Life is a work in progress – Chapter 5

So guys this weekend I’ll be uploading 2 chapters BUT mid week expect an upload! Yes there will be a massive upload! So thank you for everything guys! All the positive comments and feedback! Hope you enjoy this next part. Thank You. P.S keep your eyes peeled!!!

An exciting Saturday morning it was. Shekhar along with Sanskar and Ragini were going to MM with a Pandit to fix a date for the engagement ceremony. Sanksar wore a casual ralph lauren t-shirt with a blazer and pair of jeans and converses. Ragini wore a cream salwar kameez with had a little embroidery work with her dupatta on one side. They arrived at the MM at 3 pm. Everyone was home.
Shekhar: Namaste everyone.
Ragini: Namaste Maa, Papa , Chaachi and Chacha.
Sanksar: Hi everyone.
Everingham greeted each other. Laksh came down first and greeted Shekhar then Ragini and Sanksar.
Ragini: Laksh , where’s Aliya?
Swara: Here she is!
Everyone looked up at the top of the stairs. Aliya was wearing a long anarkali suit, simple and elegant while Swara opted for a simple churidar dress.
Swara was walking down along with Aliya. Ragini hugged Swara then Aliya.
Ragini: I’m so happy!
Swara: So are we.
They all sat down and the Pandit had recommended the engagement ceremony happen with the next 3 week’s.
Swara and Ragini were in the kitchen making snakes for everyone and came in.
RP: Thank You for giving us an early date Pandit Ji.
Pandit: No problem, I shall take leave now , Namaste.
Everyone: Namaste.
The Pandit left.

Ragini took the trays back to the kitchen and started washing up. Laksh walks behind her.
Laksh: So Ragini, how’s Zain?
Ragini was washing and handed them to Laksh who was drying them.
Ragini: He’s good.
Laksh: He’s missing Maa , isn’t he.
Ragini looked at Laksh: How did you know?
Laksh: I miss her too, Zain , Sanskar and I would always play with Maa and this happiness seems empty without her.
Ragini smiled at him lovingly: Thank you Laksh.
Laksh was confused: For what?
Ragini: Being here , with me.
Laksh put down the cloth and cupped Ragini’s face: I’ll always be here.
Ragini held his hand with hers: I know.
They left the kitchen and joined everyone. RP , Shekhar were planning the decorations and the catering. Sanskar and DP were arranging the guest list along with Swara. Sujata and Annapurna were making a list of all the Rituals they’ll have to complete and what they’ll need telling RP and Shekhar to add to the decorations list. Aliya was sitting there just watching.
Ragini and Laksh just stood there watching everyone.
Ragini: One day everyone will be doing the same thing for our wedding day.
She then walked to Annapurna and Sujata.
Laksh: Not long now Ragini.
Laksh walked to Shekhar and RP and started discussing things with them.

It was 5 pm and Shekhar, Sanskar and Ragini headed home.
Swara: See you Monday Sanskar and Ragini.
Sanksar: Actually we won’t be in university on Monday.
Sujata: Oh yes , I remember.
Swara looked confused: Why?
Sujata: I’ll tell you later.
Ragini: Bye Swara and Aliya. Namaste Papa , Maa , Chacha and Chaachi.
Sanksar: Bye guys.
Shekhar: Namaste.
Everyone hugged and bid goodbye.
Sanskar drive the car with Shekhar in the passenger seat and Ragini at the back. They got home and didn’t find Zain anywhere.
Sanskar: Bhaiya!
Zain: In the kitchen.
Shekhar: What’s he doing in there?
The three walked into the kitchen to find a huge mess everywhere. Zain was covered in all sorts of kitchen condiments.
Zain: I’m baking.
Shekhar: What are you baking?
Ragini: A disaster.
Sanksar and Shekhar laughed.
Zain: Not funny , I’m baking a cake it’s in the oven now.
Sanskar: Looks like all the ingredients are mostly on your face.
Shekhar and Ragini laughed.
Zain: Guys!
Ragini: Sorry Bhiaya , I’ll get changed and come and help you clean up.
Zain smiled: Thank you!

