All my life you stood by me (Raglak) Part 1

My ff starts from where all are upset with Ragini’s fake pregnancy

Laksh was fed up of the taunts thrown at his wife.He decided to leave the house where he spent his memorable days his childhood, his phase as lucky and everything related to his ragu.Even though its been 5 freaking months that incident took place his family members were not ready to forgive Ragini.Indeed both Ragini and himself were wrong but if the person is guilty about the wrong doings and repenting it the elders should forgive them.Sometimes Ragini didn’t eat at all.He forced her to eat.It hurted him seeing her like this.It was very difficult and he couldn’t take it anymore.

Raglak room
Ragini : What are you thinking laksh?

He was sitting staring the family photo they had put in their room.
Ragini : Laksh ( little loudly )
Laksh : We are going to open a new branch of our company in Delhi.So you and I are shifting to delhi.If you don’t want to come there then stay in Baadi and I’ll go to Delhi.

He knew that Ragini would be happy in baadi .

Ragini : (shocked and upset)Laksh how could you think of leaving me here and you going there.How dare you?.I cannot live without you.I’m coming with you.You are the only one who supported me throughout.I just want to live with you.

Ragini knew that her family was upset with her but more than the hate thing they loved her more.But family couldn’t forget and forgive her.She thought that they would be happy if she left from the house.
Laksh was happy that Ragini was coming with him.It was very difficult for him to leave his mom and his house.But he loved Ragini more than his life now and had taken promise to keep her like a queen.

Laksh: pack all your stuff and we should reach airport by 11.
Ragini :I’ll inform mama and papa

Laksh didn’t tell anybody that he and ragini were shifting.Laksh besides working for his father’s company he had also Aakruti constructions a big construction company.The turnout was more than 100 crores.Nobody knew that the company was of Laksh.But knew about the Aakruti as it was very famous.Yes Laksh was civil engineer.
He already had a big mansion in Delhi and already had a branch.He was going to tell the truth to ragini that why he left and all after reaching Delhi.There she would feel like a queen and can live happily and sometimes help him. (Here Ragini is also civil engineer )
Laksh : No .you can inform them after reaching Delhi..
He hugged her tightly

Precap :More in the store…Only Raglak

Comment and tell how it is…I’ll definitely’s only 3 shots

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  1. WOW!! I expect something like this serial but it wont happen we all know. So i am exciting about this..

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