Life of Three Friends episode 3


Thank you so much for your support friends and don’t stop ur commenting bcoz that will improve my writing skill.

The episode starts with roshni ask rachna Wat happen, swetha says he wrote ur name, roshni says Ae Wat is this when I said he didn’t write but when you asked he wrote, wait I will ask him, swetha says don’t need roshni again we can’t see the fight, roshni says ok I leave him because of u only and they go.

Anand thinks about rachna nd thinks I can’t believe that she grown when I am studying 5th we were close nd starts to think his flashback with her. He thinks that and smile and he thinks she must have in Facebook, Twitter, or some
Social networking sites, I need to search her. He search in Facebook her name and he couldn’t find, he search rachna, bt there are more people so he becomes sad at the same time rachna searches and she found due to his photo and and she gives request to him, he sees and smiles and wow I have found thank god, I love you god and accepts her request. They chat,
Rachna:u r anand right
Anand:yes, do you remember our olden days aa
Rachna:Sss we would join and get punishment l, we would eat gulfi together, etc
Anand:Hmm Ss I am glad that you remember that, do you love anyone aa
Rachna:no u
Anand:no but I am falling for one girl I doesn’t know
Anand thinks yeah she doesn’t love anyone so my route is free,.
Rachna: Oh who’s that lucky girl
Anand thinks rachna u are only but how can I express
Anand:I will show her to you at the right time
Rachna:done bt don’t forget

Rachna and anand chat whole till the arrival of rachu’s father.

Swetha calls roshni, the phone rings roshni takes it and speaks to her, they talk about their school, serial etc. Roshni often says about sid, swetha asks y u often says his name, roshni says no d today’s incident I can’t forget and they speak sometimes and cut the call and they go for sleep.

Next day morning they comes to school and asusual routine work are going on like prayer, classes and the last period is games period, they goes roshni says to swetha today I definitely need to scold him, swetha ask who is that, roshni says sid idiot, swetha says Oh and today rachna didn’t talk even one word she is a dream world, rachna says not like that d I am just thinking about and she stops and I am just thinking about studies , roshni says something is fishy I will find it, rachna says no d, let’s go to ground and she says bye and goes to badminton court, swetha says bye roshni I too need to go to handball or Sneha will scold me , roshni says ok guys bye I need to wait for Divya, Divya comes and says let’s go roshni, roshni and Divya goes

In basketball court ,

All the players assemble there, p.t sir comes there
P.t sir:girls and boys good evening nd today is our first class so less practice but from tomorrow there will be heavy practice, have everyone brought ball
Divya:sir no sir
P.t:I thought that you won’t bring, anyone else
Roshni:sir me
P.t :roshni first day to class Hmm I can’t take it, then anyone

At the time sid runs and comes there and says sorry sir
P.t:sid how dare you are coming you are the senior of all and a national player
Sid:sorry sir
P.t: ok this is the last warning
Roshni:Divya , Is sid is a good basketball player?
Divya:hey he is a first class player,
Roshni:but I haven’t heard about him, sir said that he is a national player but they have not announced his name in prayer
Divya:I doesn’t know about it, you need to ask to him only
Roshni:anyways leave it, I am only junior here aa
Divya:yes d

Roshni sees here and there and says Hmm so great there are 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, they will play good I think but me u am junior and I doesn’t know anything about it, God please be with me .

P.t: students everyone treble your ball
Divya gets ball from p.t room but roshni doesn’t get ball
Roshni:sir ball
P.t:sid give your ball to roshni
Sid:sir I can’t give my ball to her
P.t:you are a senior right si u need to adjust with junior
Sid(in a angry mood) gives the ball to her forcely, she can’t catch it.
Sid:even you can’t catch the ball how you will play basketball I don’t know.
Roshni:hey don’t dance in headweight, may be u r a very good player, but you need to know discipline
Sid:madam I have more discipline than you,
Roshni:hey you are…..
Sid:Wat tell me
Roshni starts to treble , Sid asks her to say the word but she doesn’t answer his questions

In home
Sid thinks:what she mean to say and imagine some words and he think no it won’t
Sid’s mom:baby Wat happen
Sid:nothing mom just a imagination
Sid goes to sleep and he doesn’t get sleep and he thinks about roshni and says to himself I need to ask her Wats the word or my head will burst , he can’t sleep.


hi friends thanks for reading my episode , I think u have Njoyed it and I thank Hayathi, Roma, lakshmi, etc(I am sorry if I have not included some name) for reading, please tell me if I need to change my story line.

Credit to: Susmi

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