life is an unexpected journey [swasan raglak twinj and manan] epi 1


Its 7o’clock In the morning and the sun is half hidden behind the clouds..the sparkling sun rays are falling over the city making it sparklingly golden with shadows of buildings falling upon buildings….the earlyrisers of mumbai have already began their daily routine and you can see it clearly on the dry and long roads of mumbai….
And there is a room on the 9th floor of the bandra locality of mumbai where one of the early rising mumbaiker is sittimg on the chair drinking hot and soothing coffee and feeling the warmth of the hot cup with book open upon her lap….this is none other than twinkle.

This is her habit..twinkle is from a middleclass family and she knows her destiny.she has seen the hard and dark sides of her one and only dream is to study hard get a good job and secure your future.
Today in this ever increasing competitive world everyone wants to be best..there is compettion in every ssector of it acting,dancing,medical,enginering,accountany or any other carrer..everyone wants to be best and succesful…students lead stresful life going to tutions and colleges and reading books of entrnce exams which have weight more than there own..

But twinkle does not feel anything wrong in it..she knows that in this world of 21st century we need to work hard to be at the top position.if you work hard you will be at the top position….executives teachers and parents want their child and candidates to best..because there is even competion between between exexcutives and the multinational companies to be at the 1st position…….. if you stop for a second to even look back a rush of people will have gone ahead of you..and for this reason you just cant look back and need to be in this race of competition..
Twinkle knows these wise things and is always ready to do any hard work needed…to survive in this world you need to be like one.for twinkle holidays have no meaning.for her life is a race and to survive in a race you just cant look at such types of distractions..because if you just go on vacation you will miss some important opportunities which might have changed your just stay and wait for opportunity and when it comes grab it and make your life better and better each day.

For twinkle each and everyday has something special in it.every morinig is a way to discover new destinations of life…every single day shows us something new and if we are wise enough to understand it we will get a huge profit of life from it.and for this we need to be alwys conscious and alert…twinkle is that type of girl who believs in hardwork determination and ven miracles……
Yes miracles..twinkle believs on she believs in god..and when you believe in god you believe in miracles cz god brings miracles in life….miracles are part of life.when we are sad and depresesd and when we think that life has no meaning and why something bad happens with me and when we look in the sky where is god now?? Twinkle belives that in uch situations god is testing us and from a simple example she tells us how..
Now ragini is that type of girl who has very little patience and whenever something bad happens with her she questions gods existence and then our twinkle tells her that whenver we sit for an exam teacher never the same way when we are in difficult situaitons god is testing us and hence is not answring…but we need to have patience cz after some time as every night is followed of day every dark day is followed by a bright and positive day.but we need to wait and see…and then as we wait miracles happen…
Another thing about twinkle is that she never looses hope..but she tries to see something good in every bad put simply she has a very optimistic approach towards life…she knows these wise words that the darkest nights produces the brigthest stars and a smooth sea can never make a skilled sailor…
And hence living with twinkle has its own will get a true friend in her and even a counsellor whe you feel low..[lol!]

So our twinkle is reading the book with outmost concentratiion when ragini comes there
Ragini-hello miss twinkle what are you reading so early?
Twinkle-oh rags you are awake..good…I am reading biography of marrisa mayer the CEO of Yahoo! keep it aside and pack your bags.we don’t want to miss anything here.
Twinkle-oh yar you and swara pack it.i wanna read plz[making a baby face] Ragini thre her a ‘its not new’ look and went away.
So this was ragini..she didn’t care of books and stds.what she cared of was fun..according to her life is too short to live in tension..and that’s right na…if we are continously busy in our monotonous work we would never get a time for enjoying this life..and competition is for those who are in it.. there are many people who doesnot care about this ever increasing and never ending competitive world.they live in their own world.they live according to their own norms and rules of its there its our life and we are the master of our life.its upto us how to live our life and no one can force us.

