You are my life, my soul – A Ragsan OS By Aahana

Hi everyone.this is Aahana with a new os. please say me did u all like this Os. Actually my friend gave me the idea and i thought of it and tried to write it well. Hope everyone likes it. Please say did u all like it or not
Sanskar has arranged a beautiful location for confessing his love to his n only his Beloved-Mishty, His Ragini. He knows that Ragini will not say anything to him but to her favorite person her sanky’s photo. Surprisingly Sanskar eavesdrop her conversation that…

Ragini: I know how Sanskar is busy with his projects but can’t he take a break from his work n spend some time with his wife which unfortunately is me. I ever think how Sanskar proposed me in a such a astonishing manner which makes me blush even after such a long time but see after marriage that stupid, idiot is hell bent of taking projects n spending time in office n when he comes home he goes to study room to complete his left over work n not thinking about me.
Flashback ends
When Sanskar listens to this he feels miserable as he spent most of the time in office or in study room in their mansion. So he decided to give a romantic date in which he will do all the arrangements from decoration to dinner to setting of the location to favorite dishes of his mishty.
At evening 8 o’clock
Sanskar comes to mansion after completing his arrangement for the date. He goes straight to his room with a serious expression. Ragini was doing household chores when she saw Sanskar coming in an angry mood.
Ragini ask : Sanskar kya hua aap gusse main kyon hai ???? Office main koi baat ho gayi kya ???
Sanskar : nahi Ragini bus itne sare projects hai aur time kam aur iss mein tum ghar par bore ho jati hogi. Mujhe aapne aap pe itna gussa aa raha hai na ki mann kar raha hai ki sare projects cancel kar do
Ragini cut him in between
Ragini: Sanskar please don’t think that I get annoyed with your working as I spend time with daadima n there are so much work that keep me occupied with it. Please Sanskar don’t ever say that you will cancel the projects. Promise me.
Sanskar: Mishty why are you lying????
Ragini: what am I lying?
Sanskar: Mishty today morning when I came for taking a file then you were cribbing with about me with my photo …I heard that!!!!
Ragini had tears her eyes n said: Sorry Sanskar I was bit upset today as daadima has gone to her friend’s home n I was getting frustrated as what to do as I can’t call you because you were busy in meetings.
Sanskar: Jaan please don’t cry it pricked my heart while seeing you crying I felt guilty that I didn’t give enough time to spend with you. While saying Sanskar holds his ears n said: SORRY
Ragini remove his hand from the ears n said: Sanskar aap aise mat kijiye please achcha nahi lagta aap aise kare.
Sanskar: ok ok I will not do it n yes get ready as we have to go for a business party. I have brought a gown for you as it’s having dress code for ladies n formal suits for men.
Ragini take the packet n opened it with a mixed reaction which was showing on her face like shocked, surprised n naughtiness occupied in her mind.
Ragini: Sanskar are you sure that I should wear this gown????
Sanskar (st.): lagta hai Ragini ko shaq ho gaya Sanskar beta kuch soch…
Sanskar: haan Ragini kya isme koi problem hai tumhe toh thik hai sari pehen lo tum saying with grumpy expression
Ragini: nahi nahi Sanskar its sooo revealing dress so thought like that, I will wear it please don’t make these expression it turned me ON as you look cute n adorable.
With that Sanskar sigh a relief as he thought being caught by his stupidity.
Ragini comes after sometime, looking stunning, s*xy as well as complementing her physique which is like an epitome of beauty.

