Life is a work in progress – Chapter 4

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Aliya woke up early, she didn’t have college but had an important meeting. The water was pretty warm and very sunny so she wore a long maxi skirt with simple top, her hair was left out and a little wavy. She wore flat shoes and accessories. Her make up was minimal. She carried her handbag and went downstairs. She sorted out some breakfast, just cereal. Once she was done eating she quickly got into her car and headed to her meeting.

Zain woke up a and he had his same routine to follow. He doesn’t always wake up this early, he likes waking up with Ragini and Sanskar, though Sanksar is late most days. Zain wear formal attire to work nice crisp shirt with a suit and tie. His hair is always neat and from time to time he shaves. Zain loves his morning tea that Ragini prepares for him. Most times he doesn’t drink it if Ragini doesn’t make it. After getting ready he goes downstairs and pours himself a glass of water, after taking it down he garbage a washed apple from the fruit bowl and heads to his car.

Zain is greeted by the morning cleaners , he tells them that they have next week off and if they could come in on the Sunday before everyone else comes to make sure everything is tidy. Zain is very humble he does his own tidying in his own office along with his father’s. After the little bit of cleaning Zain turns on the Mac and reads the email Armaan sent him.
Zain: Dear Zain , thank you for stepping in when I needed you to , the student that is coming in today will be here for 9 am her letter she sent is attached to the email.
After reading he reads the letter sent by the student.
Zain: Signed Aliya Meheshwari.
Zain then repeated: Aliya?
Zain: Come in.
Aliya: Good Morning.
Zain: Good Morning Aliya.
Aliya: Hi Zain , I didn’t know I was meeting with you until a few minutes ago.
Zain: Armaan, I mean Mr Sharma isn’t in today.
Aliya: Oh okay.
Zain: Don’t worry I’m sure I can be of assistance.
Aliya smiled: I’m sure you can.
Zain: I just read your letter.
Aliya: Yes, actually for my designing course I was allowed to choose my last piece of work and I chose what I’m passionate about.
Zain: Wedding jewellery.
Aliya: Yes.
Zain smiled: Well I can definitely help.
Aliya: Thank You.
Zain: The pleasure is mine.
Aliya: So I’ll need some information about the whole business and then I’ll need to see some designs and then I’ll be able to crate my own with your help.
Zain: Sure , so as you know this business started off by my great grandfather.
Aliya had taken out a notepad and pen. Zain was sitting down and talking while Aliya was sitting opposite him and taking notes.
Zain: We’ve designed jewellery many clients and provide major businesses with our diamonds.
Zain continued to talk for about another 10 minutes.
Zain: Would you like to see some?
Aliya: I would love to.

Ragini and Sanskar woke up for their morning jogs they’d run on their days off, today was a day off. After jogging, Ragini would shower and get ready for a lazy yet productive day. Sanskar would go into the gym (installed in their house) and do some work in out, once he’s done an hour he’d then go shower and get ready for the day. Ragini had made breakfast with Sanskars help, it was now 10 am and Shekhar just woke up.
Shekhar: Good Morning.
Ragini & Sanskar: Good Morning Baba.
Shekhar: So what’s everyone’s plan for the day?
Sanskar: Gunna get most of the work out of the way to have a good weekend then video games.
Ragini: Gunna clean the house and then get my work done.
Sanskar: What about you Baba?
Shekhar: I’m going to MM , they’ve invited me for lunch so I’ll leave around 11 am.
Ragini: That’s nice.
Sanskar: Too bad Baba , I was making lunch today.
Shekhar: How unfortunate(!)
Ragini laughed and Sanskar rolled his eyes.
Ragini started cleaning whilst Shekhar was eating breakfast and Sanksar was doing his work. They all stayed downstairs when everyone was home as they liked spending time with one another.

