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Hi, to whoever reading this. Just after reading the title, you may think it will be a philosophy class and most might just back off…but its not…or may be kind of…but dont worry, i will try not to bore u all. Thanks for all those who read this. This is actually my story…what my life taught me…no draggings…OK, Do you guys believe in love at first sight? I certainly didn’t. But, that was only written on my head. My love story began in my college. Yeah, i met my love first in my college.

He was a second year student…he joined as one. He was such a charm boy that the whole college was behind him. Girls drooled over him…i was not an exception!!!

But i never expressed it to him, in any way. I used to stand and wait near the gate till he enters the college and before the moment he turns to see me, i will run to my class. He was so rocking…even in academics. An army was always behind him. He even was a part time tutor!!!

But i will tell you one unusual thing. After i said about him, you must have thought of a boy in his stripped or patched jeans and gelled hair. But no. He, my man is always different.

He was a boy in his normal jeans, a casual shirt or T and well combed hair. But that only made him more handsome!!! He was always calm, composed, straight forward and clear minded. My life went on…just by admiring the always growing personality of him.

Then came the best day in my life. Yes, he came to me and wanted to make friendship with me. I was so excited. In the two years that i was behind him, he had also noticed me. Three years of my college life was over but the excitement of spending the next 1 year with him stuck me.

That 1 year of my life was so memorable. You won’t believe…we always spoke of random things but never of ourselves. We would talk gossips…but he will be like…listening and not speaking. He hadn’t said much about him. He is so reserved that i didn’t even know his parents’ name. But i know one thing…He was self made person. He burns the oil all night. He works hard and even the house that he was then living…was rented with his OWN money. His aim was to become a RockStar…i didn’t know the reason, coz all those top rankers like him usually chose engineering and software sector…but one thing i know…i know that he has all talents to become one.

Then came the day of farewell. I was like… ‘Why should this day come. Shouldn’t our college last long?’ my world was crumbling before me.

“Farewell” his mouth spilled the words with a smile. I wanted to tell him but fear overcame my expressive mind. I wanted to hug him…cry my heart out…“you are my life. I never wanted to listen this word from your mouth. I always wanted to stay by your side.” But instead i just hugged him and shed litres and litres of tears. He too shed tears…then we both parted ways.

The story didn’t end there. After almost 5 years, i met him. Yeah, i went to his home. I rang the doorbell. A smiling face opened the door. It was him. His normal jean turned to the latest pants, shirt to a leather jacket, combed hair to gelled one…pointing in almost all possible directions. His explicit and mesmerising eyes covered with brown shades. But i loved him even in that. He was altogether changed…but yet the same… the same good old frnd of mine.

I hugged him and remained silent for some time. Then i looked at his ultimately XXXL size home. Mine was no less, still…his was unmistakably simply magnificent. He held my hand and guided me through the garden, kitchen, his personal gym and of course the living hall. Then we walked past the corridor.

He opened the door of the first room.
As soon as i entered, i could see a large wall hanging photo. It was him and his dadi. I opened my mouth to ask him about his dadi, but when i turned my head a little away, i found the answer myself.
It was his dadi’s pic with a garland. I looked at him and he signed me like ‘lets move out’.

I know…his dadi was his everything. And the next was his sister. In all times he spoke to me, he always talked about his dadi and his sister. I wanted to meet them both but, i didn’t have the luck to meet his dadi. Atleast, i will meet his sister, was my hope that time.

Then he opened the door of another room. “its my sister’s” he said while opening. With a lot of expectations, i peeped in and guided myself through the door way. But the room was full of toys. “its all my sister’s” he says and suddenly starts weeping like a kid. I hugged him to comfort him.

“When i was eleven, my mom, dad and sister died in an accident.” He said between his sobs. My eyes automatically shed tears. He always talked to me as if his sister always with him. i never thought that Aadiya (his sister) was dead. But whenever he speaks to me…he tells how he would like to shape his sis’s life…and all that. But i never knew that Aadiya was no more. But for him, she is always living.

Then we composed each other. We left the room.

We were walking past the way…
He initiated the talk. “How’s life?”
“No improvement. As per my wish, i started my career as a professor…but by parents forced me and now i am here.” “yes, my cuddley tuddley…or what was that new name?… haan!!! ludoo tadoo…” he teased me. I beat him playfully.

