Life is a work in progress – Chapter 6

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Monday evening:
Aliya was in her room designing the jewellery for her final piece. She gathered all the little sketches she had. Her hand fell on a piece of paper which she doesn’t recall drawing. It was a gorgeous pendant design , at the bottom the work was initialled Z.G.
Aliya: Zain.
Her phone buzzed. She unlocked the screen to receive a text from Zain. She smiled down at the phone. She opened the text and read it:
Hi Aliya, I hope I’m not disturbing you but I think you have something if mine. I think the other day at the office a paper may have slipped into your pile. It’s a design I was making for a client. If it’s okay with you could I meet you tomorrow and get it from you?
Aliya replied: Hi Zain , you weren’t disturbing and yes I do have the paper , I just found it. Tomorrow I start university late so I can meet you around 11 am?
Zain: Thanks Aliya, I’ll meet you outside your house?
Aliya: Sounds awesome.
Zain: See you tomorrow.
Aliya: See you.
Aliya locked her phone and stared at the design.
Swara: Ali Di! Dinner is ready!
Aliya heard Swara shouting from downstairs.

Tuesday Morning at GM:
Ragini and Zain went for their morning jog. They came back around 8 am. Ragini showered and got ready to have breakfast.
Ragini: Bhaiya , I made your tea.
Zain: Thanks Ragini.
Ragini: Bhaiya , my car is still at the garage so could you drop me off?
Zain: Sure, what time do you start university?
Ragini: My lecture starts at 10: 30
Zain: Okay, let’s have proper breakfast then.
Zain made some scrambled eggs and toast for them both.
Zain: Sanskar Doesn’t have University today.
Ragini: Nope , but he did miss yesterday so he might need to go in to see what he missed.
Zain: Makes sense.
After half an hour Sanskar came downstairs and had his protein shake and then did some work in out at the home gym. He showered and back down.
Sanskar: Ragini, you going in to university?
Ragini: Yes Bhai , I start at 10:30.
Sanskar: I could drop you now cause I have to be in for half 9.
Zain: Don’t worry Sanskar, I’ll drop her off later.
Ragini: Thanks though Bhai.
Sanskar: Don’t worry about it, see you guys in the evening.
Shekhar came down at 9:15 am Ragini prepared some tea for him along with some toast.
Shekhar: Thank You betaa.
Ragini: You’re welcome Baba.
Shekhar: What the plan for today then?
Zain: I’m going to drop Ragini to university for her lecture and then meet Aliya.
Ragini: Aliya?
Zain: She has a clients design with her and I need it for today.
Ragini: Oh nice.
She said cheekily.
Zain: Ragini.
Ragini: Bhaiya.
Shekhar: Children.
Zain&Ragini: Yes Baba.
Shekhar: This weekend we need to start the shopping for the engagement.
Ragini: Don’t worry Baba , we’ll start the preparation from tomorrow and then show from Friday.
Zain: Yes captain.
They all laughed.
At 9:50 am Zain and Ragini left the house. And got to the university withing 30 minutes.
Ragini: See you later Bhaiya, and thank you.
Zain: You’re welcome and have fun.
Zain drove off and headed to MM. He reached there 20 minutes later and waited outside.
Ramish Kaka was one of the workers who saw Zain.
Ramish Kaka: Zain Baabu, come in.
Zain: Kaka , it’s okay.
Ramish Kaka: Aree , come in.
Zain: If you insist.

They walked to the house together.
Ramish: How have you been?
Zain: I’ve been really good , how have you been?
Ramish Kaka: Also very good, congratulations on the wedding.
Zain smiled: Thank you Kaka.
Ramish Kaka: Aliya Betaa and you will live a happy and long life.
Zain: With your blessings Kaka.
Zain took Kakas blessing.
Ramish Kaka: Live a long and happy life son.
Zain: How’s Kaki?
Ramish Kaka: She is well.
Zain: That’s good to hear.
They were in the house.
Ramish Kaka: Should I let Aliya know you’re here?
Zain: Yes please Kaka.
Ramish smiled and informed Aliya.
Ramish: She should be here in a few minutes , I should go.
Zain: It’s was nice catching up Kaka.
They hugged.
Ramish: Bye.
Zain smiled: Bye.
Aliya came downstairs.
Aliya: You’re early.
Zain: Sorry , I just came back from dropping Ragini and do thought I’d come here.
Aliya smiled: It’s okay Zain , and here are your designs.
She got out a piece of paper from her bag.
Zain: Thank You.
Aliya: They’re really pretty.
Zain: I’m gold you like it, can I drop you to university?
Aliya: It’s okay , I’ll bus it.
Zain: Aliya, it’s on my way to work.
Just then Annapurna came.
Annapurna: Aliya betaa, Zain is offering your ride so just go nah?
Zain: Namaste Aunty.
He took her blessing.
Annapurna: Namaste betaa, and it Mum now.
Zain: Yes Mum.
Annapurna smiled.
Aliya: Mum , it’s fine , let Zain get to work.
Zain: I’m not taking ‘no’ for and answers Aliya.
Annapurna: Good betaa.
Zain smirked whilst Aliya squinted her eyes.
Aliya: Okay, let’s go.
Zain: Okay , bye Mum.
Aliya: Bye Mum.
Annapurna: Bye.
Zain and Aliya got into Zains car , black range rover. Zain dropped Aliya off to university, there wasn’t much if a conversation in the car , just the ‘how have you been’ and ‘how are things’ but not very long conversations.
Aliya: Thank you for the ride.
Zain: Thank you for the company.
Aliya smiled and left the car.


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