life.vaazhkai.janm (episode 3)


scene 1
sanskar mom talk to rithik’s mom about sankar’s marriage which shocks shiavnaya…and kavitha gets happy hearing this……
she tells yamini that kavitha and sanskaar make a wonderful pair and asks her to agree,,,,she also agrees….she gets happy and goes to make arrangements…
shivanya calls swara and informs her that about the marriage…swara gets shattered hearing this

scene 2
swara calls sanskar and tells him about his marriage, he also gets shocked but assures swara that she will be his wife, whatever happens…… and disconnects the call….
still swara in her distarught about shivanya’s words……..

scene 3
kavitha calls someone and tells that she is very happy as her loved one will be hers and dances….rithik hears her and asks shivanya what happened. she tells him everything….he is in dilemma whether to support his sister or his friend…..shivanya asks him to think well about the past incidents and then take a decisison and leaves….he gets thinking….

precap:swara rides bicycle and falls…..rithik and sanskaar in school uniform taunts her..shivanya comes in rescue of swara…

Credit to: supriya

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