Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-43

Hi my dr readers.. hope u all r fine.. happy for ur wonderful response.. And I’m sad to announce that I’m going end this FF ASAP.. yes ??? because I’m not finding enough time to manage my schedule with writing both FFs.. but I’ll be reaching u with my weekend shot.. and sometimes I try to connect with u ishqbaazies with one shot.. so don’t worry drs.. take sneak peak into last episode
Episode 42

Let’s move to Episode 43..
Shivay lean towards her ears by holding her. Annika shivered by his warm breath. When he asked about her about kitchen incident.. she silently noded no.. and went away from him freeing herself.. Shivay is confused and look at her. She turns towards him, but she can’t control blushing by seeing him.. she turns blushing. Shivay go near her again and stood close to her.. he ask, then what u wanted to talk about? Annika stammer and say, actually.. wanted to talk.. about.. about.. your gift for Om and Gauri. Shivay wonder what is there in that? He remembered their nok jhok and smile. She move away from his hold and start questioning. She ask, U’ll never agree to whatever I do or say.. now u have started competing with me for each and every silly things.. what r u thinking about urself Shivay? U say.. u r the great Shivay Singh Oberoi is not jealous of anything, don’t worry about anyone.. but u r not.. u r jealous of me.. that’s y u r doing all this.. will ur height come down if om and Gauri open my gift first? She said all this in one go.. and breathing heavily while Shivay give strange look with widened kanji eyes.

Prinku and Saumya r inspending Saumya’s room, spending some time together after a long time. They talk about Rikara’s departure next and feel bad. Then they watch some shows in YouTube and have good time. After sometimes at some point Rudra became their topic. Meanwhile Rudra wanted to spend time with girls and he came there.. he heard their conversation. Saumya was little bit annoyed for his earlier behavior. She complained about him and called him duffer for many times. Rudra want to play pranks with Saumya and his sister. He just think and go from there smiling. After they slept he come in their room silently.. he slowly processed towards their bed. Before reaching their bed he was crossing mirror.

Suddenly he turned to see who is that and scared to see himself in mirror and shouts. He was wearing Halloween costume and mask to scare girls. He himself got scared and fell down screaming. But he becomes conscious and look at them.. they were still sleeping. He put on mask and go near bed and opens her quilts. He woke up Prinku and when she turned to his side he was shocked and move backwards and bumped with someone. When he turned he was shocked to Saumya. They both had face pack on their face. Their green and red face pack was looking more terrifying in their room’s dim light and this made Rudra get scared and scream. He fell down screaming and fainted in shock. Girls panic and attend him.

Meanwhile, Shivay give water to Annika and make her relax. He think about his changes and behavior towards her and wonder about himself. He smile. After few secs Annika starts questioning him again. This time Shivay was totally lost in her and his mind is thinking about what she said about him. He slowly move towards her with that naughty smile in his face. Annika became worried seeing him and move backwards. Shivay caught hold her and pulled her towards him. She is totally lost in his eyes and his tight hold made her heart beat faster. They both were able to feel their heart beat by their closeness.

Annika stammer and say, leave me Shivay.. what r u doing? Shivay say, I didn’t understand myself till u cleared my queries. Even.I was disturbed by my changes and didn’t know the reason.. but u cleared it today Annika. She is confused and ask, what did I do? He say, U have really understood me very well.. u made me realize myself today. By saying all this he make her more close and grab her more towards him. Annika was not able to bear all this and struggle to free herself from him. She move away from him but again held by him. Annika blush and he wanted to place a kiss on her blushing cheeks. He pecked kiss on her right cheek. Annika was shocked and there was chill in her spine. She is more tensed now and he turns her towards him. They have eye lock. Shivay was admiring her and his gaze went to the lower part of her face. He was about to kiss her honey lips. Annika was in extreme..

she breath heavily and lean backwards. Shivay is not in mood to loose and lean forward to finish his job. She was begging for some space but he couldn’t here her. Finally she hit by tree nearby pool and close her eyes. Shivay love her tensed and admire with smile. He say, Annika open ur eyes.. She did. He held her face by hus hands and move forward to kiss.. Annika panicked and push him back. He fell into the pool.

Annika shouts Shivay and he come out. He is seen furious and stare at her. He come out of pool and stare at her. Annika is worried and ask him if he is fine. He avoids her and leave without uttering a word in anger. Annika gets sad and hit on her head. That night Shivay didn’t talk a word and just went to sleep. Annika was not able to sleep and felt restless. Next morning, Rikara getting ready to leave to Bareilly. After refreshing Gauri was finding difficult to walk without support. Om saw her and went to help her. Gauri was hesitant to get his help but Om insisted gently. He helped her and made her sit in recliner. He got her medicines and she took with his help. Then Om went to get ready. Gauri want to do prayer and do pooja. She saw Om busy with his work. She slowly moved to god idol and stood in front and pray. Om gently ask, don’t u want to do pooja today? She look at him and say, I will do everyday.. but today.. I should not do it by just using left hand andand turns sad. Om can’t see her like that and without second thought he said, can I help u? And then he remembered what he said. Gauri lightened up and nods happily. Om thought that he just wanted to do anything for that smile in her face, he took pooja tali and do pooja. He gave her aarati. She happily accept that. She took vermilion with her right hand and struggle to put it on her forehead.. but her hand splint disturbed it.

Om saw this and took vermilion from pooja tali and put on her forehead. They both were shocked and have eye lock. Om was about to say something but stammer and leave that place while Gauri was still in shock and confused. Annika and Janvi saw this from their room entrance and smile with hope. Then they entered to get them downstairs. Janvi brings Gauri, Annika and Om getting their things. Saumya and Gauri mom joins them and all r present in hall. Dadi and Buama bids emotional good bye for themnow and bless them. Annika and Saumya hug Gauri and ask her to take care of her and Om. They take GM blessings. Prinku gets emotional and hugs Om say, I miss u Bhaiya. He too say, I’ll miss u Prinku.. call me everyday..

and u know what to do right? Say what it is.. She tearfully smile and say, I have to take care of mom and dadi welland. OmRu have emotional moment and Ru about to cry. Om tell him to behave and take care of everyone, he ask about Shivay. Rudra say he’ll reach before they leave. Rikara take all elders blessings. After few minutes, Shivay joined them. He say, I said I’ll arrange chopper but u hesitated.. but I have arranged securities for u.. I don’t want to take chance in ur lives. Om say, Shivay there is no need of all.these.. Kali is in jail.. I can manage. But Shivay and Rudra insist. Om agrees. Om hug and tell Janvi to take care and head to car. They leave to Bareilly and all Oberois bid bye happily but sad in their hearts.

Precap: Annika feeling very bad for Shivay’s ignorance. Gauri ask Om to stop car and run into the woods. Om and Gauri mom gets worried, Om runs behind her. Rumya’s love story.

Sorry for very late update.. And I should thank our very own B. K. Maha.. she gave me this Shivika scn idea.. thanks a lot dr.. and take care my drs.. love u all ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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