Life of Three Friends episode 1


The episode starts with a devotional sung by some girls in the prayer of Chennai public school. After the song some events like news reading, thought for the day was going on. After the prayer, all the students go to their respective classes. Rachna, Swetha, Roshni, Sneha and Divya(one of the classmate of them) always stands in last lune bcoz in prayer all the students need to stand in hight order, they five are hight so they stand. Rachna asks girls have you done ur homework in eng sub, swetha and Sneha says ya we done, it’s easy na u didn’t do aa, roshni says rachu I too not do, same d and they two smiles. They talk each other and goes to the class. First period is their English class, Mam has not arrived yet so everyone gossip and do something.Susmi and Sneha are busy in their work. The girls (rachu, swetha )think Wat to do and they gives a gift to a girl in their class, the girl asks y r u giving to me, they says it’s our present for ur birthday, the girl asks my birthday is next month. Swetha says no problem Jennifer it’s our Adwans gift, keep it.Jenifer says thanks u r the first person to give me a gift like this, actually my mom and dad are busy in their work thanks d.

(Actually you may think y the girls need to give the rose to Jennifer. Actually Jennifer was from rich family but she always be silent and a average studying girl. Rachu and Swetha likes her bcoz they like her character she is so kind to others but Roshni doesn’t like her. The reason would be revealed soon)

The mam enters the class

Mam:hello students open ur homework I need to check and whoever not do homework stand up

Everyone has done their homework, mam says I can’t believe girls everyone has done it I appreciate your sincerity and starts to take the lesson. Rachna asks susmi have u done ur hw aa?
Susmi says no d when I have done, u rachu says no d nd she asks swetha, swetha no guys, Susmi says students means like us want to be wahh Wat a unity, rachu says ok ok leave don’t appreciate more otherwise others will be jealous, Swetha says yes d they going to be jealous on us and why d they don’t have work aa..

Karthik, Anand, Sid also known as sidharth are best friends about them I will tell you in next episode.


Guys I think u have Njoyed it plz post comments and suggestions.

By Susmi

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  1. Nice start….

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  3. Waiting for the next epi. Good one susmi

  4. Thanks guys for ur support

  5. Awesome episode, keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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