Life of Three Friends episode 5


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The episode starts with Sneha telling her cousin name is aliya, roshni shaken hand with her, every one sit in their place nd mam enters the class, Aliya doesn’t have place to sit so she sits with roshni, roshni doesn’t like it but she hesitantly accept it nd gives place. Mam starts to take lesson, roshni listens to mam
Swetha:rosh u r listening sincerely class great , but see aliya she is sitting lonely , speak with her.
Roshni:Hmm want means shall I send her that side u speak
Swetha: okay
Aliya goes nd sit near swetha nd rachu , they speak.
Actually roshni doesn’t listen class, she listens the talking of them.

During break hour, swetha ask to roshni, rosh aliya can join in bb bcoz she is a district player, roshni says I don’t have any objections but sid won’t allow, swetha says I will ask him. Roshni says swetha y risk . Aliya comes nd says hi rosh, roshni says aliya don’t call me rosh only my best friends call me like that. Aliya says sorry roshni.

Karthi run nd comes to anand and sid nd says guys one new girl had joined in our class, I am happy. Sid:don’t you have any other thought aa.
Karthi:your friend, so like you only know will be.
Sid:Dei don’t get beat from me,
Anand:Dei I need to tell to u one
Karthi:what macha
Anand:I am in love da
Sid:Dei karthi pinch me da
Karthi:no pinch me first
They two pinches each other, they shouts aaaa
Anand:Ae be quite,
Sid:who’s that
Karthi:rachna right
Anand:karthi how you found that, u r great da
Karthi:I am ur frnd Machi
Karthi murmurs in sid’s ear that Machi i just said simply, but it became true. Sid laughs
Sid:go and propose to her
Anand:I am getting afraid of that, no I can’t.
Karthi : u need to do or someone will correct.
Anand:Dei she’s not like that
Sid: propose her, if u propose nd she rejected means ok but when you hide ur feelings or will pain so much so propose her.
Anand:no I can’t
Karthi:Thn we won’t talk with you, Sid don’t talk with him.
Anand:Dei understand me.
They two goes nd doesn’t listen anand’s words.

In break hour, Sid goes to see p.t sir but there is only one so he says sid tel to ur class sports students today I can’t come because there’s is atheletic competition tomorrow so I need to give practice to them, Sid says ok sir nd thinks inside today is the correct chance for anand to propose rachna nd goes to class.

Evening at ground, anand is in badminton court, he guides every one nd he goes to rachna
Anand:rachu I need to speak to you
Rachu:tell me
Anand:have to speak lonely
Rachu nd anand goes to the corner,

Anand:I need to say
Rachu :tell fast, I need to play
Anand:rachu I am. …..
Rachu:u are
Anand:I am in. ….
Rachu:u r in
Anand:I am in love with you rachu
Rachu is shocked, the screen freezes

In basket ball court
Sid:guys today is no sir, so I will be the in charge . now 6,7,8,9th students play a gane nd the captains should decide team.
He gives everyone for work.
Roshni:sid sir, I need a ball
Sid:u r a student, daily not bringing ball, can’t u keep this in mind.
Roshni:hey today only I didn’t bring, can you please shut
Sid:roshni just go nd play, don’t fight, this is ur last warning
Roshni goes angrily, she plays basketball , while playing someone pushes her, she falls down nd shouts amma(in tamil mother) everyone surrounds her, Sid comes nd sees nd asks every one to do their work
Sid:get up
Roshni tries to get up but can’t
Sid helps her nd makes her sit in bench, from roshni eye, tears are waiting to come out but she avoid tears
Sid:can’t you see nd play
Roshni:I done correctly only but someone pushed me
Sid takes the first aid box , he gives talk to roshni the same time, he put bandage,
Sid:where do you got injury
Roshni:in hands
Sid:show that
Roshni:I will put myself
Sid:Ae be quite, see how much of blood, can’t u see aa hereafter please see nd play
Roshni:Aaa paining
Sid worries for her, he scolds her for being careless

In handball court,
Karthi:Hi swetha.
Karthi:today the climate is so good
Swetha:what do you need from me
Karthi:u r so sweet, u understand me so quickly,
Swetha:come to the point
Karthi:introduce me to ur class new girl
Swetha: Oh aliya va
Swetha:don’t worry, she is joining in handball
Karthi:Wat, hey good news
Swetha:don’t be so flirt
Karthi smiles bigly
Swetha:I can’t see it close ur mouth, aliya going to be afraid
Karthi:u r so jealous of my smile, leave it, where is aliya
Swetha:I don’t know
Karthi:tell me dear
Swetha:don’t call me dear, first go nd play handball
Karthi stares at her
Swetha:what go, do Wat I say, Thn only I won’t intro u to aliya
Karthi: ok I will hear Wat u say.
Swetha:Hmm good


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Credit to: Susmi

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