Life is a work in progress – Chapter 2

Sanskar and Ragini headed to university in Sanskar car. The journey was about half and hour but of course depending on the traffic. Today’s weather was a little chilly but the day was bright. The day started at 10 am for them both. Sanskar dropped Ragini to her side of the university.
Sanskar: Have a good day.
Ragini: You too Bhai.
She got out of the car and headed to her friends whilst Sanskar drove off.
Aliya and Swara were sitting on the bench waiting for Ragini.
Ragini: Good Morning guys.
The duo stood up and hugged Ragini.
Aliya was wearing a blue skater dress with a long jumper type cardigan with her hair out along with a pair of ballet flats. Whilst Swara was wearing a black jumpsuit paired with a grey cropped cardigan and a pair of converses , her hair was in a high voluminous ponytail.
Swara: How are you Ragini?
Ragini: Good but guys I had the same dream and I spoke to Bhaiya about it and he said that I should maybe perform that in the leaving assembly.
Aliya: That’s a great idea , it’s almost as it’s a sign for you to do it.
Ragini: That’s what Bhaiya said.
Swara: Well that’s you all stress free for the next month.
Ragini smiled: Yep.
The bell rang.
Aliya: Okay guys see you at break.
Swara&Ragini: See ya.
The 3 parted their ways into their classes.

Other side of University:
Sanskar parked his car and saw Lakshya getting out of his car.
Sanskar: Lakshya!
Lakshya turned around and smiled. Sanskar got out of his car and headed towards Lakshya.
Lakshya: You’re early.
Sanskar: Ragini’s pancakes woke me up.
Lakshya laughed: Food always wakes you up.
Sanskar: Can’t help it.
Lakshya: Ready for the final month?
Sanskar: As weird as this is gunna sound I feel like I’m gunna miss all of this.
Lakshya: Trust me, everyone will miss it.
Sanskar: Come let’s go.

The lectures were 2 hours for both boys and girls. They had finished around 12 and headed to their favourite cafe which first Sanskar and Lakshya used to go but now all 5 of them go to.
Lakshya: Hey sweetheart.
Ragini: Hi handsome.
They hugged and everyone took a seat.
Swara , Ragini and Lakshya on one side of the table and on the other side was Sanskar and Aliya.
Sanskar: I’m starving.
Aliya: Didn’t you have breakfast?
Sanskar: Mahrani here didn’t let me finish it off.
Ragini laughed: Bhai we would’ve been late!
Sanskar: Yeah yeah.
Then Kaka came to take their orders.
Swara: Yes Kaka! I would like a cheeseburger with some fries and a strawberry milkshake.
Aliya: I’ll have the same as Swara please Kaka.
Ragini: I’m not that hungry, I’ll just have my chocolate shake please Kaka.
Lakshya: I’ll have a 7” Pizza with my usual toppings and small fries please Kaka.
Sanskar: Okay Kaka!
Everyone laughed.
Kaka: Beta , are you hungry?
Sanskar: Very Kaka! Now I’ll have a double cheese burger , with large fries , some beans on toast.
Everyone looked at him confused.
Sanskar: As part of my missing breakfast.
Everyone rolled their eyes whilst Kaka chuckled.
Kaka: Anything else Beta?
Sanskar: My usual ice cream Sunday.
Kaka: Okay guys , I’ll be 30 minutes.
They smiled as he left.
Sanskar: So girls how’s everything going?
Swara: Boring but I’m going to miss is it all.
Lakshya: Me and Sanskar were talking about how we’ll miss it as well.
Ragini: I know what I’m dancing to in the leaving assembly.
Everyone: We know too! You’re dancing to the song in your dream!
Ragini sat there silently and smiled.
Aliya: You’ve mentioned is 1000 times!
Sanskar: Yeah , gosh put a lid on it.
Ragini: Bhai!
Lakshya : Hey, don’t tease her.
Ragini smiled.
Lakshya: She can’t help talking about the same thing 24/7.
Everyone laughed and Ragini just smacked Lakshyas arm.
Lakshya: I’m just joking.
Ragini: Haan Haan.
After chit chatting the food came and everyone stuck in.