Then he opened another door. I was shocked or rather sadly surprised. I never thought that he would have someone else in his life. He goes in “meet tudoo…my friend. I said you right? (he then turns to me) go on tudoo say a hi”

“Hi” he sits in a stool and drags another. He puts it near him and taps it…signing me to sit. I sit. I look at her, sad. More than anyone in the world, i was terribly sad, in the verge of crying…looking at her pitiful condition. Yes, i saw her….pale and lying lifeless.

I didn’t know who she was, he never said me. She lay with wires attached all over her body…an oxygen mask that aided her breadth…glucose stands…and a lot of medical equipments and medicines of course.

I look at him with questioning eyes. He starts to reply as if he understood my question. “She is Pragya. The life and soul of rock star Abhi (you must have found its him by this time.” He continues… “it occurred when we were studying our first year. We were in Delhi that time. We both loved each other madly…since childhood. She always wanted me to be a gentle and simple person (i understood why he was so simple). Music was her love and mine was her laughter(oh…he might want to become a Rockstar for her…). But one day, she risked her life saving me…she saved me from a speeding car, but got herself hurt. Then we shifted from Delhi to Mumbai. But now, she has shown signs of improvement…doctor says she would be fine in a year or two (a smile forms in his lip).”

I knew the reason behind his smile. For a man who has been waiting for almost eight years, the one year left will be so less…he sees only the happiness awaiting and fails to see the time gap. Afterall…the one year is worth waiting for a happy long life.

He kissed her forehead. “i will go drop her meri jaan.” He then came to me, guided me back through the corridor and then the hallway.

I had no words. Just stood dumbstruck. I left from his house while he stood leaning to the wall and was waving his arms. He spoke sth to me before i came out. But nothing is registered in my mind. I see a card in my hand…his no. I smile and wave back. I waved my arms and sat in my car.

Thoughts raced in my mind at that time. My love for him seemed infinitesimal. That was forgotten. I learnt from him…Life wants to teach us many things. It is in the way we take it. Someone else in Abhi’s position would have hated life…but i know, Abhi loves his life. He showed that to me. He is made that way. His image is tattooed in my heart and it will be there forever. I dont know whether i love him even now, but one thing i know… i respect him more than anyone else. He is the one who is the perfect example for this…

I wont end the story in a sad thought and the story didn’t end in a sad way…. Abhi’s hopes never failed. Pragya got cured and now they are the most happily married couple in the world. Their family is complete…them, their cute daughter, Abhi’s sister-Aaliya (Aadiya’s twin) bulbul, Purab, Sarla aunty, Beeji, purvi, maama, maami…and almost every possible relation one can have. A good end right?
So if you have a lot of hurdles…just think that they are your stepping stones. Never lose hope and never give up. Remember…life is a circle, when you are at the lowest position, dont worry…some day…light will overcome dark. The night only marks the beginning of a new day. So, you will be at the top…ruling hearts. Whatever might be the difficulty…it will only make you taste your happiness more at the end……
This is what his life taught me. And by the way…i am Tanu…Tanushree Mehta, better known as super model Tanu…but I would be happier to be called, tudoo…Abhi’s FRIEND…

Hi guys…REMEMBER ME??? Hope u all remember me…if not i will be so sad.
How are you all? Hope u r dng good. I am so sorry guys. Got stuck in a few works. This is a small…writing from my side. OK…i must not say it a writing. Rather a doodle…written doodle!!! I want you all to forgive me but hope you don’t go crazy on me after reading this. I just want to please you wid this…but as i said before, i hope you dont get madder on me. Share your views guys. All kinds of scoldings and beatings welcome.
But always love u guys.

To my dear writers here, i was not able to read and cmnt for the past one week…sorry. my next job is doing that only.

And do comment guys. I want to know your views…desperately waiting. Dont forget 2 cmnt. Good or bad 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 …
And give your views on changed destiny too. Whether i should cntnu it or not? I dont want to bother you guys with my stupid scribblings but i will post if u want me to cntnu. Again sorry for wasting your time guys.

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    nice story

    1. B_Ani

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