Sanskar is going crazy seeing a s*xy form of his Mishty n think to drop the idea of the surprise n pounce on her n get into her n hear her moaning his name loudly but he control himself n came out of reverie.
Mann: Mishty you are looking stunning. If this party is not important, I would have rip this dress n make love like never before.
Saying this Ragini cheeks turns red with blush.
Ragini: Sanskar lets go, we will be late.
Sanskar: ok mishty lets go.
Ragini was seeing outside the car then she realizes that they are going on a wrong track.
Ragini: Sanskar we are heading to wrong direction as the hotel you told me is on opposite side.
Sanskar didn’t say anything n is going on same route.
That annoyed Ragini n said it again: Sanskar kahan ja rahe hai hum, aapne bataya tha ki…Sanskar stops the car n put his finger on her lips n said: mishty do you trust me????
Ragini without hesitation said: I trust you more than myself.
Sanskar: Mishty please don’t ask anything.
Sanskar starts the car again towards their destination.
Soon they came n Sanskar come out n go to other side to open door for Ragini n she step outside but before she say something Sanskar blindfolded her n said: shhh Mishty be quiet for some time.
Sanskar takes Ragini his arms n walk towards the setting of the table outside the hotel. Then put her down n unfold the blind.
The place was decorated in such a way that it was looking like God has taken time to foster HIS Creation n ornamented by giving the touch of Midas in arranging n it is none other than Sanskar’s farmhouse which Ragini haven’t seen before.

Ragini was so surprise to see the arrangements that she turned n kiss Sanskar with shear passion expressing how much she like it. After some time she parted n saw stunned expression as Sanskar didn’t expect this reaction from her. And naughtiness occupied his mind.
Sanskar bring Ragini more closer n saw into her eyes which tells him that I am all yours. N with this he came forward n start nibbling her lower lips n soon Ragini responded to his kiss after sometime they part due to lack of breath.
Sanskar: mishty lets have dinner n will continue with this ok..
Ragini: sanskar aap bhi naaa n hides her in his chest.
Sanskar take Ragini to the table n Ragini was so surprise to see all her favorites’ dishes like allo ka paratha, butter chicken, pulao, roti n in sweet dish chocolate cake.
Sanskar : Mishty lets have dinner.
Ragini: Sanskar I cant wait now as its looking so tempting all the dishes as I can’t decide what to eat first.
Ragini said this with a pout o her face.
Sanskar: lets start with your favorite allo ka paratha wat say???
Ragini: yes thanks Sanskar for helping me but what will you eat as you don’t like Indian dishes???
Sanskar: mishty agar main ek raat tumhari pasand ka khau to aitraaz to nahi hoga na…
Ragini: Sanskar please aise mat boliye achca thik hai main serve karti hoon
Ragini serves the dinner to Sanskar n herself. After sometime Ragini was having her favorite cake n was lost in eating like a child got his/her candy. She was so involved in eating that she forgets to ask Sanskar. Meanwhile Sanskar was seeing his lady love cherishing each bite of cake n was getting wild thought of have Ragini in his arms n Sanskar love her but shrugged it off as of now he want to taste her luscious lips.
Sanskar: mishty bas bhi karo itna cake khaogi to tum moti ho jaogi.
With this Ragini stopped eating n make an innocent face to which Sanskar came to her mischievously n held her hand n look into her eyes n without saying anything he ask through eyes May I???
Ragini closes her eyes n Sanskar leaned to kiss her passionately, sensuously saying with unsaid emotions that you are my Guardian Angel forever n ever.
After long a time they parted n looked into each other n Ragini was blushing like hell n Sanskar was engrossed in his mishty antics.
Sanskar: Mishty aise sharmaogi toh main control nahi kar paunga n I will make love to you shamelessly, boldly, and openly right now.
Ragini: Sanskar sharam kijiye.
Sanskar: vaise achcha hua ki maine cake nahi khaya coz while kissing you I tasted my favorite sweet dish with your luscious lips n I can do it 24*7.
Ragini turns into beetroot shade n turn her back n giving her access to his hungry eyes n without delay Sanskar hugged her so sensuously n putting his hand on her . Sanskar breath was fanning on her neck giving pleasures to her soul.
Sanskar with a hoarse tone said: mishty I want you like this always as it gives me a peace of mind from my daily routine n be with me forever as you are my soul mate.

