Hi guys this is subi back with a next part… Of my story….. And for your information.. This is the second last part of this story..#LFFL..

Recap: swasan engagement…..

Early morning…
Swara’s pov

OK.. Today is my marriage…. I’m consoling my self.. And accepting the reality.. But I guess I can’t… It’s not that I’m not happy with the marriage..I’m happy coz.. Every girl should go to her new family, house after marriage.. But I’m lucky.. As I can be same as before… We both family used to have everything together it’s like one house.. But changing of place… That is one day if we all are at mm(maheshwari mansion) next day at gm(godida mansion) ….. We will be departing only during night to sleep.. Sometimes I used you stay with sanky and lucky… there won’t be a big deal in it….. The only thing that is gonna change is my Sur name.. From swara Shekar godida to SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI…. Wow sounds cool. .. You all must be thinking how I’m much cool na
?!! Come on guys I have already fixed myself for arranged marriage…. So what’s a big deal when my marriage is with someone I knew…. And he is Already a part of my family.. But the only thing that disturb me Is…. from how long he is in love with me… Am I that duffer, I didn’t even felt a change in him… Anyway I didn’t see him like that.. So it would be difficult for….( ahem ahem) personal yaar. Ofcourse romance…….. OK let’s leave the past.. It’s a big day.. I’m getting married.. Don’t you think I’m too young for marriage…Come on I’m just 22… But I’m excited too….. As everybody I too dreamt a lot about my marriage……… But the reason my popsie said for doing my marriage is…. Ahh come on guys as an astrologer said and important is a business client of our company has asked his hands for his son.. Who is a rogue even after denying they asked repeatedly so popsie is scared as they may harm me.. And if I’m married they wouldn’t disturb me as they are very powerful people popsie feared… But they say it as important reason but I know very well they are doing it coz of that astrology.. As I won’t believe they are saying me this reason.. Anyway I’m gonna get married that is the final one.. And I’m OK with it… OK guys bye….. I should look good in my marriage… As I have to show to my children…. Seriously swara children….. Hahaha.. You are crazy.. I thought to myself… OK it’s facial time……

( OK guys now let’s shift to sanky after all he is the one who is out of the world with joy.. Na…)

Sanskar pov

Hi guys. Now all wish me good luck must wish after all its my wedding with my angel.. She is gonna be mine forever Within few hours…. You can’t suspect my excitement and joy. . I feel like flying in the sky.. But if you saw me now you would be terrified ? as my face is in red color.. You got it right red color not coz of blushing bcz of some face pack…..
Lucky applied this on my face few minutes ago… . Omg I look so scary….. But it’s needed na.. I should look handsome to impress my better half…. Hhahah… Sounds amazing.. My better half, my swara,my angel, my soul,…. My soulmate wife…. I can’t just say soulmate na…. As she already has a soulmate, you got it right ofcourse her soulmate bestie Rohan….. But don’t think I’m jelous of Rohan.. Now I’m not… But I’m jelous of their pure friendship.. Their bond… I’m sure swara said OK to this marriage only coz Rohan and arjun find me perfect for her…. Yes the two person she love the most is arjun and Rohan.. More than her parents….. Now I’m going to impress her and love her the most.. That she is gonna make me the third one important in her life.. I don’t want to replace their place.. I just need a special place like them……
OK guys now I’m going to get ready.. See you at the marriage… Bye….

( OK it’s time for subi’s pov)
And pls don’t expect any emotional scenes coz that was not my type… You should have guessed it in before part.. I tried to make it emotional but ends up laughing reading my own dialogues..

Subi’s pov

Let’s get inside the marriage hall.. Wow its amazing and elegant looking hall…. (guys the mandap looks like the place in sandal color in cover picture.).. And then… Yah we have plenty of time for marriage na come let’s give a glance to the reception hall… It’s at mm.. And marriage mandap at gm…. Even reception hall looks amazing.. (guys the place in peach color in cover picture could match the reception hall)

I must admit one thing.. I’m from Tamil Nadu so I don’t know about the marriage culture.. And I have never attended any wedding. So even I’m not sure about Tamil wedding culture.. I think it involves only engagement, marriage and reception….. So sorry I can’t elaborate the wedding in detailed manner…..

The wedding and reception are over… Newly wedded couple is taken to home…. (mm) after completing other rituals… Swara is made to sit in the bed in sanky’s room…. After all its their first night na….
As I said before no ahem ahem scenes…. Here it’s totally different… I guess you all are thinking what different scene… Let’s break the ice… It’s followed by sanky pov….

Sanky’s pov

Omg this is the time I wish that must not come…… I should go to swara she is waiting for is the only thing I’m hearing
By lucky, mom,and dad… But do they know about my fear.. Fear of….. Mummy I should meet the devil now…….

