I have you in my life, that’s everything for me – twinj

“Yes coming” she said answering some1s call on her phone..”on the way only”she added..
Hangimg d pine She ran out of d room..n reach downstairs.. “By maaa” she said hurrying n wearing d sandal..
“Are twinkle puttar wait..eat dahi shakkar…today is ur main n last exam na..!” Her maa said giving into her..she had it n leave after hugging her mother n taking her blessing..
After half an hour …
She reached her college…
She ran as it was already 7:45…n saw no1 as evry1 had leave to d class…she hurried making her way to d class but wen she notice HIM..
“u here..?” She asked
“No my bhoot”he said turning..
“Are kunj..I mean u r no getting late as exams had started..
“No..because I was waiting for my queen..n her hug before exam becoz if I hadn’t den my exam would go like shit..” He replied stuntly n spreading his arms…
She just ran into his arms..
“Awww…dats so sweet I wanna eat u Mr.cutie boyfriend”she said kissing him on his cheeks as he asked for..
He just smile n boh leave for d exam as dey were late..
— isn’t dey cute..? Isn’t der love had transparency..? N loyal ..?–
Yes it was..!..
As dey were different..different couple from many in thousands n crores der r ONE…
Der love story was not a few days old..it was few years old…
Wen tw comes to his school in 7 std..both were frnds…n den its said na PYAAR KA PEHLA KADAM “DOSTI”dats how der love story began..
Dey were not loving n dating eo by hiding…in fact der families know about dem…dey fight with eo…get sad wid eo but d most important thing was DEY LOVE EO?..n dat was true love

After der exam end both cm out having hands in hand..
“So wats d plan for today”Ku nj ask his love..
“Nothing in particular…but yaa I wanna….mm…u will not get angry na..!” Tw ask making d most so called puppy face..
“First tell..den will think…”but getting no response n reaction “ok I accept”he added “n will not get angry too bus my little doe”he said wrapping his arms around Hers..she said “ummm….
I wanna see a movie..” She said jumping in happiness..
“Okay den let’s watch kaabil..”
“No way”she says
“R u mad…??” She added further…
“What…,?”kunj ask her beloved gf in confusion
“Having option of watching srk movie raees…how can I watch kaabil”she said making disgusted face?
“N if u r going to watch DAT oldie srk’$ movie…m not gonna watch it…
“V will watch raees only…dats it..”she said loudly
“Nooooo…nooo…noo”he replied childishly?
De fight on wat to watch while working…n while driving…
“Here u can go”kunj said stopping d car…
“To watch ur so called raees”
“So u r not going to cm…?”
“Y should I…of course not coming..!?”. (?)
“Ok den move ahead..I don’t wanna watch…v will go home directly” she said while making face like dis ??
“??”he copied her

D same thing happens till dey reach der place…..I mean tw place
As twinkle comes out of d car sadly…
She saw her gentleman standing in front of her folding hisHands…
“What happen…u go na..! I can go in”
“I know…but I wanna talk smthing important to maa(leela)”
“About what..?”
He gave no response n leave…
She goes behind him..
D hall was dark…
“Maaaa” tw shout holding kunj’s hand..
“Maaaaa..”again she shout…
After much shout der was no response…
N she finds kunj no where..
She was hell scared now…
some1 holds her from waist…
“Kunj..” She whispered
“Is DAT u..?”
“Yup…” He replied

In no time she hugs him tightly…
“Twinkle..! Calm down..”
” where were u..I was so scared..wat if smthing would have happen to u..”
“Why u matter..about DAT..”
Dis words broke her heart into infinite pieces..
She left him..
Just den Her phone beeps…
“Twinkle beta…v all had come to ramura…as one of our relative died…pls take care…n of kunj too as his family had also cm” dis was d msg
She was shattered…about kunj words..
She left d place to her swimming pool area…as she know she would feel better der only
What she saw der was lie literally shock for her…
( https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/e6/b4/3f/e6b43f490d25a09d7d9d771e3f7c5d37.jpg ) hope it works
Dat was a date setup fully decorated..
She was awestruck
Kunj was on knees holding his ears…
“Sorry..!” H said being guilty
“For what”
“For making u sad ….I know u love me tw..n I spoke dat deliberately..”before he can say further…
D thing which hit him.was???????? her sandal
“U broke my heart deliberately haaa….?”she said angrily..
After almost 10 minutes she stopped
“Sorrrrrryy yaaar…I want u too cm here so I did dat…bcoz I know u cm here wen u r sad…” Tw eyes him
“I was canceling d movie bcoz…I want to spent tym wid u..not with d movie…”kunj said
Tw eyes gets teary
“Soooorrrrrrrry”both said
N den laughs..
“_its ok”again in chorus
Tw hug him tightly
“Buddhu can’t u tell.me directly…u first cancel d movie…den break my heart wid dos words…u know naaa how important u r in my life….”tw said Crying…
.pls don’t cry….I want my bubbly n happy tw no dis rotlu(crying tw)” kunj said while she smiles
Dey both sit there…
“Ufff wait…”
“Now what” she turn to see him again on his knees. Wid a beutifull diamond ring
( https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/db/ba/69/dbba69c9b1129b9808aaa15306211b6c.jpg )(hope it works)
” twinkle v loved eo wen v were in 7…dat tym v were small..I had give u many gifts..but dis….twinkle butv love is dat feeling…which have special thing..which cms from heart…it is dat feeling in which v feeel happy seeing our loved ones…tw I m sorry I had hurt u many times but I had never thought dat…it was ….” He was stopped by tw’s hug …
“Maafi to aise mang rahe ho jaise sirf tumne hi galtiyaan ki”(asking forgiveness like only u had done mistake)
Kunn smiles
“Will u b my life partner forever…will u b wid me being my happiness forever..will u marry me..?”
Tw nods..n he made her wear ring…
Tw made him stand just Dan dey see a tale