You Are My Life
Because I Cant Live Without You
You Are My Baby
Because I Love To Take Care Of You
You Are My Soul
Because You Touch My Inner-Self
You Are The Reason For Me To Live
Because You Are My HEART

As he said his confession in a poetic way, Ragini hugged him very tightly n started crying like hell. Sanskar was shocked to see Ragini crying like this n got worried n remove her hug n cupped her face n wipe her tears n said: mishty why are you crying, have I done something wrong that you are weeping like this, please ragu tell me. It stabs me from inside seeing you crying.
Ragini with her hiccups said: Sanskar I Love You for the rest of my life. Thanks for everything as it gives me a sense of security around you. N hugged him like never before.
Sanskar carried her in his arms n goes to their second honeymoon n Ragini blushed extremely as she know what is going to happen next n hide her face in his crook of neck.
Sanskareet enters their room which was filled with Red roses as Ragini love it n White roses for Sanskar. Ragini was bolt from the blue as she has never seen this kind of arrangements. So beautifully the room was decorated that Ragini was thinking how much fortunate she is?
Sanskar broke the silence n said: Jaan did you like the arrangements?
Ragini who was astonished with the dcor n came from reverie n said: No Sanskar is didn’t like it… n she purposely pauses n saw Sanskar face turn from blissful to gloomy.
Then she said: I love it, love it as if I am in dream n my prince charming did all the things according to the liking of his princess.
Sanskar jumped in joy like a toddler n hugged her tightly n passionately.
Sanskar started to make patterns on Ragini’s back as it was easy for Sanskar due to deep cut of her gown n sending shiver down her spine. Ragini starts responding n let out a moan n by hearing her moan Sanskar lost his self control n pick her again in his arms and lied her down on bed. Ragini was blushing like hell n Sanskar grinning seeing the blush on his Misthi’s face. Ragini’s eyes were closed n Sanskar came on top of her n sensed that she is getting nervous so Sanskar thought that to make her
Ragini : hmmm ,,,, Sanskar : mishti… then Sanskar closes his eyes to gather words.. he pauses for a sec.. then opens His utter Mouth to utter few words.. but Ragini shuts his mouth by pressing his lips with her finger. Sanskar was astonished to see her reaction but his eyes were still closed. Then Ragini moves close to him.. she Kisses him on his cheeks first..then she moves more close to him and Kisses his eyes.. then with nervousness and shy smile she moved closer to his bit rough but s*xy LIPS.. she was so shy that instead of kissing on his lips , she kissed him on the corner of his lips..
But Sanskar was a total Gentleman .. he got her sign.. he understood that Ragini is ready for the next step.. so he opened his eyes.. He saw His MISHTY deep down in shy..
Sanskar crossed the distance between them both.. and Hugged her again. He picked her up in his arms and placed her correctly in the mid of the Bed..then Sanskar slowly opened the Knot of her dress.. He slips his hand in her dress.. touches her bare back. This sends her shivers.. Ragini was total red uptil now..
Sanskar comes close to her ears n says: ragu , my touch shivers u soo much.. are u not habitual to me ?.. Ragini : Sanskar , when each time u touch me, you always make me crazy with ur actions and ur touch makes me shiver.. I feel like , each time is the first time and fresh one.. I Feel so shy like its our first night.. Sanskar : But my Mishty, be the very same.. I like when u give me shy smile.. I like when u shiver with my touch, I like when ur heart beats fast with my closeness..
Ragini : but m totally urs forever… with this Ragini submits herselves in his arms..
Morning Sunrays
Both were cuddling into each other arms n had peaceful smile on their face.
sanskar wakes up and sees her sleeping peacefully. he again starts showering kisses on her and she wakes up. they again starts their work and after sometime sleeps again.
Sanskar decided not to disturb her n make lunch n surprise her again…he slowly got up n go to washroom n freshen up fast n came downstairs n started making lunch. After sometime Ragini woke up n saw Sanskar was not there so she quickly got up n go to washroom n had bath n came out in bathrobe n realizes that she has nothing to wear then she shouted to call Sanskar : Sanskar come upstairs fast I don’t have anything to wear.
Sanskar who was busy in settling the dishes on dining table quickly rushed upstairs n saw an enchanting beauty in bathrobe n had a naughty smirk n came closer to her n said: mishtu merii jaan logi kya itne hot lag rahi ho???
Ragini: Sanskar please aap jaldi se mujhe kapde de dijiye man ready ho jaun phir lunch bhi banana hai.
Sanskar: Mishty relax ruko main deta hoon.
Sanskar gives her the salwaar suit it’s a combination of red n sliver embroidery n later Ragini came n Sanskar was lost in her natural beauty but soon come out of it n says: Come ragu lets have lunch especially made for you.
Ragini: Sanskar aapne kab bana liya, main bana leti na.
Sanskar: mishti agar maine bana diya lunch toh itna badi baat toh hai nahi aur ab chalo.
ragsan went to have lunch downstairs n Ragini saw the dishes n excitedly said: Sanskar aapne itna sab bana liya n its sooo mouthwatering. Chaliye n have it before it gets cold.
Ragini relishes every bite of the dishes n Sanskar just saw his Mishty with lovable expression. Soon the lunch gets over n ragsan spends time exploring each other. After sometime they both headed to the Mansion.