Who care about me.. They pushed me onto the room and locked.. Now I feel I should get a strict parents instead of friendly parents… Come on which mom dad will push son into his first night room…..
I saw her sitting in the bed with veil…. But for my eyes it looks like a ghost is sitting waiting for me….. With hunger of killing me… So light up the mood I said…
San: wow swara cultured girl.. Ha I like it….
She took off her veil …. I’m mesmerized to see her…. I’m just adoring her beauty that I didn’t note that she is moving towards me.. Atlast she came near me.. I too got my sense back.. But wait she is moving towards me romantically… Seriously romantic.. And Samy… No something is wrong I have to be cautious…. No my thinking was disturbed when I got a beating with a stick on my arms…..
See I’m right.. How can Samy be romantic…
San: ahh (pain) Swara.. What is this.. Is this a you treat ur husband…

Swa: husband my foot…… Stupid, idiot, donkey, monkey… (while saying all these she is beating….)

San: enough swara it’s paining yaar what’s wrong with you….

Swa: me!???.. What’s wrong with you??! When did you love me… As far as I know you kept asking me how to impress a girl.. And you love her.. But later you came to know about she is already engaged.. Then when in the world you started loving me?!!

San: OK cool dear…. First sit.. Then I will explain…

Then we both sat down… I noticed that she is struggling with her lehenga…

San: swara first change into something comfortable.. Even I will change…

She went to washroom.. Even I changed to night suit… There she is in her cute dark blue pjs…

Then she came and sat….
Swa: OK now start….. If you tried to hide anything I will kill you…

San: OK my feelings for you started when we are at 10th the first time I got to know that you have mobile.. And you said it’s only for rohan…. That’s the time.. I got jelous….. I confirmed my feelings when we are at 1st year on our freshers party….
From that time… I was mad about you… And whenever you used to talk about Rohan.. I get too jelous.. With that my love for you too increased.. And now coming to the girl I said na.. I love. That’s just a fictional character.. I said all these to make you jelous.. But you instead gave me ideas to impress her.. So I dropped the plan…..sry to say this.. I must admit it… Coz I can’t afford to lose you when you get to know about it…. But I have to admit it… During our munnar trip I saw they Rohan care for you….. That moment I thought you both are in love.. And I was ready to sacrifice my love.. As I know no one can care for you like him.. Even me.. But when I’m setting my mind to accept the truth…. There came the biggest shock.. Yesterday those words Rohan spoke.. Everything is like someone stabbed me.. I too mistrusted your friendship… Sry swara….

I spoke all these seeing the ground after that I faced her to see her sitting in shock……

San: sry swara..I accept I mistrusted you.. But I won’t repeat my mistake.. Pls sorry dear…

Swa: idiot you love me since… 10th.. Then y didn’t you propose me….

San: what??!!! Then you too loved me??!!! (widened eyes)

Swa: stupid don’t you know.. Idon’t believe it… But I would have accepted it…. For ur sake….. Then as day passes I would have fall for you… You know today only momsie said. That.. Even I don’t love you now… I would have fallen for you as time.. Moves…. So by logic if you would have proposed me.. Then I must have fallen for you and this night will be romantic.. Rather than.. Hearing stories… Stupid you spoiled my first night.. Go to hell…..
San: you are the first wife who could curse her husband to go to hell on first night.
And about romantic first night.. Even now we can change it……

Instead of receiving a blush from swara I got a death glare..

Swa: not even in your dreams….. And Mr.romanticfirstnight don’t have your hope so high…… No romance date or nothing.. Untill we complete our studies.. Till then impress me….. And even I’m giving you time.. You must propose me on our graduation day… If I fall for you I would accept your proposal. But I can’t guarantee you… So If I have not fallen.. Then I will give you the next time limit on that day.. So for now good night…. And yes.. Don’t think as if acting like a gentleman to impress me.. And sleep on couch.. Come it’s not new for us… Sleep on bed.. Good night sweet dreams.. Switch off the lights and sleep….

She went leaving me shocked… Seriously which girl will give appointment for proposal and time limit to impress… Thinking that I too dosed off…. Cuddling with her…. Just cuddling don’t expect too much…

Good night to all..

Episode ends……..

Hi guys hope you enjoyed this part… And which girl will give appointment for proposal and time limit to impress….. But what to do my brain gave those ideas… Wierd isn’t it….. But loved the idea.. Which popped in my Brain…. Hahah…

Note: guys since it’s my second last part I want all my readers to comment on so that you i get to know how many loved my story…..

This is subi signing off bye take care have a good day……

#LFFL by subi

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