A Lifeless Sanskaar’s Love Story – Prologue

Hi Guys!! I am a Random writer and I will be revealing my name at the end☺So this is my new FF… hope you guys like it… today is just a prologue… Guys I have a question… Do you want RagSan or SwaSan… The one receiving high votes will be the couple of my FF….. The story revolves around Sanskaar…..

A dark, rainy night a lifeless person without any emotions left in him is seen sitting on the road crying….
I was sitting all alone and the loneliness was now in my destiny… The night was quiet and unfortunate… I cried out her name aloud… my cry went up to the sky and echoed but she didn’t hear and how can she…. I cried alot and after a long time of crying I left my conscious.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on a cosy, warm bed with a lavish lifestyle all around me. I didn’t know where I was but all brought peace to me! The peace I felt after long…. A girl entered the room in a green long dress, with wet hair and her rosey pink lips asked me, “Are you OK?? ”

I was lost in her….. but something flashed in my mind which made me feel emotionless again….


So the prologue ends here… I hope you enjoyed… do tell me via comments….

Keep smiling☺

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  1. Swasan….

    1. Thanks for voting…..

  2. Hey…many people changed their name and vote…
    Anyway my fav pair is swasan…raglak

    1. Yeah I also noticed the same thing and was quite disappointed…. I will try to make it according to your vote but I can’t commit☺

  3. Ragsan plzz. There are so many swasan ff

    1. Ok dear I will try…. Thanks for voting!

  4. Superb. Plz make it Ragsan yaar

    1. Thanks for voting and appreciation…. ☺

  5. Nice Ragsan plzzz

    1. Thanks for voting and appreciation….. ☺

  6. Ragsan I love them

    1. Ok dear will try….

  7. I hate Swasan. We already seeing Swasan in serial plz plz do Ragsan they r my fav

    1. I think so we can’t hate on the basis of the couple… Anyways Thanks for voting!

  8. Dear writer
    pls can u do Ragsan. It’s a humble request

    1. Ok dear will try…. ☺

  9. Very nice intro. I choose my pair as Ragsan

    1. Thanks for voting and appreciation… ☺

  10. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

    I knew it was my doll!!!! You’re my bestie forever :)) ~Nusz

    1. Nusz (T!B!H) (~Nusz) (SuNusZuRah) you need to rock the world!!!

      Ragsan too :))~Nusz

      1. Ok dear will try….. ☺☺

    2. Nuszzzzzzzzzzzzz……..☺☺☺☺☺

  11. Hmm very interesting. Ragsan please?

    1. Thanks for voting and appreciation…

  12. Ragsan please. Swasan r already in serial

    1. Ok dear will try…

  13. If u don’t do Swasan then I will not read this crap. I hate Ragsan.

    1. Firstly whosoever you are it is not a crap… It is someone’s piece of creativity….if you can’t support someone please don’t demoralize…..and I think so that couple don’t matter what matters is the component lying in the story…..

  14. First of all. Hi to the writer.
    Ur ff sound interesting. I read a comment that said they will not read it if it isn’t swasan. Nw that is just blackmailing.
    writer pls choose the pair urself because it here people will blackmail u if u don’t do their favourite pair. By voting Swasan always wins cuz they have more fans. That’s why do it urself.

    but still my vote goes to Ragsan
    thnk u

    1. Hi to you as well Ragini ☺☺ Yeah I also read that comment and I have replied to that person as well as and your comment brought a broad smile… Thanks for voting! ☺☺☺

    1. Thanks for voting!

  15. Ragsan!

    1. Thanks for voting!

  16. Swasan only…but its all ur wish..

    1. Thanks for voting! ☺☺☺

  17. You are Zuha right, anyways I m swasan-raglak fan but I dont mind swalak-ragsan choose the one you like more only then you will enjoy writing more this is my thinking 🙂

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment…. ?…. Thanks for sharing your view ☺Love ya Joyeee…

  18. Plc make it swasan

    1. Thanks for voting!

  19. Maya(Big fan of Suheri...nusz..zuha...ff)

    Ragsan plz

    1. Ok dear will try…..

  20. Ragsan plzz I known swasan votes r more but still

    1. Ok dear will try….

  21. plz make it swasan

    1. Ok dear will try….

    1. Ok dear will try….

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