In their Bedroom
Ragini went to change her dress in washroom n was in a thoughts of Her Sanskar n remembering how he arranged the things from her dress to decorations n suddenly she thought that she hasn’t expressed her feeling towards him n just do cribbing that he don’t give time to her. An idea popped in her mind that to tell him how important he is for her.
Ragini enters the room n saw Sanskar lying on bed n eyes closed n Ragini sneak slowly n lie down beside him n kisses his cheeks softly n with that Sanskar open his eyes n saw love oozing out for Him only.
Ragini says: Sanskar thank you so much for the wonderful evening, I know that I sometime annoys you by my nonstop talking but I want to tell you that :
You’re My Life
You’re My Soul
You’re My Everything
With whom I can live thousand Years
Thanks for coming in my life
Giving me unknown happiness
N with that Ragini kisses him on his lips conveying all her love to him. Sanskar gets naughtier n ragsan made love again with full of passion.

Hope everyone liked it. Please say if it is not good then i will stop writing os. Will be waiting for your comments

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  1. Miss Ahana Reddy are you on IF, i think yes, thats why you are copying these os’s from IF???? if i am not wrong this is maan and geets’s os from IF and the original title is “BECAUSE YOU ARE MY HEART”. i have already read that os on IF which was posted on 29 December, 2013. do you understand 2013 today is 2017…..??????
    not only this but your last two os are also copied from IF that to maan and geets os. should i also elaborate which were they???? i think i dont need to…. you understand very well, what i am talking about.
    stop copying others hard work, be productive.

    1. AahanaReddy

      I am sorry if u had misunderstood me. I can’t do anything. I already mentioned that these are given to me by my friends. I asked them to help me by giving the concept and they might have copied them because I never copy. They might have copied and given them to me to update. I am sorry to say but I already started 2 different ff’s and I can’t directly say that I am not productive. They are different from all. And please once check that I already mentioned these are given to me by my friends. I just gave them the idea and they gave me story

    2. AahanaReddy

      And please don’t bash anyone without knowing and sorry if I was a bit harsh

    3. AahanaReddy

      U have a right to say that they are copied. As u said I came to know that and from now I can stop taking help from my friends as here my name gets spoilt but please don’t use words that hurts others feeling. I think as a girl u can understand what I am speaking and I am saying sorry for my friends fault and if u are the writer of them then u are great. They are amazing. As soon as my friends gave them I felt they are nice and immediately posted without rechecking. It’s my fault too and I am sorry for that

  2. Miss Ahana Reddy are you on IF, i think yes, thats why you are copying these os’s from IF???? if i am not wrong this is maan and geets’s os from IF and the original title is “BECAUSE YOU ARE MY HEART”. i have already read that os on IF which was posted on 29 December, 2013. do you understand 2013 today is 2017…..??????
    not only this but your last two os are also copied from IF that to maan and geets os. should i also elaborate which were they???? i think i dont need to you understand very well, what i am talking about.
    stop copying others hard work, be productive.

