Life is a work in progress – Chapter 3

The university day ended at 4pm. The gang chilled together for half an hour then headed home. Laksh drive himself and his two sisters home. They came to see Sujata and Annapurna sitting down and watching a wedding video.
Sujata: Her saree is so beautiful!
Swara: Mum! Who’s wedding video is that?
Laksh took a seat on the floor in front of his mother. Swara sat next to her mother and Aliya sat next to Lakshya in front of her Aunt.
Sujata: It’s Karan and Ishitas.

Sujata started playing around with Aliya hair whilst Annapurna massaged her sons head.
Annapurna: They got an arranged marriage you know.
Swara: I’m waiting for my prince to propose to me.
They all laughed.
Laksh: Well , you’ll have to wait a lifetime.
Swara: Chaachi!
Annapurna: Laksh, don’t tease her.
Laksh: Just speaking the truth.
Aliya: Yeah , cause you’ve found your queen.
Laksh smiled.
Sujata: How is our Ragini?
Aliya: She’s good Chaachi.
Swara: She’s finally decided to dance to Sabki baratein aayi for the leavers assembly.
Annapurna: I can’t wait to see.
Everyone continued to watch the video.

Annapurna: Aliya betaa.
Aliya: Yes Mum.
Annapurna: Do you want an arranged or love marriage?
Laksh: Yeah Alu (Laksh only calls her this)
Aliya blushed: I don’t mind.
Swara: Haan, she find love after marriage she always says.
Everyone: Aaw!
Aliya gets up and goes upstairs due to her shyness.
Sujata: Kitni sharmati hain (P.s I don’t know if that’s how you spells those words! Not good at Hindi writing!!!)
Annapurna: Okay guys , you get fresh and do all the work you need to do before dinner.
Swara: Yes Chaachi.
Laksh and Swara race upstairs.
Sujata: Bhaabi, tomorrow when Shekhar Ji comes I think we should talk about Aliya and Zains relationship.
Annapurna smiles: Haan, Laksh’s father really wants to ask so tomorrow will be good timing.

Sanskar and Ragini were sitting in the living room watching some television whilst doing their work. Shekhar walked in and sat with them.
Sanksar: Baba , why did you go to work so early?
Shekhar: Had an important meeting with an important investor.
Ragini: How did it go?
Shekhar: Really well.
Ragini: Where is Bhaiya?
Shekhar: He had a few bits to sort out and should be heading home.
An hour had passed and Zain walked in.
Sanskar: Hey Bhaiya.
Zain smiled: Hey, how was university?
Sanskar: Good Bhaiya, how’s it all going?
Zain: All good.
Ragini came and hugged Zain.
Zain: Hey, anything to eat?
Ragini: Me and Baba are preparing dinner.
Zain: Awesome.
Ragini: Which should be done in the next hour.
Sanksar: The baddest news I’ve heard all day.
They laughed.
Ragini: Think again cause you need to wash all the dishes.
Zain: Hahaha, shame.
Zain was walking off but Ragini stopped him.
Ragini: Not so fast Bhaiya , you both need to wash the dishes.
Zain: Ragini!
Ragini: Yes Bhaiya!
Ragini walked off smiling leaving her two brothers very frustrated.

It was 8pm and DP and RP came walking in.
Swara: Muuuum! Dad and Chacha are here!
Aliya and Annapurna were getting the table set whilst Sujata came walking in with two glasses of water. Laksh soon came and helped his Aunt in the kitchen.
Within the next 10 minutes everyone was sitting down eating.
Annapurna: Woh Ji, Shekhar Ji is coming tomorrow, remember?
DP: I almost forgot.
RP: Aree Bhaabi, if you weren’t here he would forget his head.
DP: Ram!
Laksh: Chacha is right Dad.
Aliya: Haan , Mom is always there to remind and give you everything.
Swara: They’re so lucky to have each other.
RP: Yes, if only my wife could help me.
Sujata gave RP a death stare.
Swara: Dad!
Everyone started laughing.
RP: I’m only joking Sujata.
Sujata: No, Bhaabi is lucky to have Bhaisab. He cares for her and treats her once a while.
Aliya: Chachaaa.
RP: No Aliya , I give her lots of gifts and…
Swara: Haan , Dad does Mum.
Annapurna: Yes Sujata, don’t complain so much.
Laksh: Mum, Chaachi can complain.
RP: Well , Mr I-know-all-about-love what do you suggest?
Laksh: Well , surprise her.
Swara: Yeah like you’re planning!
DP: What are you planning?
Laksh: Well , I wanna propose to Ragini on our 5th anniversary.
Sujata: How romantic!
Aliya: Ragini will be mind blown!
DP: Well Son, I’m proud of you, you and Ragini are both lucky to have each other.
Laksh: Thank Dad.

Zain: Baba , Ragini that lasagne was delicious.
Shekhar: Thank you very much.
Sanskar with his mouthful: Yeah , I’m waiting for your dessert.
Ragini rolled her eyes: Oh Bhai! Thanks Bhaiya , I’m glad you enjoyed it.
Ragini got up and went to the kitchen to get the dessert.
Sanskar quickly swallowed the food: Bhaiya , I was gunna ask before but Ragini came, how’s the ring?
Shekhar: Is that why you stayed back today?
Zain: Yeah Baba , it’s going great Sanskar I’m sure Laksh will be pleased.
Shekhar: How long will it take.
Zain: Should be done with a month.
Sanskar: Perfect!
Zain: Did you make Ragini go to the kitchen to get dessert as an excuse for you to ask about the ring?
Sanskar: Nope , I genuinely wanted dessert.
Zain shook his.
Ragini came back with a tray decorated with brownies.
Sanskar: That looks and smell amazing.
Shekhar: Of course it does Sanskar , every food you lay eyes on does.
Sanskar: Not much fault.
Ragini: Haan Haan.
Zain: Let me taste!
Ragini served them all the warm brownies along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
Shekhar: That is…
Zain: Absolutely…
Sanskar: Divine!
Ragini laughed: I’m glad my boys enjoyed it.
They all continued eating and chatting. Once done everyone cleaned up and went to watch the series they were all currently watching. This month they started watching Mr Robot.
Zain: Guys , I need to wake up early so only 1 episode yeah?
Shekhar: I thought you have tomorrow off?
Sanksar: Must be work Baba.
By work Sanskar meant the ring he was working on.
Zain: No Sanskar, Armaan isn’t in tomorrow cause he’s I’ll and there’s someone he has a meeting with so he asked me if I could take it.
Ragini: Oh , okay then, well watch 1 episode.
They started the episode and all sat the together. After 45 minutes, when the episode finished everyone headed to their rooms. It was 10 pm and Ragini was on her phone talking to Laksh. They always chat about everything and something new each day. Sanskar would play some video games before he went to sleep. Zain would always prepare for the next day then join Sanskar but today he couldn’t. Shekhar always looks at a photo of Jhanki before he goes to sleep.

Hope you enjoyed that guys! Thank you for the support! Please do leave any suggestions down in the comments section! I’ll try my best to reply! Thank You Thank You Thank You!! P. S sorry for any typos I make way too many and I don’t proof read! Which I should!!!

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