Zains office:
Zain had started working with his father after dropping out of college , he didn’t want to get a degree as he didn’t think he’d enjoy it. The diamond business was very interesting, whilst they were made and manufactured at their building, wedding jewellery would be made there as well. Zain had the responsibility to design clients wedding jewellery as they came and also handle engagement rings which he also made. Zain had to make a quick announcement to all the workers.
Zain: Good Morning Team!
Team: Good Morning Sir.
Zain: Business is running smoothly and since everyone has been working to their best ability I’m giving everyone tomorrow and next week off.
The whole team cheered with happiness.
Zain: I’m glad you’re all happy, now I would like everyone to finish of the work that you have been set for today. Hope you enjoy your weeks rest!
Team: Thank You Sir.
Zain: You guys deserve it.
Zain walked into his office and started doing the admin work. He enjoyed his life , the workers were older and younger than him, he respects them as much as they respect him and he loves that about his life.
*KnockKnock *
Zain: Come in.
Shekhar: You’re a good boss.
Zain looked up and stood up: Baba!
Shekhar walked to the empty chair and took a seat.
Zain: Baba , you’re the boss.
Shekhar: But you’re a good boss.
Zain sat back down: Just a team leader of a team who work harder than I do.
Shekhar: Well now you have a week off as well.
Zain: Yeah , I thought I’d spend some time with Ragini and Sanskar along with you.
Shekhar: Tomorrow I will be at DP&RPs house , they’ve invited me over for lunch.
Zain: That’s nice, I haven’t seen them in a while.
Shekhar: Well I should be off.
Zain: See you later Baba.
Shekhar left Zain who got stuck into work.

Sanksar: I’m stuffed.
Swara: Are you sure you don’t want some more fries.
Sanskar: Nope, definitely full.
Lakshya: Okay then let’s get back to class.
Sanskar was heading to his car. He was being followed by Swara and Aliya.
Sanskar: Why are you both here instead of Ragini?
Aliya: We need to give the love birds some time alone.
Swara: Haan Duffus.
Sanskar: Whatever.
They trio got into Sanskar cars. Whilst in Lakshyas car , Lakshya was driving with one hand and holding Ragini’s band with the other.
Ragini: Can’t believe we’ll be in a relationship for 5 years in a few months.
Lakshya: Well I can spend a whole life time with you.
Ragini smiled at Lakshya whole he smiled and concentrated on getting road.
Lakshya: I wish I could just look at you now instead of the road.
Ragini giggled.
Lakshya: I love you a lot Ragini.
Ragini: I love you more Lakshya.
They sat there talking about university and the future until they got to the university. They got out of the car.
Ragini: I’ll see you later Lakshya.
Lakshya: See you sweetheart.
He kissed her forehead and Ragini went to Swara and Aliya.
Sanskar came to Lakshya.
Sanskar: I can’t wait.
Lakshya: Me neither.
Sanskar: Don’t worry Bhaiya will make sure everything is perfect.
Lakshya smiled.

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! Thank you for every single comment! I will try my best to say Thank You to everyone but if I don’t , I apologise. Thank you for supporting me. There will be 2 updates and that will be during the weekends. Once a month with I’ll do a super long chapter that will be uploaded during the week. Thank you once again and enjoy , comment and share.
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    Wowwww superb episide dear…raglak r cho chueeeet!!!!!loved it….waitng for nxt part…keep rockng n stay blessed dear 😉 😉 😉

  2. Krishika

    If u don’t mind shall I give u a suggestion
    Write laksh instead of lakshya i feel it awkward
    Pls don’t take me wrong
    But the epi was awesome
    Just need some zaya scenes
    Other than that i loved it to the core
    If u like writing lakshya then its not a problem for me

    • Tammkiraa



      Hey , thank you so much for your feedback! Of course I don’t mind, you guys are the reason I’m writing and I’ll do what it takes for you guys to enjoy reading it. I’ll right Laksh instead that us absolutely fine! Also Zaya scenes will be unable a few chapters time don’t worry too much! Just keep reading and if you ever have any suggestions don’t hesitate to comment x

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