Life is all about true love – Episode 3

Hi guys I am back with my ff . I am Sriya. This is the second episode of life is all about true love. I want to tell one thing there is no adarsh parineeta uttara dadaji,dadi and dida.
Scene 1:
we see a person sitting and talking the girl the person is none other than laksh maheshwari and the girl is none other than our ragini because she don’t know the person whom she is having crush is her boss. She is on cloud nine seeing laksh in front of her.
Laksh: I want everyone to leave and u miss u stay here and by the way u look hot and beautiful if u sleep with me u can work with me.

Suddenly a slap comes on laksh face . laksh is shocked. yes it was ragini who slapped laksh. Laksh was burning in anger.
Laksh: u how dare u I will not leave u I will make u mine u will regret one day for slapping laksh maheshwari.
Ragini leaves from there she was crying . she was heart broken.
Ragini: I don’t know that the person whom I was having crush was just a womanizer and a bl**dy bastard.
Suddenly she faints on the road. Everyone comes to her. One girl comes and sees her and says that no need to help her they are like this only she should be careful but she was just careless. Another girl comes and slaps her. Yes it was our swara.
Swara : u don’t know what are u talking how can u say that she is careless . you will feel good tell me damn it answer me.

Girl: how dare u slap kavya gadodia tell me ur messing with wrong person u don’t know who I am? I am laksh maheshwari’s gf.
Swara gets shocked listening that she was laksh ‘s gf. She stays numb for sometime. She has many emotions inside her pain, sadness, betrayal.
Swara: I don’t care that u are laksh maheshwari gf or not. I care that u are a girl and being a girl u should not speak like that. Now I am taking this girl to hospital.
One boy was watching all this from behind. Yes the boy was Sanskar.
Sanskar(in mind) : I don’t know that she was this much good and kind girl. She has passed her interview . now I need to help swara to get the girl hospital.
So Sanskar runs their and helps swara to taker her hospital . they both reached the hospital and sanskar feels some connection on toucing ragini . the doctor comes out of the room and tells swara and Sanskar that because of stress and tension she fainted now she is alright. Please bring this medicines and she is calling Sanskar Sanskar again. Do u know who is Sanskar?
Sanskar: I am Sanskar doctor.

Doctor: go and meet her right now.
Ragini: Sanskar please save me from laksh maheshwari. Please save me from that bastard. Please Sanskar help me.
Sanskar: okay don’t worry I will help u surely from that laksh.

Precap: swara and laksh come face to face.

So guys I have shown laksh and kavya’s entry as I said. A big blast is waiting for u in next episode. Please read my next episode . I will post it tomorrow.

Credit to: Sriya


  1. aditi syam

    Awesome yaar no words to say if I am right its swasan and raglak plzzzzz make them as pair post soon will be waiting

  2. sorry aditi syam their is no raglak pair in this story the pairs are only swasan but please continue reading my ff . i wont disappoint u u made my day with u are comment from now we are friends okay .

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