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Friends the chosen family

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…..I just wanted to dedicate this part to my friends… To all my friends and especially three… Karan (sweeto) , bhanu (janu ), harishi (flirtu)….,,

PRECAP: Rohan entry and arjun saying that Rohan will be staying with godida’s

Laksh pov

I’m noticing my brother from morning after Rohan’s entry.. He is not same….. He is really really stressed….. I can’t see him like that… All know about Rohan and swara’s friendship all are happy with that even our parents are thinking of making them as couple but my bro… What’s wrong with him…. Wait is he??? Oh no this can’t happen they are just friends.. But what if h bro love her… . It’s highly risky.. Hahaha if that’s true then no one can stop volcano (swara)….. Hahaha.. Very funny right.. But whatever now I’m going to have my sleep so goodnight…

Next morning

I woke up early and now I’m ready for jogging… After sanky bro joined me we both went to godida’s house to take swarag with us… We got the shock of the year…. Omg swara is ready that too with a coffee in a tray.. Really am I dreaming or swara is in kitchen.. But she didn’t notice us… She went upstairs…. I turned to see sanky shocked and standing like a statue… After shaking him he came to senses and followed swara even I followed him…

She went to her room.. Somewhere I guessed she would go to Rohan’s room but I’m wrong… Then again curiosity begins.. She can have her coffee in hall…
Then we reached near the door.. We heard sounds of people laughing not one but many…then bro first opened the door.. We are shocked to see many new faces…
Swara noticed us… Asked us to get in… Three girls are sitting in bed including swara and two boys including Rohan is sitting in couch so me and bro sat in
Longue.. Then entered arjun bro and rags……. Then swara introduced trio they are swaroh’s besties.. Karan, harishi, bhanu ( Actually my besties no more than besties.. But a funny thing is the trio are not related.. They don’t know eachother. Hahaha)

OK guys now my point of view… (subi’s pov)

The boy with Rohan is Karan… Completed his degree an year back…now working in a mnc company…

They girls near swara are bhanu and harishi…
Bhanu doing her CA, CS, Bcom … (genius) and
harishi is doing her bds degree.

Sanskar pov
Then we all chatted alot… Actually then swara cooked breakfast for us.. Second shock… She has never ever went to kitchen… Actually others are out.. So only we are here.. Rohan was helping her or we can say teaching her….. Even enjoyed a lot this Saturday Was really a best one…
Then the weekend passed……

Swara’s pov
Wow it was an amazing day filled with fun…. Thinking about today’s fun I dozed off…

Next day…..
It’s Monday again a daily routine. .. (yawning..) … I’m going to get ready…. After getting ready.. I went down… There
Momsie and radhika sil is doing something in kitchen.. I mean cooking.. While popsie is reading newspaper.. And arjun bro is sipping coffee… Then his shifted to me…..

Arjun: sweet morning cutie..
Swa: morning bro..

Then I walked to bro and sat near him… While surfing through the mobile…
Then rags came, followed by sanlak from door.. Now wait is over. It’s 6 but still that sleepyhead didn’t show his face…. I got up with a anger face……when I was about to go. I heard a voice.. “swara just come here.. It’s urgent” from upstairs obviously it’s Rohan’s.. I rushes up…. When I entered his room I saw his room beautifully decorated with” happy birthday sanskar “written on it…. Omg it’s Sanky’s bday I forgot it completely…….then he informed how he got to know I forgot sanky bday and thus he decorated it.. And asked me to say that we both did for him.. (Actually I forgot my cousin bday like that.. Hahah..) now he has called me to check the arrangements… And I found everything perfect… After that we called everyone. All gathered while we celebrated sanky bday elegantly without any nonsense.. I mean applying cake or something.. But I just forgot that today is his bday I have remembered it a week before so I had bought a gift already and I gifted him that……. After that we went to clg.. Then the day went as usual…
Rags pov
months passed…now it’s time for semester exams…. These days the only change in our life is.. Rohan.. It look like swara has completely forgotten us.. . But it’s not like she has not been talking with us… She spoke to us only in clg… Other times only duo spend their day with eachother… And the biggest change is sanky… He has become much silent even he is avoiding us.. .. But in clg.. He used to act normal in front of us… But sanky and swara’s friendship is same.. She ignored sanky during Rohan’s return due to excitement but after that she becamenormal.. But Still sanky is iriked with Rohan……

Sanky pov

Now it’s exam time… See tomorrow I’m having exams but still I can’t even concentrate on anything except my Sammy my swara… Oh god… I thought of proposing her on my bday.. But I didn’t get chance to do or I can say I am afraid of rejection…. God pls make that Rohan invisible or seperate both.. I can’t tolerate him.. Swara is mine only mine….. Now I’m thinking that this exam should not get over.. As Sammy and Rohan had planned to spend vacation in tour… Trip to munnar (I chose munnar as its my bestie’s fav place he na doll)
Thank god not only them.. Even us I mean me, Sammy, Rohan, lucky, rags… If Rohan is not there I would be the happiest person…..
( I’m not wasting my time in dragging exam stuff.. As I want to end this ss with in 7 parts)

Days passed exams got over… Not it’s time to prepare for trip….
Episode ends…..

PRECAP :munnar trip, swasan engagement (shocked??!!!!?!! Wait for next part)

This is subi signing off bye take care have a good day……


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