is just a prologue… Guys I have a question… Do you want RagSan or SwaSan… The one receiving high votes will be the couple of my FF….. The story revolves around Sanskaar…..

A dark, rainy night a lifeless person without any emotions left in him is seen sitting on the road crying….
I was sitting all alone and the loneliness was now in my destiny… The night was quiet and unfortunate… I cried out her name aloud… my cry went up to the sky and echoed but she didn’t hear and how can she…. I cried alot and after a long time of crying I left my conscious.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a cosy, warm bed with a lavish lifestyle all around me. I didn’t know where I was but all brought peace to me! The peace I felt after long…. A girl entered the room in a green long dress, with wet hair and her rosey pink lips asked me, “Are you OK?? ”

I was lost in her….. but something flashed in my mind which made me feel emotionless again….


So the prologue ends here… I hope you enjoyed… do tell me via comments….

Keep smiling☺

Credit to: Z**a


      • Z**a

        Ohhhh….. I am so look sorry by mistake the *dead was typed I was typing dear and this stupid Android…. Please pardon me…. I am seriously very every sorry………. ???Please pardon me if it hurts…….

    • Z**a

      Hey! First you commented as Sri and now as Niti….. please it is a humble request PLAY FAIR!!! And once again I am sorry…

  1. Sipra

    I’m a silent reader but as u have asked about couples, my vote goes to RagSan?
    Please please please it’s a request many good ffs are based on SwaSan only…please make it RagSan

    And if m not wrong u r Zuha right???

    • Z**a

      Hmmmmmm….. I am happy that you broke your ice…. Thanks for voting☺ And I’ll try dear☺

  2. nitu

    Though I want ragsan I think that YU shud go for what YU want.. Wen YU ask readers to comment they will expect and later will get disappointed. It’s better you yourself decide one.. So there will be no disappointments.

    • Z**a

      Hey! You are Liz only…. I will try my level best to not disappoint my readers dear☺Anyway Thanks……..

  3. Divya Raina

    I just wanted to point out that some people are voting by changing their names while the logo is still same…hence while calculating votes, do check it and keep it fair.

    M not going to say any particular pair because at the end story matters but sadly many of the readers often lose out the opportunity of reading good stories because of this couple mania…no offence but this is my view.

    Ur storyline seems good hence carry on?

    • Z**a

      Yeah… I also noticed it and was quite disappointed and I have highlighted it as well as…. And seriously your comment brought a broad smile on my face and lastly thanks for appreciation….. ☺☺☺

  4. S priya

    Note writers t oly way to make silent readers to comment …s asking tem to vote fr their fav pairs…lol no offense just fr fun…

    • Z**a

      I didn’t take it seriously… but if you have any kind of thoughts so I had nothing such in my mind…….

  5. ragu

    Make it ragsan yar ..they show only swasan and swara as a main in serial pls make it ragsan

    • Z**a

      Firstly you commented as Ragu…. please don’t do this it is wrong….. Play fair!!!!!!

    • Z**a

      Are you the Kaira who commented above
      ….. if yes then please play fair…… and of not so thanks for your vote☺

  6. Tanu

    hume b padhna h par problem ye h ki I don’t read ragsan ff so if u wish ki hum swasan fans khush ho or kuch padhe to plz swasan banana

  7. Even if i say make it ragsan plzz.but it will be swasan only because swasan got more vote than ragsan till now.still i would like to say make it ragsan plzz.it’s a very nice story.i want to see ragini here.plzz make it ragsan.plzz

  8. sethooty

    Hey…many people changed their name and vote…
    Anyway my fav pair is swasan…raglak

    • Z**a

      Yeah I also noticed the same thing and was quite disappointed…. I will try to make it according to your vote but I can’t commit☺

  9. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

    I knew it was my doll!!!! You’re my bestie forever :)) ~Nusz

    • Z**a

      Firstly whosoever you are it is not a crap… It is someone’s piece of creativity….if you can’t support someone please don’t demoralize…..and I think so that couple don’t matter what matters is the component lying in the story…..

  10. Ragini

    First of all. Hi to the writer.
    Ur ff sound interesting. I read a comment that said they will not read it if it isn’t swasan. Nw that is just blackmailing.
    writer pls choose the pair urself because it here people will blackmail u if u don’t do their favourite pair. By voting Swasan always wins cuz they have more fans. That’s why do it urself.

    but still my vote goes to Ragsan
    thnk u

    • Z**a

      Hi to you as well Ragini ☺☺ Yeah I also read that comment and I have replied to that person as well as and your comment brought a broad smile… Thanks for voting! ☺☺☺

  11. Fatarajo

    You are Zuha right, anyways I m swasan-raglak fan but I dont mind swalak-ragsan choose the one you like more only then you will enjoy writing more this is my thinking 🙂

    • Z**a

      Thanks for your lovely comment…. ?…. Thanks for sharing your view ☺Love ya Joyeee…

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