life.vaazhkai.janm (episode 2)

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epi 2
scene 1
rithiks residence
rithik and shivanya does the post marriage rituals.
all tease them
sanskaar asks rithik swaras number. he gives him.
after all the rituals have completed all leave from the venue.
rithik has a sister and her name is kavitha…
kavitha decorates the room and the couple go inside the room.
shivanya feels shy and rithik too. he tells her that if she is OK then we can celebrate sugharat orelse no need. she sits silently covering her face.
scene 2
sanskaar calls swara and tells her that he has to meet her.she gets excited and cries happily. he too cries… then they talk for whole night and song plays in the background.
scene 3
rithik then get up to go seeing shivanya sitting silently.suddenly shivanya holds his hand and hugs him saying I love you and also tells him that she loved him from their school days and been waiting for him many years. he gets shocked and cries.
scene 4
kavitha then meets some Lady and tells her that already her plan haa failed and asjs het to be careful and also asks her to get work finished. the lady is not shown. she nods yes and leaves.
scene 5
rithik and shivanya celebrate their sugharat. meanwhile the same girl is sitting in dark and cries.rithik removes all the jewelery from shivanya and kisses her. then he removes her pallu. she removes his shervani. they both kiss each other and consummate their wedding.
scene 6
swara and sanskaar meets at the coffee shop. silence prevails for sometime. then they start to talk suddenly kavitha comes there and tells them as surprise . she tells them that she has come with her friends and leaves after a while. then swara and sanskaar starts talking . swara gets a call asking her to come to clinic soon. so swara goes . sanskaar gets sad. thevsame girl else face is not shown calls someone and tells that work is done. the screen freezes.
precap: rithik gets a call and shocked. later sanskaar mom meets rithik mom and tells about the marriage . shivanya is shocked. kavitha is happy.

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  2. Write the next ff of Yeh pyaar hair. We all love itprobably you have discontinued it but please update the next episode today. Reply me supriya. Hope you will do the needful. That ff is just wonderful probably the best of ff’s

    1. shall i update tomorrow shreya or next week I’ll continue it

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    Update the next episode of yeh Hai pyaar pls

  5. Ritiks mom doesn’t know about the marriage or she know about ritik and shivanya’s marriage

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