Life is all about true love – Episode 4


hello guys I am back with my ff. I am Sriya this is the third episode of life is all about true love. Today is episode gonna be blast for all my readers. Thank u for ur comments keep commenting.
Recap: swara and laksh come face to face.

Ragsan talks are over. Swara comes there with medicines. Swara says how are u feeling now u were fainted on road and what is ur name??
Ragini: my name is ragini . I am fine now. Thanks for helping me.
Sanskar and swara : it’s our pleasure ragini.
Sanskar: by the why u were saying to save u from laksh maheshwari.
Ragini: actually today I have gone to maheshwari company for interview I don’t know the person whom I was having crush was my boss. And that laksh said to sleep with him than I can work with him and he give me warning that he will sleep with me and I will regret one day for slapping him.
Sanskar: I am really sorry for asking u this. I will definitely help u if u want job u can work in my studio swara you have been passed in the interview from tomorrow u can come for work and ragini tomorrow u will be giving interview in my studio and tomorrow onwards don’t be late swara.
Swara: thank u thank u so much sir and I will not be late ragini u can stay in my home with me and my friend meera.
Ragini: thank u but I don’t think it will be safe.
Sanskar: I have an idea swara you and your friend meera and ragini stay in my home swara and meera will be staying with u ragini in same room and I will be in next room cuz if laksh comes it will be danger for ragini.
Ragini: thank u sanskar that’s a good idea but u will come swara with ur friend meera to stay with me please.
Swara: okay ragini I will definitely stay with u . I will call my frnd meera and ask her to come. She said she will be reaching here in 5 minutes.
Meera comes there and swara tells her everything and meera accepts. Meera says swara u said that if u will be passed in the interview u will give me a treat says okay I will give u treat and then says: okay ragini and sanskar u also come with me for treat.
The four of them reach hotel and there sanskar met his three friends rahul ranveer and rithik and he introduce them to ragini swara and meera. They all have fun and they tell their plan to friends and they leave to sanskar’s house. In hotel there was a person who was listening this all and he makes plan to kidnap ragini .

@ night in sanskar house
The four chit chat and they decide to play truth and dare.
The first turn was swara and sanskar asks her question. She takes truth
Sanskar: do u loved anyone swara ?
Swara: yes
Sanskar( thinking): why I am feeling bad ? why it is affecting me ? leave it sanskar and concentrate on the game .
The second turn was of sanskar and ragini asks him question and he takes dare.
Ragini: sanskar ur dare is to dance with swara.
They both dance romantically but swara feels uncomfortable and she is about to go but sanskar holds her hand and twirls her and they finish their dance and meera and ragini clap for them and they go to sleep. At night there is a shadow outside it was laksh he came to kidnap ragini but by mistake he kidnaps swara.

@ morning
Ragini and meera they are not able to find swara they tell this to sanskar and they three search the whole house but they don’t get swara.
@ laksh den
Swara shouts and laksh comes there and sees swara. They both were shocked to see each other. Swara remembers her moments with laksh. She starts crying
Laksh : what the hell I was going to kidnap ragini but I have kidnap u but I will this opportunity to make ragini come here.
Screen faces on sanskar ragini and meera tensed face , swara crying face and laksh evil face.

Precap: ragini to get a unknown call.

Guys as I said there will be a blast. This one was a blast. what will happen to swara? will ragini able to save swara? will ragini be saved from laksh evil plan? if yes then who will save ragini? to know keep readingg my ff.

Credit to: Sriya

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