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A Lifeless Sanskaar’s Love Story – Chapter 2


So guys thanks to all of you for your lovely comments and silent readers thanks to you as well as… Guys I will be giving equal importance to both the pairs RagSan and SwaSan… RagSan in the past and SwaSan in the present… I was confused as to whom I should select because after reading your comments I was so much confused and yes both the pairs will be given equal importance so please don’t leave reading and commenting☺……. And please don’t get disappoint and if you want to give suggestions feel free……..

Now let’s continue with the story……..


Swara eyed me curiously and said, “Ragini?? ”
I replied, “Ragini my lovely partner.. . ”

Sanskaar gets into a flashback……

~FlashBack 20 years back~

Young boy was seen running behind a a sweet young girl… The boy was hardly 7 years old and the girl was around 5 years old…… The young boy shouted, “Ladoo!!!!! Ok stop… stop… I accept I lost…. Ladooo!! ”
The young girl, “Awww… My young little partner accepts his defeat wow… So Mr. Sanskaar Maheshwari you will get me a chocolate as your punishment! ”
Yes the young boy was Sanskaar…. but the Sanskaar who was full of livelihood, fun loving guy, in contrast to the Sanskaar who is emotionless….
Young Sanskaar says, “Acha bachooo…. but what will I get in return… My sweet, innocent Ragu??!!? ”
Yes the young girl was Ragini…..
Young Ragini says, “First get me my chocolate then you will get your return gift! ”
Young Sanskaar says, “Ohhhhh…. Return gift sounds interesting! ”
Young Ragini says, “Stop day dreaming… and get me my chocolate!! ”

After a while…..

Young Sanskaar gets a chocolate for Young Ragini……

Young Ragini says, “Thanks partner! ”
And she gobbles down the chocolate…..
Young Sanskaar says, “Now my gift.!!

Young Ragini asks him to close his eyes and he reluctantly complies…. She places a slight kiss on his soft cheeks…..

~FlashBack ends~

I was teary-eyed… Swara hesitantly placed a hand on my shoulder… A tear ran down from my eye and end up landing on her soft hand…
I was unaware but she thought, “I should ameliorate Mr. Sanskaar’s condition…. ”

The chapter ends on Swara…..

Precap:Sanskaar picks up a knife and places upon his wrist……

Credit to: Z**a

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