The 3 left the kitchen and changed into home clothes. Sanskar and Zain have the same home clothes would be joggers with a plain top. Ragini wears plain joggers with a plain long sleeve top. Shekhar wears what he wears in the usual show. They’re all sporty so the opt for Adidas and Nike designs. Though they’re well off they like to wear both designer and non designer clothes.
Ragini went to help Zain in the kitchen.
Ragini: Bhaiya, I’ll clean here and you go clean yourself.
Zain: It’s okay Ragini, I’ll do some cleaning here and then go.
Ragin: Suit yourself Bhaiya.
Ragini cleaned the unit tops and washed and dries the dishes. Zain brushed and mopped the floor.
Zain: I’ll go and sort myself out.
Ragini smiled.
Once Zain was done cleaning he came downstairs to see everyone watching TV. He went to heck in his cake.
Zain: Another 20 minutes should do.
He headed back to the living room and watched some friends.
Shekhar: After dinner let’s play some monopoly.
Ragini: Great idea Baba.
It was 8pm and for dinner Shekhar and Sanskar cooked up some spaghetti bolognese and dessert was Zains cake.
Sanskar: The cake was really cook Bhaiya.
Zain: Never underestimate my ability.
Ragini: Yeah Bhaiya can add water to a cake mix.
Everyone looked at Zain who’s face was like ‘whoops’.
Shekhar: Then why was there so much mess.
Zain: First I tried making a cake but then it was too hard and messy so I just went to the shops and bought a cake mix.
Sanksar: Oh well , it tastes good.
Zain: How did you know I used a cake mix Ragini?
Ragini: Cause Aliya “made” a cake just like this and she told a it was a cake mix.
Sanskar: Wow , they’ve already got something on common.
Ragini: Now she can cook though , she makes THE best chocolate guatto.
Sanskar: Oh yeah taste so good.
Shekhar: I can’t wait to try it.
Ragini: What about you Bhaiya?
Zain: I’ll look forward to it.
Everyone giggled.
After dinner everyone played Monopoly. Sanskar and Zain were wining and soon they played in pairs so it was Sanksar&Shekhar and Zain&Ragini.

Laksh , Aliya and Swara were sitting in living area just talking.
Swara: So why aren’t Sanskar and Ragini coming to university on Monday? Mum didn’t tell me.
Laksh: It’s Jhanki Maas death anniversary.
Swara: I’m so silly!
Aliya: Even I forgot.
Swara: It’ll be 22 years.
Lakshs: Yeah.
They sat there in silence for a few seconds.
Laksh: I remember when I asked Sanskar where his mum was and he just didn’t answer. I’d always see Baba and not Maa. When everyone used to bully him about not having a mother Sanskar would ignore everyone.
Aliya: They’re all strong like that.
Laksh: When I finished primary school Mum showed me pictures from my 1st and 2nd birthday where there’d be a women who’d always be near me and I asked mum who she was.
Swara: That’s when you found out?
Laksh nodded.
Aliya: There’s a picture of all of us on the day Swara was born.
Swara: That’s my only of remembering her.
Aliya: I wonder how Zains feeling.
Laksh: Ragini said he was upset , but he’s feeling better now.
Aliya smiled: That’s good.
Swara: Bhai , take us to the cinema tomorrow.
Laksh: Sure , you got all your work done?
Swara: Of course!
Aliya: What should we watch?
Swara: We’ll decide when we get there.
Laksh: Sounds good.
They sat there for another 20 minutes talking and just teasing each other. Then they headed to bed. Aliya was in her room and do got to her bed , she sat there thinking about her life.
Aliya: I just pray that we’re good for each other and I can be the best wife , daughter in law and sister in law.
She smiled and went to sleep.
Swara played on her phone and thought about when her big day was gunna come.
Laksh was texting Ragini for an hour before he went to sleep.

