A Lifeless Sanskaar’s Love Story – Chapter 3

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There was a pin drop silence… Swara who was listening to my story was busy in thinking and I was lost in my lonely and tangled world…. Swara was quite tensed and I didn’t what was going in her mind but I knew that she must be thinking about me…

~Let’s have a sneak peak in Swara’s thoughts~

Poor Mr. Maheshwari… I will ameliorate him and this is what my occupation says I am a psychiatrist and I should help him and I know he is a quite stubborn person and emotionally-challenged as well as but to ameliorate him I have to learn more about his past life so that I can help him out and don’t let his past affect his present and future….


I was deeply lost in Ragini’s thoughts when a sweet voice was heard and yes you guessed it right it was Swara’s voice, “Would you like to have a coffee!!”
This reminded me of Ragini… my face turned pale as I thought about her… her innocent face… her sweet talks… her smile………. Swara’s voice was once again heard, “Where are you lost young gentleman! ”
I replied with a fake smile, “Nothing…. just like that… ”
She said, “You were lost in Ragini’s thoughts… right?? ”
I was amazed as how she knows it…She came close to me hold my hand and placed her another hand on it… After Ragini she was the first girl who hold my hand rightfully… I wanted to stop her but I can’t after noticing her sweet smile?
She said holding my hand, “Sanky…. ”

This word “SANKY!!! ” echoed in my mind….. Thoughts of Ragini captured my mind…. The only question which came in my mind was how does she know this name… My Laado use to call me like that………

My thoughts were disturbed as she waved her hand in front of my eyes…

She continued, ”What happened to you all of a sudden?? ”
I replied, “The name!! ”
Swara said, “Ohhh… Sanky… someone close to me was also named as Sanskaar and I used to call him by that name so I just said it like that… I hope you didn’t mind!! ”

I was amused… She still didn’t leave my hand…
My reply was just a tender smile… This time it was a true smile…

Swara continued, “So I was saying… Look I know what I’ll be saying is too much for you but please try an’ understand… Life is not the name to live with the thoughts of those who are no more part of your life… you know you are making your life more difficult by doing so… I know you loved Ragini…. ”

What she mean by “Loved! ” I still love her…

Swara continues, “Ragini was your past… just try to forget your past maybe someone who is made for you is still waiting for you… Ragini is gone she will never return but you are their… You have a long life to live… you may found someone else….You may love her once again.. give a second chance to your life… Maybe someone better than Ragini is waiting for you!!!”

Now I lost my cool… It is so easy for her to say… Forget her!.. Never I can’t forget my Laado.. Move on!!…My foot!.. Someone better than Ragini… Never Ever! No one is better than my Laado!! She was a master piece of this world and the one and only person made for me…

She can near me and placed a hand on my shoulder…
Swara continues, “Look SANKY… ”

I pushed her with a jerk and yelled at her, “JUST SHUT UP… JUST REMAIN QUIET…”

I was not in my senses and rushed and hold a knife placed on the nearby table and placed it near Swara’s neck and pinned he to the wall…
leaving her shocked…..

Chapter finishes……

Precap:Swara learns more about Sanskaar…

I know this is also short Coz I am not at my home instead at my granny’s place… hope you understand….

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