Swara’s pov :
Early morning 4am..

Hahah.. Funny right the great swara godida is awake this much early.. But true coz of excitement.. Today is my first day of final year in college. And first day of college life for rags and lucky….. I’m much happy today.. Just an year I would start doing job in arjun bro and dad business….. Oh god I forgot to say about our business isn’t??!… OK here you go.. Both godida’s and maheshwari’s are running a mnc company… IT firm….. For that I must really work hard.. But I’m not that kind of person I mean nerd…..I usually study at night before exams…. That is a secret.. All are thinking I’m working daily hard.. But no one knew about it except my prince.. not sanky….. Rohan..

We both share really a great bonding.. Rohan is 3 months elder than me.. We both are neighbours and family friends.. We both had grown up together.. I don’t remember it.. But our childhood pics are the evidence for it.. We both really sweet.. We both had started crawling together.. And we both had started walking by holding each other’s hand… We don’t have any other friends.. Only we both untill my 5th class.. During our summer vacation Rohan’s papa got transfer to Mumbai.. I still remember we both cried a lot.. Even I asked Rohan to stay in our home.. He to said.. He don’t want his parents they are bad and they are separating us.. Funny isn’t it..
Both the family convince us… Atlast no other option left… They have us a mobile.. In those days mobiles are really rare… But our family gave us so that we will be happy.. But I only knew his number and he only knew my number.. This mobile is just for us

We don’t give this number to others…. Daily we used to talk atleast one hour.. And then vacation got over I went to school.. I had no friend…. I too didn’t care about it
I went and sat in middle bench.. Two people in a bench is the rule… I didn’t bother who will sit with me…. I was sad and I just seeing out of window.. And then I got a feel like someone sat beside me.. I didn’t care to see whom.., I felt a glare on me.. Atlast I heard a voice of a boy.. Not so sweet as Rohan’s but OK… “missing your friend” is what I heard.. I shifted my gaze to the boy.. He looked calm.. I just nodded my head in yes. He continued “me too my friends are in Mumbai my papa shifted his business ” what a destiny my friend shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata.. This boy shifted to Kolkata from me Mumbai.. I thought to myself..
Then he brought his hand to me.. Bringing me to sense “hi I’m sanskar.. Sanskar maheshwari… Friends??!!” he asked…
I tought for a minute.. He seems to be sweet so I accepted it.. I said “swara.. Swara godida… Yah friends” we both shook our hands… We both used to talk always.. We both got to know that we are exact xerox copies….. Day by day our friendship grows.. Even out siblings are in same class.. And the best is they two are also besties… Something in addition we got to know our parents are business partners and then our friendship developed now we are even family friends….. then our life went on like this untill our 10th class . Till then we five used to enjoy alot always roaming And hanging out.. OK you must be thinking about 5th person isn’t it.. That’s my bro arjun… Possessive and caring bro….. Then my bro joined college… Me and sanky used to study… Together…..during our 10th only… Maheshwari’s shifted to our neighborhood…..

Then we are always together.. Everything changed… But one thing…me and Rohan’s friendship grows bigger… Daily our chatting to developed.. We used to share everything.. Like I’m his diary and he’s mine.. Even we used to share about my crush.. Don’t think over.. My crush is srk and Salman…. Everything was good… But only thing is we cannot meet.. Ohh I forgot to say about Rohan went to US for completing his studies when we are in 8th so there is no meeting.. Now we started chatting through video calls.. I never used to talk to Rohan infront of sanky.. Sometimes he used to get angry on me.. But I didn’t care about it…. He really hate Rohan a lot.. Funny guy.. Coz he has same importance in my life like sanky place…..then me and sanky completed our schooling and joined college college life was good.. We added many friends to our friends list…. Last year arjun bro got married to radhika sil.. They are such a cute pair. Obviously arranged marriage…….this month Rohan’s graduation would be over.. And then…… Omg it’s 7 am I should get ready for college…….OK then see you all later…. Bye…. Hey don’t close it.. My besties pov is remaining…bye take care….

