life.vaazhkai.janm (episode 1)


thank you friends for your comments
now let’s go into the episode
scene 1
location mumbai
a grand wedding party is going on
all the relatives and friends are all happily blessing the couple……
the couple is shown standing on the stage smiling
the bride is in beautiful pink lehenga and groom is in white shervani…. the marriage couple are rithik and shivanya….
suddenly one among the friends group ask about swara and sanskaar…..
scene 2

a girl is shown running on the road behind a thief she catches him and handiver him to the police. all praise her. suddenly a young woman faints. she
tells everyone that she is a doctor and checks that girl. she tells everyone that she us pregnant. the girls mom blesses her and asks her name. she tells as swara. mom sees her mangalsutra and blesses her to get children. swara gets sad……..
scene 3
swara comes to the wedding avenue and wishes rithik and shivanya. she then comes to her gang. all teases her about her secret husband. and also telling the name of sanskar. she gets shy. suddenly all shouts sanskaar. he is shown coming in a rich BMW car waving hi to everyone. sawara is astonished.he comes near her and tells hi. then he goes to the couple and wishes them
scene 4

rithik asks shivanya us she comfortable she kso tells sane because their marriage is an arranged marriage and he tells shivanya suddenly that he had a gf and his breakup with her. she gets sad hearing this. then he jokes that he didn’t had any gf and she is his 1st and last love. she smiles and hugs him. all the friends teases them . swara and sanskaàr look each other. swara goes to some other gang and sees sanskaar. he also looks at her.
the screen freezes

precap: rivanya’s sugharat
swara and sanskaar is shown talking in a coffee shop….

Credit to: supriya

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  1. Wow supriya… Awesome Yaar I love Ur story line
    Continue it please Dr add some rivanya moments

  2. Soujanya


  3. Add rivanya romance. Update next episode soon Supriya. Superb episode

  4. the next episode will be. on Friday or please say me the days when you need the next update
    and rivanya’s romance will be in next episode

  5. What about Tuesday Supriya. Plzz reply

    1. sure dr the next update will be on tuesday

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