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Life of Three Friends episode 7


Hi friends, thanks for your big support for me. I think u might have liked this episode.

The episode starts with swetha nd rachna, comes to basket ball court, they see roshni got injured nd ask he what happened, she says simple just a small injury, I just fell down, ok can we go, swetha says Hmm.

Roshni:rachna today anand anything said aa
Rachna:he asked answer
Swetha:u what said
Rachna:I said I need some time to think
Roshni:yeah u r right
Swetha:rachu, think more times before taking decision
Roshni:we will always be with you forever d
Rachu:thank you so much d.

Next day is Saturday, so 11th students have combined class nd it’s a special class so as usual trip,so most of the students comes in cycle.

In classroom(boys and girls are in same class)

Karthi:Machi Aliya has not come yet
Anand:Dei shut up da
Sid:anand u have a girlfriend but we don’t so we have full rights to see girls
Karthi:correct da,
Sid sees roshni nd roshni suddenly turns nd sees sid, Sid asks what in action, roshni says no simply, Sid ask u r going to tour aa, roshni thinks I should not tell about my arrival so she says I am going, u sid says ya I too going, they two smiles at each other.

Teacher enters the class nd teaches the lesson, they all do their work, roshni goes to the in charge of the tour nd ask to take her name from that, mam asks y, she says no mam I am going to out of station so, mam says ok nd strikes
out her name, she goes from there. Sid comes there nd says to mam, that he is coming for tour, mam is busy in another work, so mam ask to write in the note himself, he opens the note nd writes his name nd unexpectedly he sees roshni’s name has been strike outed, he ask mam y roshni name has strike outed, mam says to him that roshni is not coming to tour, he asks y, mam says don’t know, he thinks y she said lie to me, I need to find it.

Swetha is walking in the terrace lonely bcoz her friends were given some work by teachers, while she walking, she becomes unstable but she walks upto she can, after some distance she faints, there’s no one , after sometime karthi comes in search of sid, but he sees swetha there nd suddenly go to her nd tried to wake up but he can’t so he goes to call her friends , they comes running nd rachna ask roshni to bring water nd roshni bring the water nd sprinkle on her face, swetha get up nd rachna nd susmi scolds her for not eating properly, karthi too joins them in scolding.


Hi friends, I think u might have liked this episode, please tell me if it was boring or shall I change my story line guys.

Credit to: Susmi

  1. Nice episode.

  2. Awesome da… especially some words loved it

  3. Nice story

  4. Awesome episode, loving it…precap is very interesting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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