Life is all about true love – Episode 1

Hello everyone I am a new writer here. my name is sriya. This ff is only of one pair I will reveal the pairs in first episode cuz I don’t want to keep it a suspense for long time. please don’t bash me for my pairs cuz in this ff story matters more and the pairs are my favourite so here is the intro:

Swara: A simple beautiful ambitious girl she is searching for a job in photography studio. she is an orphan and a broken heart girl . ex gf of laksh.23 years old.
Sanskar: A simple boy with a golden heart he is the chairman of a photography studio. he is a perficionist photographer every girl dies for him but he doesn’t pay attention to them and searching for his soulmate. he is an orphan and believes in true love. 25 years old.
Laksh maheshwari: A spoilt brat boy betrayed swara and played with her feelings and now he is having a new girlfriend kavya.26 years old.

Dp and ap: parents of laksh pampered him a lot as he is their only son.
Kavya Gadodia: A spoilt brat girl is after laksh for his money thinks money can buy everything belongs to a middle class family.
Shekhar and sumi: parents of kavya.

So lets see how Sanskar and swara will meet each other? How swara will overcome her past? How will Sanskar will fall in love with swara? whether swara will fall in love? If yes then it will be whom? To know keep reading life is all about true love. Please comment whether I should continue my ff or not. I will post my next episode tomorrow

Credit to: Sriya


  1. I will be continuing my ff in next episode I will introduce ragini ‘s character and few best friends of swara and sanskar . More suspense is awaiting for all of u . Keep reading my ff and silent readers please comment.

  2. Roshini

    Guys hve one of u read a story in which ragini was sister of sanskar and a big international tycoon. And laksh ex girlfriend. And swalak were sister brother. Swara was doing mba in london. And laksh was 2 businesss tycoon. And sanskar was a actor. I dont remember if any of u remember plz tell me.

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