My life ……My story …. Starts from kindergarten (Episode 1 – part 1)

Hey guyz … First of all I’m so sorry for not updating … Actually I was not well so I was unable to update ……

And the characters are

Child Asad : shivansh kotia
Child Zoya : ruhaanika dhawan

Child Bihaan : Eklavya Ahir
Child thapki : harshaali malhotra

Child sanskar : sathvik Mehta
Child swara : harshita ojha

Child Laksh : Vishnu patael
Child ragini : nivarshini shah

I hope u all will enjoy..

Year 1993 ……

Scene 1:
Siddiqui’s house …..

Morning 7am 😂😂😂

A small 3 year old girl is shown playing with a cat …..She silently takes the cat inside the house to her room 😂😂😂😂 and then 2 girls are shown 😂😂😂😂

Girl 1 & girl 2 : (shouts) zoya !!! Eh Kya hai !!!!! (Zoya what’s that ?!?!)

It’s revealed that the girl is zoya

Zoya : Sssh !!!! Nusrat didi, farin chillao mat !!billee hai !!! (Nusrat farin don’t shout this is a cat)

Farin : didi mummy is billee ko dekhenge to naraaz Ho jaayenge !! (Mom will get angry if she sees this cat inside the house )

Zoya : uff … Kuch nahi hoga (nothing will happen)

Nus (Nusrat) : (sees the cat) zoya ,mujhe lagta hai ki billee ko bhookh lag raha hai (I think the cat is feeling hungry) tum billee Ke liye doodh laana (brink milk)

Zoya : ok ….

Zoya goes outside and she sees her mom aara (jo I hope u don’t have prob 😂😂) reading a book ….

Zoya : (goes near her mom) mumma !!!!

Aara : zoya … Tum itanee jaldee uth gae (u woke up so early)

Zoya : mumma … Mujhe Doodh chahiye (I want milk)

Aara : huh ?!?! Doodh ?! (Huh milk) teekh hai (ok)

Aara gives her a glass of milk…

Zoya : (nods no)

Aara : kyon ?!?!

Zoya : katoree mein doodh chahiye (I want milk in the bowl))

Aara : ok … Zoya .. Suno Aaj tumhe aur tumhare behen Sab ko school jaana hai na ?!?! Toh Tum 3 jaldi SE tyyar hojayiye (listen u and ur Sisters have to start to school right ? So get ready soon)

Zoya : (smiles) ok

Zoya takes the the bowl and goes inside the room and she locks the door ….The cat starts drinking the milk

Zoya : (excited and she starts talking to the cat 😂😂😂) dheko aaj se yeh tumhara gar and hum Sab (Zoya , Nus and farin ) tumhari friends … Nus didi farin aaj Hume school jaana hai .. Toh hum jaldi SE tyyar hojayenge (see , from today this is you house and we all are your friends .. Nus , farin now we have to go to school so let’s get ready)

Nus : Haan … Toh hum is billee ko bed Ke niche chupalenge (yeah … We will better hide the cat under the bed)

Farin : ok …

Scene 2:
Maheshwari house

A 4 year old small kid is shown crying and running here and there …. A lady is trying to manage him …. She forcefully makes him wear the school uniform but the kid throws it and starts running here and there and he’s crying even more …….

Kid : (crying) chachi mujhe chodo ! Mujhe nahi pehena hai (leave me chachi I don’t want to wear this)

Lady : beta … Suno .. Meri baat maano aur jaldi SE uniform peheno .. Aaj tumhe aur tumhare Bhai dono ko school jaana hai na ? (listen to me and wear your uniform u and ur Bhai have to start to school right ?)

Kid : (crying and shouting) sujata chachi Nahiiiiiii !!!!!!!!! Mujhe school nahi jaana hai (no !!!! I don’t want to go to school)

The lady who’s trying to manage the kid is sujata 😂

Sujata : (fed up) Oh Jiji !! Aap kahan Ho !!!!! main apke sharaaratee beta Laksh ko sahan nahin kar sakata … (I cannot bear your naughty son Laksh anymore )

The kid is Laksh 😂

Laksh : (crying) chachi mujhe school (says repeatedly) nahi jaana hai nahi jaana hai nahi jaana hai !!!!! (I don’t want to go to school) mujhe gar me hi rehna hai (I want to be in my home only)

Sujata : Laksh beta . School me tumhare jaise Bohot saare Bacchae aayenge … Tum un lougon Ke saath dosti kar sakthi Ho …. khel sakthi Ho … padai kar sathi Ho … (Many kids like u will come to school u can make friends u can play with them study with them )

Laksh : mujhe kuch nahi chahiye !!!! Mujhe mumma ko chodkar kahi nahi jaana hai !! (I don’t want anything !!!! I want to be with my mom only)

Sujata : hey Bhagwan .. Kya karoon is ladke ka ??? (Oh god this kid !!!)

