life is an unexpected journey [swasan raglak twinj and manan] intro


Hii guys this is a ff on tashan e ishq twinj and saragini’s raglak and swasan and kyy manan…
So I will give intro of characters.
Twinkle-cute and innocent girl who lives in hostel with swara and ragini..she doesnot belive love and is not even intrested at this time as this is her last year at uinversity and she wants to be topper..

Swara-swara is the innnocent cute girl.mature and sweet…her best friend is twinkle and ragini is her sister.
Ragini-hot and beautil.she is the diva of college.she don’t care about academics but belives in enjoyment and life is full of fun..her whole day goes in parties and shoppings..she has secret crush on laksh
Nandini-she is the wife of manik.but the marriage is arranged and she don’t like mnaik at all cz of his attitude and rudeness..
Sanskar-he is cute dimpled guy with guitar and a silent look..he lives witth kunj and laksh in a posh and well furnished 5bhk house.

Laksh-hearthrob of college..he is dude of college.handsome and rocking..his gf is nisha a smalltown girl which surprises everyone.
Kunj-nice and well mannered.his bestfriend is laksh and can do anything for him….
Manik-iindusstrialist…doesnot like nandu but married cz of his grandma ….handsome and intelligent.
So these are the characters.
The story revoles around these characters with the three guys from delhi university and girls from mumbai university…
Now we all know that there are different kinds of people around us.some are sincere ,some naughty….

But everyone has there on merits and demirts…
Life=love+carrer+family and we need to keep balance in all these things..
So this story teaches us how to maintain balance in such things along with enjoying it….
Like twinkle only belongs to library
Ragini belongs to clubs
While swara is tring to be in balance inthese two….
While laskh gives importance to looks
Sanskar gives importance to inner beauty
And kunj is in middle

So this is a story of friends having different habits but how there love for each other brought them together….
And about manan its how anarrange marriage turn into love marriage…
Guys this is it plz comment telll me should I continue….

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  1. How manan r married?? If this is so then manan must be older than all other characters in ur story na..coz all other characters except manan r in college!! Plzzz clear this doubt…n else it was good…keep going????

    1. Rashmi

      haha yes dear i will clear it in next epi.actualy manan story will be individual intially…i will tell dear..n thnx for reading and commenting dear…i will continue it…and kyy i hate lv is ur ff na?is superb yesrtday i read ur 1st three epis.they are superb..

      1. Yah…I hate love is my story….glad u liked it…read till my latest episode…I m sure u ll like the story….n tq for clearing things….????

      2. Yah..I hate my ff..glad u liked till the latest epi n m sure u ll like the story…n tq for clearing the doubt..????

      3. Rashmi

        yes dear i am reading every chapter they are are a great writer..dont pay attention to bashers like shreya dear.they are just jealous

      4. Tq..n yah..I don’t pay heed to that sheya….idc her words..keep going..

  2. SNY


    1. Rashmi

      thnx for reading sny dear

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    seems interesting…do continue soon…..

    1. Rashmi

      thnx dear.i promise you it will be intresting dear….i will cntnue it thnx

  4. Megha123

    Looks interesting plzz continue

    1. Rashmi

      sure dear i will cntnue thnxx for reading and commenting…

  5. Kruti

    Seems interesting

    1. Rashmi

      thnx for reading dear

  6. Mahi13

    It seems interesting. Plz continue. All the best for ur ff.

    1. Rashmi

      thnx dear..i will surely cntinue

  7. Nice.. Plz continue..

    1. Rashmi

      yes dear i will conrinue thnkyou for reading and commenting dear

  8. Nice and thanq for including manan I just love kyy like hell I miss it and it is interesting cont asap

    1. Rashmi

      ya me too a fan of kyy dear and this cncpt we hv never scene onscreen so i just thought of it.thnkyou dear

  9. nice love ragini

    1. Rashmi

      thnx for reading dear

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