Aliya: So Zain , what’s your favourite jewellery piece to design?
Zain: As much as I enjoy doing everything, engagement rings have to be my favourite.
Aliya: Why’s that?
Zain: Because every time a client comes in with a design or asks me to help them I feel like I’m taking part of someone else life and it’s not a little part but it’s a huge part. Just like how I’m designing Lakshs ring for Ragini.
Aliya: You have to show me!
Zain smiled: Sure , come this way.
Zain brought Aliya back to his office, he opened a draw then placed a few pieces of paper.
Zain: These are the main designs of each if the parts.
Aliya: Wow did Bhai give you all of this?
Zain: He came in a few times and we drew it together.
Aliya: So all the designing is done?
Zain: Yes, all I need to do is out the prices together.
Aliya: Wow , how long will it take?
Zain: A month and a half?
Aliya: That’s perfect.
Zain: Yes, it is.
Aliya: Thank you for showing me around.
Zain: You’re most welcome.
Aliya: It was nice seeing you after so long.
Zain: Like wise.
They sat there is silence while Aliya admired the artwork.
Aliya: Well , I should be going.
Zain: I’ll show you out.
Aliya smiled and followed her out.

11 am at GM:
Shekhar: Okay , I’m off.
Sanskar: Tell them Hi from us.
Ragini: Haan Baba , bye.
Shekhar kissed the top of Ragini’s head as she was sat on the sofa doing her work and he left.
Sanskar: You know Bhaiya is getting old.
Ragini looked up: Bhai , he just turned 26.
Sanskar: That’s old.
Ragini: Offo , what are you saying?
Sanskar: I think he should get married.
Ragini: He doesn’t even have a social life.
Sanskar: Exactly!
Ragini: We should talk to Baba about it once he comes back.
Sanskar nods his head.

Shekhar arrives to the MM around 45 minutes past 11 , along with him are some sweets.
Shekhar: Namaste DP Bhai and RP.
DP: Namaste Shekhar , how are you?
They hugged.
Shekhar: I’m very well.
RP: Arre Yaar.
They also hugged.
Shekhar: Bhabi and Sujata Ji kaha hai?
Annapurna: We’re here Shekhar Ji.
Shekhar, DP and RP site down and Annapurna and Sujata bring tea and snacks.
Shekhar: How are both?
Sujata: Very well.
Annapurna: Haan , she sees the sweets you brought and she’s very well.
They all laugh.
Sujata: Bhabi!
Annapurna: Arre , I’m only joking.
They all chit chat for a bit and then lunch is served. After they all eat they sit and take for a little longer.
Shekhar: Where’s Aliya and Swara?
RP: Aliya has gone for a meeting and Swara has gone to the library.
Sujata: Laksh is gone to the gym!
Just then Laksh walks in.
Laksh: And I’m back Chaachi.
Laksh sees Shekhar and smiles: Namaste Baba.
He takes his blessing.
Shekhar: Namaste betaa , how was the gym session?
Laksh: Really fun.
Annapurna: Quickly show and come down to eat.
Laksh nods and heads up.
DP: Shekhar, I wanted to ask you something , if that’s okay.
Shekhar: Of course , ask away.
DP: Have you thought about Zains marriage yet?
Shekhar smiled: Well , for a long time but don’t know if I found the right girl yet?
Just then walks in Aliy, she has two grocery bags with her.
Aliya: Mum, I bought the stu…
She stops as she sees Shekhar and she heads down takes his blessing: Namaste.
Shekhar smilea: Namaste.
Aliya goes and puts the bags and items away and heads upstairs.
DP: We were only wondering because after university finishes for Aliya we wanted her to get married.
Shekhar: Are you suggesting…
RP: If you don’t mind.
Shekhar stood up and smiled: Aliya is a wondering girl and I would happily make her my daughter in law.
DP&RP stood up and smiled with joy.
Sujata and Annapurna hugged each other.
Swara walked in the house and saw all of this happiness and smiled. Laksh walked down and looked at Swara and raised his eyebrows which Swara shrugged her shoulders.
Swara: Namaste uncle.
She took his blessing.
Shekhar smiled: Namaste betaa!
Laksh: Why is everyone so happy about?
Swara: Yeah.
Shekhar: We’ve decided to get Zain married to Aliya!
Laksh and Swara smiled with excitement: Really?!
Sujata: Haan , really!
Laksh hugs Swara and hugs everyone else.
Swara: Ali Di is getting married! ( A/N Swara calls Aliya Ali Di , and Swara is a few months younger hence the Di. )
Annapurna: I’ll go call Aliya.
She goes upstairs and gets Aliya downstairs. And she stands next to DP and Shekhar.
DP places his heads on her head: Aliya, we’ve decided to get you married to Zain , Shekhar son.
Aliya blushed.
Shekhar: Are you happy with this decision?
Aliya smiled softly: Yes uncle , I am.
She took his blessing once again.
Shekhar: Aliya betaa, call me Dad.
Aliya: Yes Dad.
Laksh and Swara hugged Aliya.
Swara: Uncle! Do Ragini and Sanskar know?
Shekhar: Not yet, I’ll inform them when I get home.
Laksh: This is awesome.
RP: Cannot belive our daughter will be getting married soon.
Sujata: Haan Ji!
Aliya rushed upstairs.
Swara: Our sweet and shy sister!

