life is an unexpected journey [swasan raglak twinj and manan] epi 3


Hii friends first of all I am sorry for late update..i was busy with studys…and secondly I am so happy you all liked my last epi…thnxx friends….plz do comment on this one also…
Manan scenes..

Its morning time…manik got up and looked at the was 6 o clock..time to go for gym and walk…
But then he looked on the other side saw nandu and remembered he was married…he also remember last night..he didn’t want to meet FAB4 now…he knew they will tease him..
He got up and went to bathroom…
Nandu was sleeping on the bed snoring loudly with blanket on the floor…after some time she heard noise and got up..she looked everywhere and remembered she was married…

She thought who cares and again slept….
After sometime manik came..he thought nandu must be awake now but to his surprise he saw her snoring just like hippo…
Manik thought what this girl is?she don’t even care that she is sleeping in her in laws house on 1st day….i will wake her up..
He went to nandu
Manik-nandini hey nandini
Nandini opened her eyes..

Nandini-who are you to order me?
Nandini laughed…
Nandini-sory our chacha you know who cleans everything used to wake me like this only so I thought you as him…
Manik glared at her..i look like kamwala chacha?
Nandini-yes..he also wear clothes like yours..white shirt with no shape on towel on shoulders..
Manik looked at his towel..he removed it..
Manik-ohh but I am manik malhotra..get up now..

Nandini sat on the bed.
Manik who was drying his hair looked at her…
Nandini-oh cant you hear for 1st time?i get bored telling again..i want water…in morning my mom says you should drink wate…..
Manik-okok…[don’t start your mom puran now ] He gave her water..
Nandu dranked it..

Nandu-oh my brush!
Nandu-I was not asking you…[but she wanted manik to give her as she never did anything herself at home but by look on maniks face she changed it] Nandu got up and slowly went to her bags…she didn’t remembered were she kept must be under her clothes now…

Manik was looking at her.he wanted to see how his wife keeps her things…he knew she must be very tidy…yesterday she was tired…….
But his good impression of nandu vanished as nandu opened her bag and threw all its contents on floor…by the look of clothes they were not ironed nor kept properly…they were just thrown in bag…

Manik was unhygienic….
Nandu kept looking in the contents again she opened another bag which was full of cosmetics and there she found her brush..
Manik thought ohh this girll…she will make my room store house now…
Nandu gotup..she jostled and kept allher clothes and cosmetics In one corner and went to bathroom..

Manik thought realyy this marriage sucksss..its realyy SAVADHAN…

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    Very nice dear

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    hi i read it, but manan couple is from what serial dear ? ty

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    Mind blowing loved it

  6. Arey nandu is complete mad and manik seedha Sasha????
    It was awesome loved it???

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