you are my life (swasan ff) episode 2

swara POV continue –
i m sitting on bed in his room oops our room now on word this room is also mine …. full room covered from my picture……. swara POV end

sanskar pov-
when today first time I saw her she was looking breathtaking in her red saari of course my favorite clr and specially I choose this red saari for her and she was looking like a doll my princess when I filled her maang that time I felt I m most luckiest man in this world but when I saw her lone tear that broke my heart in million pieces. I know she is angry but I also know she still loves Me a lot when I entered in my room she was resting her eyes were close and she was sitting on my bed now our bed that time I felt that my decision was absolutely right. I can’t live without her for a neno second and now she is mine all mine forever. she is my everyone why can’t she understand….? I walked towards her and she opened her eyes and in sat in front of her. I can clearly see that on her face that she is hell nervous. I want calm her down so I take her hands in my hands and kissed on her palm what a feeling when I touch her. I can’t describes in words. I made her lay down and I came on top of her and kissed her forehead then eyes then cheeks then her cute sa nose. like when I raised my head to claimed her lips at that time what I saw it’s broke my heart and shook me from the core that her silent tear…..

I got up from her and made her sit straight and take her hands in my hands

doll…. I know you still angry on Mr for you trust is the most important in every relationship phir bhi I broke ur trust ….jaan …. I m sorry plz forgive me yes I want you make you mine but aishe nahi princess jab tum chahogi tab I will make you mine ……… princess plz wapas mujhe pyar kro, she said kyu aapne mera trust today I trusted you blindly in the world phir v aapne jhut bola ………

hope you guysss you like episode ……

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  6. Awesome….give long update as we want to read it… u add precap in it….this make more interesring….this is a request from ur friend…..don’t mind ha….lots of love to u sweetie.

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