Life is all about true love – Episode 2

Hello everyone I am sriya here back again with first episode. Guys I know you all must be excited for pairs. So the pairs are swasan. Guys I am introducing ragini’s character and few friends of swara and Sanskar. I want to tell that the pair of ragini will not be laksh. At first there will be some romantic scenes of ragini and laksh. Sorry guys plz don’t bash me fr the pairs cuz in this ff story matters more than pairs. there is one more thing swara and Sanskar will be living in france. Guys actually before one was intro. guys I am actually studying in 7th so please pardon me for any mistakes . actually this ff is not pre planned I am now only writing whatever ideas are coming in my mind.
Ragini: a simple caring girl has a secret crush on laksh maheshwari. she works in maheshwari’s company .lost her parents at a small age. Searching for her lost brother. her parent’s death happened in France so she thinks her brother might be in France for searching him only she came to France.
Meera : a lazy girl and an introvert only best friend of swara. They both share each and every secret with each other. So meera knows the past of swara. She only helped swara in moving on. talks a lot with swara they both live together only . 24 years old.
Best friends of Sanskar are:

First Sanskar and laksh used to be best friends but due to some reasons they turn out to be enemies.
So here is the intro of these characters now here we go with first episode:
Scene1 A girl is shown sleeping lazily another girl is shouting get up meera you lazy girl she gets an idea and smirks . she comes back with a bucket of waater and throws it on her.

Meera: oh oh it’s raining here
Later she gets up and see what happened just now. She finds a girl laughing whole heartedly . guys it’s none other than our heroine swara.
Meera: swara I will not leave u today where u will escape from me??
And they both start running in whole house and finally they give up and sit down laughing on each other.
Meera: ha ha swara I am so happy I am seeing u laughing after so many years. thank u god for helping swara in moving on may she find her soulmate. Arre swara today is your interview in photography studio. Forget it not again swara Am I seeing dream u are ready?
Swara: stop overacting meera I am always ready you are only always late now stop and wish me for my interview hope my boss is not khadoos.
Meera: sorry swara and by the way all the best. May you pass in this interview.if u pass I want a treat okay.
Swara: okay meera I will give u treat okay now I am going bye.

Scene2 we see a girl running arey I am late today also I have to reach early . Today is my first day in maheshwari company. Yes the girl is none other than our ragini .
Ragini: oh god this company is so well maintained . I am late today let’s see who my boss is??
Scene3 a boy is shown in photography studio waiting for someone eagerly. Yes it is none other than our hero Sanskar.
Swara: sorry sir I am late actually because there was so much of traffic.
Sanskar: it’s okay but next time be careful cuz I don’t like the person who make excuses and is late . by the way why u choosed photography and only this studio cuz there are so many studio??
Swara: actually sir photography is my passion my dream everything and I have listened that it is a famous photography studio.
Sanskar : okay now go tomorrow you will get to know that you are passed or not.
Swara: okay sir (in mind):oh my god he is so cute and handsome but he is khadoos oh swara what I am thinking all men are same.
Precap : we see a person talking and chatting with someone and the girl is shocked seeing the person.
Guys so here I end up writing laksh and kavya’ s entry will be in next episode. Please comment positive or negative all are welcomed.
So let’s see how swara and Sanskar two different poles will fall in love with each other? How ragini will find her brother? And ya who is ragini’s brother actually? And what is the reason for Sanskar and laksh turn out to enemies? Will swara and Sanskar hate love story ever have a happy ending? Will their love story will ever have a happy ending? Will their love story will be complete or will be remained incomplete? to know keep reading life is all about true love. silent readers please comment

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  1. Guys I am writing my ff for all of u please comment guys need it badly if u don’t like it I will discontinue my ff . Please tell me whether it is good or not . I have posted next episode it will be published soon.

  2. Sorry guys actually I decided that there will be no raglak romantic scenes.

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