Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-42

Hello my drs.. thanks for ur wonderful comment and I’m really sorry for not replying ur comments.. but I have read all ur lovely words and u made my day. I thank my friendly sister Mev who helped me to write shivika part today.. Take sneak peak into last episode if u missed
Episode 41

Let’s move to Episode 42
When Shivkara were emotional and others admiring their strong brotherly bond.. they heard some giggling sound and it was Gauri. All were surprised also confused why she was laughing.. Shivkara look at her and signs NO to each other. Same with other, they too look at each other and nods NO. Annika ask, Gauri.. what happened? Why r laughing? This is not topic to laugh. Gauri saw all their confused face and becomes normal. She apologize to Annika and Janvi for laughing.. she say, Actually Annika di I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to laugh at this topic.. sorry Maa ji. Annika ask, What? Then why did u laugh? Gauri look at Shivkara and again giggles slowly and bend down. Shivkara confused more and give strange look. Everyone confused and Rudra ask, Babhi.. Y r u looking at them and laughing.. actually mom told their emotional part and we all became emotional. But only u r laughing.. I don’t understand.. there was no funny part in this.. and he thinks.

Gauri say, No Rudy Bhaiya.. there was nothing funny in this.. actually it was very emotional and showed how much Bade Bhaiya care u.. but I had some other thought and laughed.. I’m sorry I can’t control that.. and she again look at Shivkara and giggles. Janvi say, Come on Gauri.. share with us, even we will laugh if it was funny. AniRumya and Shivkara too insist. Finally she decided to reveal. Gauri say, ok ok.. I’ll tell.. don’t misunderstand or feel bad.. forgive me if I hurt u by this.. When Maa ji was telling this story I thought about Bade Bhaiya and Omkara ji and giggles. Janvi ask, what’s there to laugh in this? She controls her laugh and say, Maa ji when u were telling this u would have thought about that old incident and u all remember ur childhood face and situation.. but I don’t know about their childhood.. how they would be.. that situation and all.. So when u were telling this story I thought them like today’s face. Annika can’t control her laugh.. Shivkara and other amazed and she continues.. So when u told bade Bhaiya broke cup in anger, Omkara ji crying, not talking with anyone.. then bade Bhaiya crying for Omkara ji.. bade Bhaiya fixing this cup, Omkara ji and bade Bhaiya emotions.. andd…….. Rudra smile and ask, and what Babhi?? Ols say fast.. She say, And…. Omkara ji kiss and hug bade Bhaiya and crying.. I thought all these scenes going on between them like they look today.. in this same dress and the way they r but behaving like kids.. When I had thought like that I was not able to control my laugh.. but thought it will b wrong to laugh during some serious or emotional situation.. so I tried to control my laugh.. but I failed.. sorry Maa ji.. she again giggles looking at them.

Omkara, Shivika, Rumya and Janvi r dumbstruck with her reply and her imagination. Gauri thought she hurt them and turns serious. It took few mins for them to realise and think like Gauri. They all look at each other and burst out to laughter.. Shivkara was embarrassed by thinking them like that but after few mins they too can’t control their laugh and bursts laughing and make fun of each other. All laugh like mad till their belly hurts. Rudra jokes, Bhaiya.. y don’t u fulfill Gauri Babhi’s wish.. she did not see u crying and consoling so just do it for her now. Shivkara shocked, makes face and say, shut up Rudra. Annika and Saumya also insist them to do it once. Janvi too insists by laughing. Shivay and Omkara look at each other and signs NO. They both managed to escape from that room.

In evening, Rikara are all set to start to Bareilly next day. Om was arranging their bags and Shivika and Rumya enter their room. They wish Rikara. Saumya askAfter, Bade Baal Wale Bhaiya.. I think u r set to leave for Bareilly.. is everything ready? Om nods and say, almost.. I have packed everything.. I’m checking again.. and u guys here? Annika say, yeah we r here to gift u both. Gauri and Om look at each other and ask, gift? For what? Rudra say, because u r going to Bareilly and we don’t how many days it’ll take for Chulbul Babhi to get her memory.. anyway u’ll be staying there till that we will miss u.. we know u too miss us.. so just thought to give u gifts as our memories. Rumya present their gift. Annika and Shivay present their gift at same time and look at each other. Om smile and took both gift with both hands. Rumya went to give gift for Gauri. Annika say, Om u’ll like my very much.. its such a Khidkitod gift.. open.. open soon. Shivay say, no Om.. u have to open my gift.. because that is our O’bro tradition right. Annika looks on.

After sometimes, Annika search for Shivay and maid say he still did not reach home. She wanted to talk and know about his childhood more as she got interested because of their flashback.. she wait for him. Almost she was waiting for so long and its late night. She saw Shivay coming and moved to pool side. Shivay saw her when he entered their room. He smile by seeing her and went to change. After changing he go to her. She sensed him and turns face and sit firm. Shivay smile seeing her actions and slowly went and sat near her. Shivay in teasing way, I think someone in this house is angry.. I can feel negative reiki/ vibes.. can u feel that Annika. She don’t respond. He go from there with smile. After few mins Annika turned and see Shivay went. She becomes furious. She go and check their room from pool side door standing out..She didn’t find him inside and confused. She turn to leave and bumped with Shivay. She was shocked, but doesn’t show it and moves with tadi. He holds her hand and say, I know u r angry with me.. u called me and said u wanna talk with me.. but I did not join you for dinner.. u knw right I had many meetings to attend today. She remains silent. He moves towards her and holds from back. She shivered and look at him. He say, I know what u wanted to talk.. she look at him in surprise. He say, u want to complete what we left that day in kitchen right? She is confused and thinks. Shivay moves near her ear and about to say something.

That’s all for today drs.. sorry for not giving long epi.. valuable suggestions r welcomed. Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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