Sanky’s pov

Hi guys this is sanskar maheshwari……now it’s 7 am now I’m all dressed for my college… But I have to wait till 8:30 as my bestie Sammy would get ready exactly at that time.. Till then I will say about me….

You all know about Sammy isn’t it.. I’m Same as her.. My character
We used to life in Mumbai untill my 5th.. Then my family shifted to Kolkata.
I didn’thad any close friend those time…. I joined new school in Kolkata.. I entered the class all are busy in chatting and fighting.. I searched for any free space there I got it.. It’s in middle near a girl.. She is not talking with anyone… I wondered why.. Then I heard someone near me saying pointing to that girl… ” I think she is missing her friend Rohan ” is what I heard… Then I moved to that bench and sat…. She didn’t shifted her gaze….. Then I asked her missing ur friend… Atlast she turned.. Her eyes showed her sorrow… I introduced myself to her.. And I asked for her friendship.. I don’t why I asked
But it was from my heart.. She said her name
Swara.. I rarely use this name to refer her..

I would prefer calling her Sammy but she won’t like it… Coz only that stupid Rohan should her like that she will say… Seriously I hate him… Not only him also that name… I’m with her from nearly 10 years as a shadow.. But the whom she has only seen sometimes that to in video chat is important for her…. You know what.. She used to say a lot about their friendship, I used to admire it….. 1St time I started hating their bonding when I was in 10th we shifted near her house.. From that time we used to do combine studies arjun bro used to tutor us…. Like wise one day… When we are in her room we heard a mobile ringing tone… I immediately grabbed mine.. But it’s not my phone.. Then I saw arjun bro even not him… When I turned its Swara (first I used to call her swara only)
She has a mobile.. But she didn’t said me this.. She only gave her landline number to me….. Then she spoke in mobile…. First word she said
..I felt like killing the caller… ” hey handsome… What’s up my prince charming.. ” she said…
Arjun bro stared at her and sighed like.. You will never change..she sighed us to leave the room… Arjun grabbed my hand and we left….

I was like.. What the hell is this.. Then to heat my brain she closed the door and even locked it… Dammit.. I can’t ask arjun bro so I kept quite… Nearly after 2 hours she came out… And arjun bro asked… “will you ever change..??!!!” she immediately came and lied in the bed I was sitting in it.. And she came and rested her head in my lap… And said teasingly with a wink ” y should I change… Are you jelous of my prince?!! ” aghh again she said prince……… I was burning in anger… Bur I controlled and I casually asked… “who is that swara??” she immediately replied “my Rohan”
What the hell she meant by saying MY ROHAN

Then I asked her about mobile.. She said that is only for rohan…. Not for anyone….
And then she demanded a new mobiles with new Sim card to arjun bro if she got good marks in exam… That too one with video call facility.. Coz one for Rohan and another for all… Y can’t she Use one mobile only for me… That is the very first moment I extremely hated Rohan… She never passed even a day without talking with Rohan and also about Rohan to others.. She had even forgotten me if I went on a vacation…… I just hate it… When ever she spoke with other boys other than me… When we joined college she got many friends both boys and girls.. That is when I realized I love her… Yes ” I LOVE MY SAMMY ” my Sammy… Then I have done many things to make her feel for me…. But nothing worked.. I even did jelous drama.. I said I love a girl…… I thought she would be angry on me… But you know what she did.. She encouraged me to confess my feelings.. What the hell… She even brought new dress that I should wear when I’m gonna propose that girl….. I don’t know what I should do.. Then I said she is already committed now only got to know about it.. Like that I spinned a story.. And escaped… Now she is really happy.. As that stupid Rohan will come here vacation coz his graduation is on this month.. But we don’t know when.. Already half a month is passed.. So only few days remaining
Ican’t see my Sammy close with anyone, be friend or anything.. I should soon confess my feelings.. I’m thinking of confessing it after two days.. On my birthday… I hope. I will get a gift (her love)., OK guys.. It’s time to move.. Bye see you all later.. OK so nomore flashback I guess….may be sometime a little…. From now on only future…..

Episode ends……..

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