Life of Three Friends episode 2


Hello friends I think u might have liked my first episode nd please comment ur suggestions , comments , tell me some some point to improve my story guys.

The episode starts with Karthik ask
Anand where is sid Machi, Anand says I think he might have flirting with girls, Karthik says ya I think so, Sid comes from behind says this flirting is work of ka this not mine karthik you just have one punch from me, Karthik asks what did I do, Sid says you are so good so only , he goes near them nd they runs here and there. They share some jolly moments. Hari(classmate of these boys) comes and informs that teacher has arrived so be quite, all the boys in the class sit in their respective seat. Sid asks Anand where are the girls in our class macha, Karthik says i think no girls in our class, Anand says says shut up teacher came,Teacher informs them that boys because of ur good activities there is no girls in your class and this condition is only for ur class girls and boys are separate class, Karthik says Whhhaaaattt in a shock, Sid waves his hands in front of Karthik face. Karthik asks then how will see my darling, Anand says Ae who’s that Karthik I know that someone is in ur heart tell me who’s that, Sid says I think hareni, Karthik says no da that is before month, Anand ask Dei you are just playing da this is not good love is a feeling that comes from heart it’s not a thing to have every month from every girl, one day someone will steal your heart at the time u will know that da, Sid says Anand what happened to you, do you affected by love disease why are you giving so much of advise to him, you know his character na then y ?? Anand says Ae we need to love one girl nd need to marry the same girl, this is my policy , girl are like flowers, Karthik interfere nd says Anand I didn’t go to them, they only coming to me nd I didn’t cheat me we will get a misunderstanding so we will break up, I am not a……Sid says ok guys leave it your fight.

Rachna :Attention girls I have got a information that our batch is not a Coerd due to our good activities in the 10th std.

Divya:superb they are appreciating us so much.

Roshni:stupid Divya this is our punishment aa.

Swetha :this is not our punishment if boys had means itself we will do over naught now we only girls in our class so njoy ma.

Rachna:yes swetha is right.

Sneha:swetha come here we need to study,
Swetha:after shall I come d nd speak to roshni nd rachna.
They three gossip , Sneha is studying.
P.t teacher comes nd calls the girls for games period. Girls comes to the ground.
Swetha:hey this time we need to play different game,
Rachna:sir going to scold us bcoz we are playing different games each year
Roshni:this only will be good rachu bcoz we are learning more games.
Rachna:Hmm ok which game.
Swetha:this time shall I take handball,
Rachna:I am badminton
Roshni:I am basket ball.
They go and give their name to sir, sir says give the name to them, he shows sid, Karthik, anand.

Swetha:Excuse me
Karthik:yes and sees her nd smiles nd ask yes what I can do,
Swetha :I need to join in handball
Karthik: Oh superb it is a good game like you nd he flirts with her.

Anand :yes sister what do you need(he didn’t see her yet)
Rachna:I need to join in badminton

Anand turns and sees who is that, he opens his eyes widely nd asks you are rachna right
Rachna says with a cute smile :yes how do you know that.
Anand says rachs I am anand fifth std I have gone from ur schl.
Rachna thinks nd says ya anand how are you Wat a surprise.
Anand says rachs when you have joined here,
Rachna:I am studying here from 9th std nd you
Anand:I am studying here from 6th std, Wat a incidence, we have not each other 2 years
Rachna:yes may be fate, nd how’s your parents
Anand:ya good buddy urs
Rachna:good .
Anand :d don’t call me brother okay,
Rachna: okay anand nd smiles, ok bye I need to go, catch you later.

Roshni asks to Sid hello I need to join in basketball,
Sid:sorry there is no vacant space old students have occupied
Roshni:hey you shouldn’t decide that this is the work of p.t teacher not yours
Sid:but now I am the responsibile for this, okay now you may don’t create a scene, this is a school not a market
Roshni:hey mind your words I am not creating a scene, I am the captain of basket ball before year.
Sid:so what
Roshni:write my name or else I don’t know what will I do
Sid:do whatever you can
They two fights, Rachna nd Swetha comes there nd says roshni let’s go, roshni says no he is not Writting, rachna asks why, roshni says the full conversation. Swetha and rachna says wait we will speak.
Swetha nd rachna speaks to sid nd he accepts nd writes roshni name.
Roshni wonders nd thinks Wat the hell he is nd be in a angry mode


Thanks guys for ur support, I think u might have liked this episode.

Credit to: Susmi

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  1. Ha ha ha ha why sid is like that

  2. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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