A Lifeless Sanskaar’s Love Story – Chapter 4


Soooooo sorry for the delay???Actually I was busy since few days and didn’t get time for the updates and once again thank you for your lovely comments?Dear readers I want to ask you guys a question that do you want Laksh to be a part of my FF… and yes if he will enter then he will be playing a negative character. .
Let’s get to the story…
I realized what I was going to do… I removed the knife away from her??She took a sigh if relief… If anyone else was in her place he or she must be angry on me but she was all calm and still smiling… I guess she is not a psychiatrist but instead a psycho …

~Swara’s POV~
This angry young man would have taken my life… My breath was stuck and he didn’t even apologize… but I know he was in dellima so I didn’t react I have to cure him… I have to make him realize that Ragini is gone… Now I will win back my Sanky (shocking!! ??? But I will also not reveal the connection of Swasan so soon… I am also not less than “Hitler”???)
~POV ends~

I thought of apologizing but I was agitated… Shall I or not… C’mon Sanskaar be a man… you just have to say sorry you are nervous as you have to say “I love you! “… Excuse me… what have happened to me since I have met this girl..why am I getting atattracted towards her… I am only Ragini’s…

~Flashback 10 years back~ ( Sanskaar is thinking not narrating )

A young boy of 15 or 16 is hugging a young girl of about 13 or 14… They are none other than Ragini and Sanskaar (played by Kanchi Singh and Faisal Khan)
Young Sanskaar: Ragini I promise you… I am only your’s and no one else’s… In each life we will be together.
Young Ragini: I also promise you Sanskaar I will always be by your side in each up and down…
Young Sanskaar: BTW… what have happened to us we are calling each other by our names!
Young Ragini: You are right Sanky *pronouncing like Sunky (meaning mentally disabled)*
Young Sanskaar:Ragini ki bachi…

And he starts running behind her… after a long run they both end up on a pile of hay and admiring the sunset… Ragini holds Sanskaar’s hand and says, “I love you! ” Sanskaar replies, “I love you too! ”

~Flashback ends~

I was disturbed by a hand placed on my shoulder and it was none other that Swara…

Sanskaar:I… I… a.a… am sss… sorry?
Swara:It’s Okay!!

Suddenly thundering is heard (*remember it is the continuation… The day has not changed… It is a rainy night*)The lights are gone! Swara gets scared and hugs Sanskaar… Sanskaar is firstly shocked but he also hugs her back yet nervous…

Chapter ends on tensed Sanskaar…

Precap: Swasan scenes… Raglan FB…

Credit to: Z**a

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  1. i like the storyline. but ragsan is gud

    1. I am happy that you liked the storyline ☺ I will try to add more Ragsan scenes but dear here Ragini is dead!

  2. It’s great episode …

    1. Thanks dear☺

  3. plz unite ragsan

    1. Dear I would love to fulfil your wish but Ragini is dead! And yeah thanx for commenting!

  4. S ragini alive???hmmm nice epi

    1. No dear Ragini is not alive and thanks for liking it☺

  5. Wow…swasan are awsm…nxt pls…

    1. Thanks dear and I will update ASAP!!

  6. Awesome dear… Swasan is best

    1. Thanks Anu☺

  7. Awesome n please update soon n make it swasan….please…..

    1. Thanks for commenting and yes the couple will be Swasan at the end☺

  8. awesome………

    1. Thanx☺☺

  9. Something interesting… I didn’t read prev epi….ur tittle is very close to me…

    1. I am happy you found I interesting☺ and here is the link for you of my previous episode;

  10. I think your name is zoya..

    1. Let’s see… ???

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