Ragini belived that even if this world is full of competition and top grades humanity was not meant for it…we need to find peace and love in nature..and this can be done if we are not involved in all these chasing our dreams drama……
In delhi sitting on the top of a car were laksh and sanskar..looking at busy passersby and laughing….
Sanskar-you know I will miss delhi…its just we have been here from so many days I got attached to it.
Laksh-oye emmotional fool this is city.
Sanskar-ya but just new change new people’
‘Life is full of changes and adjustments mr sanskar’a voice said from was kunj
Kunj-hey bro don’t get scenty ok
Laksh-just imagine we will see beautiful rajasthani girls…
Sanskar-shutup..we are not going for girls.we are going for inter college competition and we need to win.
Kunj-oh ya when sanskar is there there is no option of loosing
Both kunj and laksh laughed
Laksh-lets go we have to pack..
Three of them left.

Manan scene
Chanted the priest and all the people standing in a huge hall decorated with flowerrs and lightings….in the middle of the hall on the stage were standing the newly weds the beautiful bride wearing a red lehnga and the handsome bridegroom….
Bridegroom none other than manik was given a garland of flowers to wear his bride nandii.
Manik took the garland and wore it to nandu and then nandu to manik.and officialy the marriage was over…yes manan were married. a nice arrange marriage..
maniks mom and dad were immensly nandini was just the kind of bahu they wanted but they didn’t know how stubborn nandini is….they will geet to know…
so nandini murthy is a cute bride..she is smart and beautiful but she is not mature of her age..she is free spirited..she knows household work and does it but gets bored after sometime..when she is happy its ok but when she is frustated she will throw all her frustation on you.she is a feminist and that is why for her there must be equality for men and women..this is gona cost her in marriage cz according to her husband must help in cooking also.and one day in a week only husbad must make whole dinner and she will sit..thats nandu…she don’t care about job.she will be at home but for nandu that does not mean that she will only nandu needs her own time to enjoy…lets see how she will manage her newly married life…
and about manik..oh manik is mature and hot..he is very ambitious and always works hard..actualy he wanted a wife who will work with him in hi company but his parents did not mostly his grandma..and this is how nandini came in his life…
now lets see what happens on the first night of wedding……the popular ‘suhagraat’

precap-manan suhagraat
ragini swara and twinkle gets in the train to go to jaipur for inter school competion and what happens in agra there last stop???

So guys this is it..hope you all enjoyed it.its my 1st ff so its not that good but I will try my best and it take realy lot of thinking and hardwork to write this friends so plz plz plz comment and thnx for all your support guys…see you soon guys….

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  1. This o e is awesome
    MaNan????????? Nandu is awesome???
    Manik is completely opposite???
    I’m raginu type 😛 but im studious too.. Amazingly described today’s world???
    Omg!!! MaNan suhaagraat?????? even though it might not be romantic n hot, my imaginations go wild???
    Its nice..
    Conti soon..

    1. Rashmi

      hey dearr thnkyouuu somuchhh..i am glad you liked it dearr thnxxx

  2. Nice am like twinku ha haa really its very nice

    1. Rashmi

      thankyou have cute namee

  3. Tash

    Hey….plzz don’t say that..really is this ur first ff?? Oh my god!…if this is ur first time then I can completely imagine what type will u write ahead…u were superb yaar….first ff n so fabulous…keep going dear….n still I feel Manik n Nandu is bhudda than others…??????
    Make them young soon by giving the history…????
    N it was fab…SUHAGRAt…oh my god!…now only I m getting super mad thoughts…ok ok..don’t take me a loose character…BT manan always makes me go firey excited….???
    Ik they r gonna fight only in their suhagrat….fighterkoks..?
    Plzz continue..
    N I loved it

    1. Rashmi

      ohhh tash you are very sweet..thnxx for ur kind words dear..lvutcc

      1. Rashmi

        yes manan suhagrat will be very intrestinggg

  4. Akshata

    interesting intro

    1. Rashmi

      thnx akshata dear

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi

    1. Rashmi

      thnkyou somuch purnima

  6. Aishwarya.twinjfan

    U knw first tym i read the title itself i became a big fan of this ff.
    Cuz twinj,swasan,raglak,manan r some of my fav couples.
    Seems nyc
    Do cont

    1. Rashmi

      thnxx dear..i am glad u liked it..i will surely cntnu

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