Star…”wish smthing ..”
N she closes her eyes n wish childishly
While kunj kept her staring
“Wat dis u wish”tw ask after wishing
He said n pulls her closer..
She blushes..
Bog join der forhead…
Finally over
So how was it…
I know must b thing who is dis..who write a senseless os…
Sorry for wastin ur time…
Pehchaana ….??
I know mene bola tha ki
I will cm after march but…
As sm of u know my preboard were going on…
Dat ended today only..
I am very happy for dat n free to so thought to celebrate wid my Frnds..
I almost open TU daily..so though to write 1
How r u all..?
Hope u all remember me…
N yaaa I will b back on 25 of march as dat is my last exam so meet u den…..
Missed u all
N will miss u…
Cmnt pls guys…
I will reply all..as for 2 more days m free..but sorry I will not read coz if I will read den it will again bcm my habit so… sorry all writers
Pls guys cmnt on evry ff ..

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  1. Sameera

    Hawwww see who is here my jaan ????u know I am also not regular to tu and opened it today and this os link opened so I thought chalo let’s read and saw ur name and u know I am soooooooooo happy too see ur post after so many days yaar jaan loved it sooo cute abhi read nahi kiya hai wait and I am going up to read now ????????????
    Ha hogaya wow soooooooooo cute yaar loved it hayeee 7 STD love shooo cute yaar each n every bit of it love it love u tooo
    And do write ur exams well mera naam roshan Karna ????hahah chalo I am leaving yaar bye muahhh ???????????????????…
    Love u ….
    And if u have time then read will u be my valentine abhi post nahi kiya hai article submit karne jaa rahi hi bye ab pakkà wala bye love uhh ????

    1. Aamu

      O m g…….I m sooooo much glad dear shammmmmmushammmmmmu..
      U know evrytime u r d only 1 who cmnt first on my article….
      Thanx for ur cmnt…lovly???
      Or tumhe ye achcha laga..?
      Like seriously..
      Muje to lava ye waste o time hai…

      Or tumhara naaam.roshan to karna hi hoga…
      Thanx again…
      I . like blushing on ur cmnt n watching TV…my family is staring me like…I had gone mad?????

      Love u took
      Or I.a zarur padungi tumhara..kal subah…abhi post kiaya so..
      Best of luck to u too
      Love u?????

  2. Hey aamu i always read ur ff junoon wala ishq srry i was not registered so i can’t comment and the ff was spectacular marvelous loved ur ff and in last episode u showed wat a romance that was so romantic see i remember ur ff last episode..anyways so nice to see u again and plz come back after 25 march u r one of my fav writer…..now coming to this os…btw how can u call it as a senseless os it was fabulous os fantastic os lovely os cute os loved it to the core…..and best of luck for ur preboards…..and comeback soon…
    luv u…

    1. Aamu

      Oh my god…!!! Adeeba
      U r making me blush☺☺
      I m glad u r a fan…
      Love u yaar..
      N mene to yeah os aide hi likha..or tumhe pasand aaya..,?????
      Well thanx for ur cmnt…
      N actually now my preboards have ended..now 15-25 march is my boards…
      N m soon happy dat u remembered my ff …n thanx for d romance..☺☺☺
      Love u yaaar??

  3. Purvi128

    Hey aamu,
    It was not senseless but it was amazing, i literally loved it ..
    The place nd the ring was so beautiful.
    It was too cute.
    Loved it.
    Come back soon.
    And the title is splendid.
    It was fab.
    All the best for your exams??
    Lots of love dear??????????♥♥

    1. Aamu

      Thank u shhhhooo much purvi…for ur cmnt…n m glad u liked it..????..
      N d ring was good na..! I also loved it?
      Thanx…for ur wish..
      Will b back soon
      Love u took??