    1. AahanaReddy

      Excuse me miss kiara no need to repeat again and I think u don’t read everything completely as I mentioned already that idea is mine and my friends gave me the content as they are not registered in TU and to be frank I don’t know about IF and also nothing much about maan-geet is. So it’s better u first read everything. If u want u can check if I had an account in IF.

    2. AahanaReddy

      And ha u no need to mention titles and my friends told me everything. They told me that there are many ff’s of IF in TU so when I gave them the idea they got me the stories from it by doing minute changes.

    3. AahanaReddy

      And it’s better if u judge a person after knowing them well. I think u don’t even know about my stories and I am sure u might have not read them. Once read them and say if I copied them too. As far as I know everyone doesn’t have same brain to write same story and my ff’s are my own creation. So u are not the one who can say if I am productive or not. So first know well and judge then

      1. really? the entire os is copied that to word to word, i have never bothered you if you inspired by that story or every os’s that you have written previously. yours last raglak and ragsan os were also copied but i didnt say a word, i thought you will understand but no.
        becoz getting inspired is nice thing but copying is really worst.
        if its not your os then you have to mentioned clearly that entire os is written by your frnd not you. you have just posted here.
        dont tell me what is wrong and what is right….. dont use your harsh words on me, that second comment was posted by mistake becoz of the system. better you reform yourself before showing others right way.

    4. AahanaReddy

      I think u didn’t get my words. I understand that it was my mistake as I updated the os given by my friend without mentioning her name but I want to say that about being productive. I am saying I am productive enough to write my own stories and I this happened due to my friends mistakes. If I had an intention to copy then I would have copied them before also. I don’t know about IF but I can copy them from wattpad too but I didn’t do that. As for previous 2 os as u mentioned them by seeing the response my friends asked me to post immediately and I had done it as I liked the way they carved my mere ideas. I thought its own their own

    5. AahanaReddy

      I am so sorry if u are so hurt and today I am going to update an OS on raglak/ragsan . Please check it tooo. It’s my request and this is my productivity

    6. AahanaReddy

      And just to inform u that we will get it as duplicate comments but it will not be printed for second time and the one either it is logo or display pic differs for different email id and yours is differed. So I asked u not to repeat. Sorry if u are hurt

  3. Nice one Aahana..

  4. Inu

    Superb. Lovely epi.

  5. amazing..plz write more os on raglak nd ragsan yar

  6. Amazing yar

  7. Drashti

    Loved it

  8. That’s what even I’m amazing… inspiring is different from copy. Plz tell it as remake insted. If don’t have ideas don’t write..who asked you to copy..? I’m not understanding what you will get if you copy. Try something original. This TU has authors who produce original work. If you write an ff by yourself, and if you find it’s copied in other name..then you will understand. Kira, you are right. And ahana… I’m sorry to hurt you..but let’s talk facts. So, your friends have helped..?? They helped you in whole essay..?? You shouldn’t believe your friends then. Plz, yar. Don’t copy from here and there an there to here. I’m not scolding you, im telling to ur friends. Ask them before publishing is it a copied work..??? That raglakholic is also same like you..

    1. AahanaReddy

      I clearly explained that I am not interested in copying and I too came to know that after kiara mentioned and please don’t say that I copied everything as other two ff are my own creation and these are given to me by friends when I said them ideas. May be they read them before and when I gave my idea similar they might have copied and given me. I can’t do anything as the damage is done but I assure u that from now there will be only my posts and I will never seek anyone’s help. Sorry but please never say it is a habit to copy. If u people had told me on the first os itself then I would have come to know it before. I am not blaming anyone. Sorry if u feel I am wrong. I just request u to listen to others words and then judge. The mistake might be accidental but not intentional everytime

  9. Akankshanna

    Awww…cute ragsan…awsmmm..

  10. Asw

    Nice keep going

  11. Amazing

  12. Nice story yaar

  13. Asra

    fabulous dear…loved it alot…tkcr dear…

  14. Loved it

  15. Ragz_teju

    awesome loved it

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