A few hours later Shekhar arrived home and no one was downstairs.
Shekar: Sanskar! Ragini! Where are you?!
Sanskar: Baba , I’m in the kitchen!
He said walking whole exiting the kitchen and walking in the living area.
Shekhar: Of course you were.
Sanskar : For your information, I was preparing dinner.
Shekhar: Well that’s a surprise. Where’s Ragini?
Sanskar: In the garden, watering the plants.
Ragini walked in the living area.
Ragini: Hey Baba , you’re back?
Shekhar: Yes and I come with amazing news!
Ragini: What is it Baba?
Shekhar: I’ve fixed Zains marriage with Aliya!
Sanskar: Aliya! Ragini’s friend?
Ragini: Lakshs and Swaras sister?
Shekhar: Yes!
Sanskar and Ragini look at each other in joy!
Sanksar: Yes, Bhaiya is getting married!
Ragini: Aliya is going to be part of the family!
The trio hugged.
Ragini: Baba! This is amazing.
Sanskar: When do we tell Bhaiya?
Zain walked in: Tell me what?
The 3 looked back and saw Zain walking towards them.
Shekhar held Zains shoulders: You’re getting married to Aliya Meheshwari , if you’re happy with that?
Zain smiled: I’m happy if you’re happy Baba.
Sanskar: Bhiaya, seriously.
Zain: I saw her today actually.
Ragini: When?
Zain: She was the girl that was meeting with Armaan.
Ragini: Oh yeah! I completely forgot that was today!
Shekhar: Do you like her?
Zain smiled: Baba , she’s a lovely girl and she has her goals I think she’d make a wonderful daughter in law.
Sanksar: What about wife?
Zain: I think she would make a wonderful wife too.
Ragini hugged her eldest brother: I’m so happy Bhaiya!
Sanksar joined the hug: Me too, finally there’ll be a reason for Bhaiya to stay home!
Shekhar looked at his children with a huge smile in his face.
Zain started chasing Sanskar around who hid behind Ragini as she laughed.
Shekhar: I wish you were here Jhanki.
He looked at the huge picture that was on the big wall.
Sanksar: Bhaiya give up.
Ragini: Yes, you should open upstairs and change, I’ll make you tea cause I know you didn’t have it in the morning.
Zain: I only have your tea Ragini.
He was walking upstairs.
Sanksar: Soon you’ll only be having Aliyas tea!
Zain just ignored Sanskar and walked upstairs .
Ragin: Bhai , stop teasing.

Zains Room:
Zain had stepped into his room and just sat down for a few minutes. His whole world was about to change and he was thinking about it , he then got up and held a frame which had a picture of Jhanki and Shekhar , a very cute photo of them.
Zain: I wish you were here Maa. Baba is so happy but I know he misses you and so do Sanskar and Ragini.
Tears formed in his eyes.
Zain: Maa , why’d you leave us?
He started crying.
Shekhar saw the Zains door open and saw Zain standing near his window and looking down at something.
Zain: I haven’t cried in the last 20 years Maa.
Shekhar walked in and kept a hand on Zains shoulder. Zain turned around and hugged Shekhar.
Shekhar: I know betaa.
Zain: Why though Baba? Why Maa? Why so soon?
Shekhar: It’s God’s will.
They held the hug for a few seconds. And at the door was Sanskar holding Ragini by the shoulders and crying.
Zain: Come in you two.
The four just hugged each other.

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