  4. Sohi

    Os Was Too Good Ammu dear
    Do Continue
    Happy to see you back

    1. Aamu

      Thanx sohi..??
      N I will surely continuing…but after my exams.will b back wid a bang…?
      Love uh?

  5. Aashiya

    Hey di ure back….shooooooooooo happpyyyyyyyyy……..omg I can’t believe my eyes ………….yipppeee aamu di z back……I missed ur writings shooooooooooo mucccchhhhhh. ………nd this os…..dis was shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Cuttttttttttteeeeeeeeeeeeee……shooooooooooo sho sweet. …ommmmgggggg
    U no after reading it I’m feeling shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happpyyyyyyyyy. …jus cant express. …
    Nd I more happy dat ure finally back……..
    Di I’m 14 in 8th grade…nd ure 15……not much age gap but then too ill call u di…….
    Nd thnkuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooo much for agreeing2 b mah frnd….I love u di………………now I just wish that u cm back soon with an amazing ff….
    Buh bye di,
    Love u lotttttttttttttsssssss?????
    Ur sista,
    Aashiya ?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Aamu

      Haaaye kahi mine diabetes maa ho jaaye???
      U r sooooo sweet…
      Thanx for ur honey like words…..
      Thanx ..
      I feel really so happy to c ur cmnt..
      N u don’t needed to call me di…
      Only AAMU..
      N will surely back after my exam wid a bang…
      Love uh toooooo??????
      Will mishhhhh u??
      Ur Aamu

  6. Roshini125

    Hey… hope u remember me. This os is so cute and lovely. Thr links are so cool I loved it to the core

    1. Aamu

      Hey…thanx for ur cmnt yaar..
      N of course remember u..
      ROSHNI ROCKSTAR right..?
      N d writer of immortal struggling love..???
      Thanx again
      Wid love
      From AAMU

  7. RUTU.....

    Hey Paavu,
    Lovely cute awesome amazing fabulous os ever… Just loved it ???????

    1. Aamu

      Hii…thanx for ur cmnt rutu..
      But its not PAAVU its AAMU..
      Thanx again
      Wid love from

      1. RUTU.....

        Sorry dear it’s typing mistake
        Love you too ???

      2. Aamu

        Its k…

  8. SidMin23

    It was nice and super cute os of twinj and your not senseless at all. Your good writer expecting more of u on twinj

    1. Aamu

      Thank u shooooooooo much sidmin23….
      I will surely writing twinj ff after march
      Love uh…?

    2. Aamu

      N yaa u had asked me for ff on sidmin…so I will.b writing on dem only..
      Ur wish will b granted soon…
      Probably 1 April as my exam will end on 25 of Marc den I would b going on a small trip so on 1 April??

  9. SidMin

    Hey My Aammu … Hope your exams went on well All the best for your boards …
    Loved the os it was so sweet 🙂
    Missing you yaar …
    Love you 🙂

    1. Aamu

      Thank u shruti…
      N yaa my exams gone well…
      Now just boards r left…hopping 44 days will fly like anything n I will b back??….
      Thanx..glavu liked it…
      Missed u tooo?
      Love uh???? tooooooooooo

  10. Presha

    Hey ammu awesome is just loved it to core…. It was I deed cute. . all the best for ur exams

    1. Aamu

      Thanx presha…for ur cute words…
      Glavu liked it.??
      N I heard dat u r also a writer…
      Which ff…
      Pls tell me…
      Buth sorry I will not b reading just asking…
      N yaaaa wen I will b back.dat tym if don’t cmnt na..! U can scold me..??
      BTW will u b man Frnd..???
      Bak bak queen hu…jhel.paogi?????

      1. Presha

        Ya i will be ur frend….
        Nd i write one ff named i belong to u nd u belong to me…its ok u commnt when u r back nd ya my hobby is to make frends jisko mujhe jelna pade

    2. Aamu

      Thanx…?new dost
      Well actually some1 praise ur writing so dats y I asked u..about ur writing??

      1. Presha

        Ohh who was that person plz plz tell

      2. Aamu

        Adeeba_zain ?….
        She praise u n many others…so…

  11. Simiyy

    Hey Ammu
    good to see you back
    your os was amazing
    loads of love

    1. Aamu

      Thanx simiyy????
      Good to c ur. Cmnt toooo??????
      Love u too?
      Miss u ..!?
      Tackle care

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous

    1. Aamu

      Thanx purnima…
      Thank u shoooooooo much..
      Season change by u never stop cmtng…
      Dat is d thing I love abou u???
      Love uh??
      N missed u??

