Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-44

Hello everyone.. so I’m back with another episode.. take sneak peak into last episode
Episode 43

Let’s move to Episode 44
Rikara left to Bareilly. ShivRu was very emotional after they left. Rudra say, Bhaiya.. O has become Parayadhan.. he went to his sasural.. when will I see him again and cries. Shivay smile and console him. All family members laugh at him. Buama say, Oh my dumbbell baby boy.. our Omki is a boy not a girl to stay there permanently.. he’ll return here with his wife after she gets well.. Y r u creating scene? Rudra stop crying and frowns. Buama ask, What? He’ll be back soon but I know u’ll not let him live in peace even for that few days.. anyways u r gonna disturb him through phone or go there whenever u wish.. then y r u creating scene.. everyone laugh at him.. Rudra makes puppy face and leave that place. Buama tell them to go to their respective works. Shivay went to his room without even looking at Annika’s face. Annika was sad about last night behavior and wanted to talk to him. Shivay busy with his files. He sensed herhe and to avoid her he left room without even looking at her. Annika tried her best to talk but no use. Shivay left to office. Annika can’t concentrate on anything and sit.silently at her room. She think to talk with him in lunch.

Rumya nok jhok in their class room, friends talking with each other and making plans before their final exams. They decide something and one of them announce it. He say, ok friends listen here.. so this is our final yr and final semester of this course. After this we may or may not meet in our life. So let’s all go for a trip. It should be a memorable time for our life.. So I hope u all will accept to go for this trip. Everyone gets excited and give hifi and hug. Rudra is in cloud nine and other girls surrounded him. Saumya get furious and leave that place. Rudy notice this. Chubby ask Saumya why.she left.. he ask for her confirmation for trip. She say, I don’t want to come.. I’m not coming and she leaves angrily. Chubby calls her out but she left. Rudy ask chubby about her and he explained the matter. He ask, y r u making her furious Rudy? She is such a goo girl.. sometimes u behave like u don’t like her.. but u always care a lot and protective over her.. I don’t understand u yr. Rudra laughs and say, she’ll come for this trip.. u give all our names.. I’ll come now.. he go from there.

Saumya is sitting upset in lawn and remembering their past few days.. she also think about their past how they got married, their misunderstanding, their patch up and how Rudra gave surprise dinner date for her and their happy times. She think about his recent times and get sad. Rudra see her from far and smile. He go near her and say, Sumo.. why r u sitting here? Come let’s go for lunch.. he tries to pull her. She does not want to go with him and don’t cooperate. He understood her and say, y r u looking worried nowadays.. Did anyone deny giving parathas to u? He jokes and laugh. Saumya look at him and turns her face. Then he changed topic and say, Pls Sumo.. I’m really feeling hungry.. I won’t eat if u don’t accompany me. Saumya frowns but his puppy face made her melt. They go for lunch.

Rikara are traveling to Bareilly along with her mom. Gauri and her mom were having some good time. Gauri was just Gauri Kumari Sharma of Bareilly when she was talking with her mom. Om did not utter a word, but he was enjoying her antics. In fact he was really surprised to see this side of Gauri and admiring her. Her mom tries to control her but who can stop Gauri Kumari Sharma.. she was flowing like a waterfall and in her own style. Sometimes Om use to giggle at her antics out of his control. It was extremely happiest journey ever in his life. They almost reached Bareilly, before few Kms when they were passing through jungle, Gauri who was very enthusiastic and happy till then, became serious and turned red. Her beautiful pink face turned pale suddenly. Om was able to see this in his rear view mirror. He ask, Gauri.. r u ok. Gauri’s mom knew what is the matter and panics. She calms down Gauri. Tears roll down her eyes and ask, Om to stop the car.

Om ask, What is the matter? She insist. Om stop car and Gauri get down. She saw the deep valley and cries. She went down her knees and cry badly. Om run and hold her. Gauri mom insist them to get into the car and drive home. Gauri sobs badly and Om is confused with all happenings. Her mom insist Om to get her to car. Gauri refuses but her mom forcefully drags her. Gauri get raged and jerks her mom’s hands and start running. Few security guards run behind her. GM ask Om to stop her. She is running towards Madhav’s murder place. She explain about her condition if she see that place again she will go mad and try to kill herself. Om is shocked to hear this and tell her to stay there and run behind her. She run into the woods like swift. Om chase her equally. Finally she reached that place and remember all happenings that day.. how Kali men caught them and beat him up.. how she fell down and went unconscious.. Madhav’s death. She screams in pain and sob. Om was terribly shocked to see Gauri like that and tries to pacify her. She jerks his hold and say, don’t come near me.. I’m going to my Madhav.. I want to go where he went and run towards cliff.

Om was dumbstruck with her words and run behind her. Gauri went near cliff and about to jump.. but Om hold her from back and grab her by waist. Gauri tell him to leave her and screams. Then she faint in his arms. Om was confused extremely. He took in his arms and left to his car. They reached home and doctor who came along with them check her. Doctor said it was all because of her past thoughts she got. It happens and normal. But they need to handle her with care. They leave her to rest. Om informed his family that they reached Bareilly. He don’t want to make them tensed for that day’s happening. In Oberoi mansion, Shivay is still angry with her and avoid to talk to her. That night he stayed in study room. This made Annika feel very bad and she curse herself for her doings.

She texts him for seeking apologies. She also did lots of indirect apologies. Shivay was melt down by this, but he was not convinced to talk to her. So he stayed there. In Bareilly, Om was fully taking care of her whole night. He often wake up and check her. Next morning, Om woke up late and find Gauri missing in room. He rush to see outside. He saw Gauri and her mom talking and relaxed. He hear them. Her mom say, Gauri.. why don’t u understand what I’m saying.. Madhav is dead.. he is ur past..

Damaad ji is good man, he really cares a lot for u.. stop crying and move on. Gauri can’t control her tears and her thoughts about Madhav. She cries and run into her room. GM worries as Om heard them and try to explain him something. But Om interrupts and say, MaaJi.. pls don’t repress her feelings for my sake. After that incident Gauri lost her memory.. so she did not cry and let her sorrow out. When she came to know after these yrs let her cry her heart out and it will lessen her sorrow. I understand her feelings MaaJi.. now she has handled very carefully.. so pls let her do anything.. don’t think I’ll mistake her. He make her comfort and leaves. Gauri mom is overwhelmed with his reply. She thanks god for such understanding and caring husband for her daughter.

Precap: Annika hold Shivay and ask for his reply. Rumya leave for their trip. Gauri dance with her students and Om is mesmerized to see that playful Bareilly chiraiya.

Meet u after weekend my drs.. take care.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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