The worst day of the week? Not really , depends on the way you spend it. Zain, Sanskar and Ragini were planning the puja for the next day. The planned to feed the poor and give back to charity in the name of their mother. Shekhar didn’t do much as his children took the responsibility. They cleaned the house and prepared their clothes that they’d wear. Laksh, Aliya and Swara had brunch together outside and then went to the cinema. When they came home they came up with a plan to cheer up Zain , Sanskar and Ragini. So they prepared for the next day as well.
The three sibling ere in Sanksars room. Just tucking off the things on the list.
Ragini: Should I go and check on Baba?
Zain: It’s okay Ragini, let him have his alone time.
Sanksar: We know he needs that.
Ragini nodded.
Sanskar: I hate wearing white.
They just sat there.
Zain: It’s going to get better.
Sanskar: I hope it does.
Ragini: We’ve got each other.
Shekhar: And that’s what’s important.
The trio looked at the door and saw Shekhar standing there. They all stood up.
Sanksar: Baba , why are you standing there, come in.
Shekhar came into he room and they all just sat together. Grieving without saying anything or letting a gear escape from their eyes.

At the GM everyone woke up early and headed to the mandir. Shekhar, Zain and Sanksar wore white Kurta and Ragini wore a white Salwar kameez , she wore no make up and her hair was up in a ponytail but was covered with the dupatta. DP, Annapurna, RP and Sujata were also at the Puja at the Mandir. Everything finished by 11 am so Zain and Sanksar started getting everything ready to feed the poor. They served everyone and also gave each person some money. Everyone left around 3 pm. Ragini and Zain were still at the Mandir , Sanskar dropped Shekhar home and came back.
Zain: It was a good day.
Sanksar: Yeah.
They were all sitting near the pond.
Laksh: A good day without us?
They turned around and saw Laksh, Aliya and Swara wearing white.
Ragini: Laksh?
She got up and ran to hug him.
Laksh: Hey , you okay sweetheart?
Ragini nodded still hugging him.
Swara: How are you guys?
Zain: We’re good Swara.
Sanksar: How come you guys are here?
Swara: Do we need an invitation to come here?
Sanksar: I didn’t mean that.
Swara: Then what did you mean?
Aliya: Swara, Sanksar just asked a question and Sanskar to answer your question, we’re here to see how you guys are.
Sanskar: Thank you for answering.
Aliya smiled.
Zain: Thank you for coming.
Aliya: No problem, after all we’re family.
Ragin , Laksh and Sanksar started walking away.
Laksh: Swara, come with us.
Swara: Why? It’s pretty here.
Sanksar: Mahrani , let them 2 have their alone time.
Swara: Oh okay.
Laksh, Ragini, Sanskar and Swara walked away and left Zain and Aliya.
Aliya: How are you?
Zain smiled: I’ve been better.
Zain sat near the pond: Take a seat.
Aliya sat near Zain. They sat there for a few minutes.
Zain: You never met Maa did you?
Aliya: Nope , was a few months old.
Zain: Ragini turned 6 months when she passed.
Aliya: Laksh showed us a picture, with everyone in it on the day Swara was born.
Zain: I remember that day.
Aliya: You should keep all the good memories there.
She pint at his heart.
Aliya: Maa isn’t gone anywhere, she’s right there along with all the memories.
She looked into his eyes.
Zain: Thanks Aliya.
Aliya: You’re welcome.
Zain: Could I ask you something.
Aliya smiled: Sure.
Zain: Are you happy with this marriage?
Aliya: Yes, Shekhar uncle , I mean Dad is close friends to my dad and uncle and he brought up 3 children by himself. I respect him a lot and I’m blessed to be his daughter in law. Are you happy?
Zain: Yes , Baba never seemed happier this time of the year so thank you.
Aliya smiled.
Zain: I think we should get to know each other.
Aliya: Me too.
Zain: Why don’t I take your our for lunch some time this week?
Aliya: It’s a date.
Aliya got up from and ran to the others. Zain also got up and watched her go.
Zain: It’s a date.

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