  13. Baby

    Dekho toh kon aaya hai 🙂 🙂 🙂
    M soooo happy sooooo sooooo happy to c u……areee yr srsly missing u alot aami ….. 🙂
    Too cute n too adorable n too lovely n even speechless marvellous os……
    Awwwiiieee 7th std love really……
    Cuteness se bhara wa love tha…..
    Kunj waiting for a hug n kiss from twinkle b4 exam too cute……
    Luv u sooo mch aami….. 🙂
    N missing u alot…. 🙂
    Hope to c u soon……………….. 🙂

    1. Aamu

      Dekho…dekho kisne cmnt kiya..?????☺
      Or muje happy karne diya…
      Meri saiyya ji ne cmnt kiya hai..???
      Thank u aaaaapppi…thanku shook.much…
      Or muje kya bol rahe ho ki itna cute is…koi bhala itna cute cmnbkaise karne Sakta hai….!!
      Well thank u…
      Love u…toooooooo???
      Missed uh took??????
      Or ab Bas 44 days baaaki…hai..
      Yeah do 4-4 alag ho karne -(minus) kab ho jaenge pata b nahi chalega or me waapas aajaoungi..???
      Haha…bohotnbura logic lagaya right…?

      Loads of love from ur choti…sista??

      1. Baby

        awwwwwwww………..my dear
        bt m sry for small cmnt exams tujhe pata hai………hehehe☺

    2. Aamu

      ??…its k…
      Cmnt kiya woh hi bohot hai??????
      Love uh…??

  14. SiyappaQUEEN

    Ammu just loved it…??
    Do write more..
    Eagerly waiting….
    Love you loads..
    Lover cum aarohi..

    1. SiyappaQUEEN

      And best of luck for your board exams

      1. Aamu

        Haaa….yaad aaya
        As long as bunny has a tail..my love for u will never fail…
        BA’s ye ek hi yaad aaya?????

    2. Aamu

      Ummmm…k remember uh…!
      But sorry bhul gyi konse ff ki writer thi..????
      Thanx for ur cmnt…dear..
      N love u tooooooo?????
      Thanx for ur wishes..will soon b back

      1. SiyappaQUEEN

        As long as a bunny has a tail my love for you will never fail…
        Teen dilon ki daastan suhani sapna hai haqeeqat hai ya hai koi kahani… And many more… Kuch yaad aaya?

  15. Kruti

    Hey aamu…happy to see u back
    That was indeed a cute os
    All d best for your exams….I am sure u will rock them

    Loads of love

    1. Aamu

      Thans kruti…
      Happy to c ur cmnt toooo??

      Tanx for d wishes….surely rock it..as have d wishes of my TU family☺☺??
      Love uh toooooo????
      Missed uh..

  16. SidMinTwiNj

    Hey ammu
    So happy to see you back… Awww such a cute OS… Love it to the core…

    All the best for exams… Rock it…

    With love ?

    1. Aamu

      Thanx…Sidmim twinj…
      I will b back very soon
      Love uh…!!???

  17. Asna

    Hey it was fabulous… what a brilliant writting… keep writting n best of luck for ur exams…

    1. Aamu

      Thanx asna….
      Well I think u r new…I mean u joined after November right….???
      Thanx again

      Loads of love from?

  18. Lovely os aamu I loved it

  19. And all the best for your exams do well

    1. Aamu

      Hey sushmita…u were d SR of my ff..right..?
      Thanx for ur cmnt yaaar…
      Feeled blessed…
      N surely will.cm up wid d new…
      N thanx for d wishes…
      Love uh..??

  20. Aanya_pandey

    Aawww.. soo cute.. what a love story… Just loved it

    1. Aamu

      Thanx anya??
      With love from

  21. Shalini15

    Aamu my bak bak partner you are back I’m so happy ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? well sorry for late comment ? ? ? ? ?

    OS was awesome fabulous superb. loved it too much.? ? ? ? ? ? nd ring was too beautiful. Twinj romance was amazing.

    Best of luck for your exams ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Aamu

      Aww ….thanx neha/shalini…
      N no worry…..for late cmnt…
      I just want cmnt dat I got?☺☺
      N ring I also loved it took much…I love infinity…so ring is also..??
      Love u???
      Will b back soon

  22. Ramya

    U r back
    I’m so happy
    Awesome amazing os
    N who said it’s boring infact it’s amazing
    Love u keep smiling

    1. Aamu

      Thanx ramya…
      O know u r happy..
      Lekin abhi Mahabharata ki exam dene ki baaki hai…will b back soon father 43 days??

      Waiting for dat day..
      Love uh took???

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