Another 4 year old kid comes there shouting and stands near Sujata

Kid : (with a smile on his face) mumma !!! Mein school jaane keliye tyyar hoon (I’m ready to go to school ) mujhe khaana do !!! (Plz give me some food)

Sujata : (tired) Haan Sanskar beta ….(fed up) Erhh …. Oh jijji !!! Oh jijji !!! Aap jaldi se yahan aajayiye !!! (Erhh …. Oh sis ! Oh sis 😂! Plz Come here )

Another kid is sanskar (sanskar is 4 months older than Laksh)

Annapurna : (shouts from kitchen) Haan aati hoon !!! (Yeah coming )

Sanskar : (to sujata) mumma Laksh kyon ro raha hai ?!? (Why Laksh is crying)

Laksh : (hugs sanskar) Bhai 😭😭😭

She comes there and sees Laksh crying ….

Laksh : (hugs Annapurna and cries) mumma !!!! School nahi jaana hai !!! (Mom I don’t want to go to school)

Annapurna : Laksh !! Aise nahi bolte (u should not say like like that)

Laksh : mujhe nahi jaana hai plz (I don’t want to go)

Sujata : tumhe jaana padega (u have to go)

Laksh pushes sujata 😂 sujata falls down and hurts her hip 😂😂

Sujata : (shouts) hey Maari kamar 😂 (oh my hip!!)

Sanskar laughs …

Sujata : hey Bhagwan Bohot dard horaha hai 😂 ( It is paining a lot )

Annapurna helps sujata …

Annapurna: hey Bhagwan Kya karoon in dono ka ?!?! (What to do 😂😂!)

Screen freezes on Annapurna’s face …

Precap : (episode 1 part 2) Annapurna and sujata forcefully takes Laksh and sanskar to school …2 teachers are fighting …. Sanskar meets Asad … 😂😂


Hope u all liked it … Plz leave your comments …. chappals and tamatars are welcomed 😂😂😂😂


  1. Vidhi

    I liked the chotu laksh n sanskar… O my god…… Plz continue dear…. Loved it…. N make swara n ragini’s entry soon…

  2. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    First of all I will kill u Su how dare u add my mom in ur ff 😛 jking jking and spelling wrong should be one a not two 😛 and u revealed my name Farin :O anyways I was going to reveal 😛 and haha cute Zoya I don’t mind being zoya’s sister and believe it or not I have cat phobia in real life if Zoya(ruhi) did so with me in real life I would have scolded her I don’t wanna hurt ruhi I mean Zoya 😛

  3. Sanju

    Wow duni superbb😂😂👍👍👍Aww..Zoya and her cat😀😀Laksh😂😂Poor sujata😄😄
    Take care😘😘

  4. Sanju

    Wow duni superbb😂😂👍👍👍Aww..Zoya and her cat😀😀Laksh😂😂Poor sujata😄😄
    Take care duni😘😘

  5. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    This was amazing yet cute Su! Cute character especially Sanky and Lucky! And Zoya😻😻 Cutie cat😻😻
    Take Care and Stay blessed!
    Keep smiling!
    Love ya!


  6. |Registered Member

    Awesome Duni… Loved it…😊
    Upload soon
    Take care and keep smiling 💫
    Love you 💫

  7. Aaliaa

    Well that was very nice and good concept .. laksh part was very funny and can’t wait for Asad’s entry

  8. Nafeesa

    Finally you started a new fan fiction . Keep going and please update your Sahil fan fiction too .You are updating rarely please do update soon 🙂🙂🙂 keep going

  9. Heena


    |Registered Member

    aww that was so cute episode dear… laksh crying suju ki comedy n sanskari sanku so cute… zoya ki shararat started cant wait epi😁😂😂😋

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