Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode- 41

Hello my dr readers.. happy for ur lovely comments.. and many of u wanted to know when Gauri will gain her memory.. and it’ll happen within next 2 episodes.. so don’t worry drs.. and take sneak peak into last part if u have missed..

Episode 40

And let’s move to Episode 41
Om managed to grab that box from Annika and felt relief. But he is shy and blush. Gauri can’t control her excitement and ask him show what is there in that box. Om get shocked and stare her speechless. Gauri waiting for him and wonder y he is not responding. Om stammer and say, NO.. nothing.. nothing in this box. Gauri say, no something is there.. else Annika di and Saumya would not have laughed this much.. pls show me na. Om say, I told u there is nothing in this.. he said with raised voice and pampers that box. Gauri playfully frowns and turn aside. Anirumya feel bad for Gauri. Rudra support Gauri and say, O.. what is this.. there s nothing that is to be hidden from our family right.. that too with Chulbul Babhi.. r u mad O.. just show her what it is.. he repeated his own lines to him. Om makes frowns at him and warns not to come near here him. Annika and Saumya tell him to show it to Gauri. Rudra go to snatch that box from Om. Om tell, Rudra.. NO.. don’t come near me.. I’ll not give this.. stay away from me Rudra.. he runs around room and Rudra trying to catch him. Annika and Saumya go and sit near Gauri and enjoy their antics. Shivay and Janvi enters room and see OmRu running over bed and chasing like Tom and Jerry and wonders. Om running and say, Rudra stop chasing me.. I said I wont give. Rudra chasing Om say, O.. stop running.. I said I wont leave u if u don’t give. Om run and stand behind Shivay and ask him to stop Rudra. Rudra trying to pull ouy Om from Shivay and ask Shivay to let him come out. They both run around Shivay and Shivay turn around here and there.

Finally Shivay ask them to stop and takes breath. He ask what’s going on by breathing. OmRu who r breathing heavy explain him like hints. Om breathing and say, Shivay.. I.. box.. tell him.. go.. Rudra say, Bhaiya.. O.. box.. Babhi.. give me.. Shivay and Janvi don’t understand what they want to tell and ask them to explain clearly. Annika explains Shivay.. Gauri wanted to see what is there in that box.. but Om is letting her see that. Rudra was chasing O to get that box from him. OmRu nods yes by breathing heavily. Shivay say, awww.. come on Om y r u behaving like a child.. its just box and what is the big deal to show it to Gauri.. he get it from his hands. Om snatched from his hands again and hide it behind him and signs NO. Shivay ask him to give but Om can’t talk as he is breathing heavily.. he just nods NO and hide it more. ShivRu look at each other and nods for something. Shivay makes his signature style and Rudra flexing his arms.. They both move forward and go towards Om and Om moves backwards holding box behind him. He ask them not to do that and tell, Shivay if u know what is there in this box u will not do that. But SSO doesn’t listen to him and they both catch Om and tries to snatch it from him. All ladies r awestruck by this brother’s antics and enjoying to the core. Finally Shivay held Om and Rudra managed to snatch tat box from his hand. He runs to Gauri and presented it to her.
Om tries to free himself from Shivay but Shivay is not ready to lose. Gauri and Saumya eagerly open box and Gauri ask, What is this? She is surprised. She laugh uncontrollably. Janvi, Annika and Saumya also laughs. Shivay too surprised but happy for their smile at face. He ask, R u happy now Gauri? Gauri nods yes by laughing. Om say, Shivay leave me.. what have u done.. its our secret box.. this duffer Oberoi bought it in front of them.. and all this.. Om frowns face at Rudra and fumes at him. Shivay shell shocked and stammer, Wha.. what.. what did u say? Our.. our.. sec..ret box… OmRu nods yes. He holds his head and look at those ladies who r rolling down and laughing at their secret. He say, Fhat the Wuck? He saw Gauri taking out an Album and Shivkara panics. Rudra joined ladies and he making fun of himself. Shivkara fumes at his dumbness andan curiously look at them.

It was album of those three brother’s childhood pictures and their moments. Gauri opened album’s cover. Its was written “O’bro’s O’bro moment – ShivOmRu” when she passed on to next page, there were 3 new born baby pic and written as Shivay Omkara Rudra on top.of each pic. All three girls look and admire their mens. Aniri look at Shivkara they jerk and turn aside. Saumya say, Rudra.. I thought u r cry baby just now.. but just now I understood u r like tat by ur birth and make fun of him. Rudra frowns at her and say loudly, Sumo.. mind ur words. She makes angry face. Rudra scared and took refugee lying at Janvi’s lap by crying and complaining about Saumya. Janvi console him and laugh. They saw different pictures like all three playing, caring eo, their b’day celebration, etc. It just focused on their O’bro moment. Annika ask, Rudra.. what is the need to take this along whenever u go out stations? Rudra say, Its just for our memories Babhi.. recent photos r there in mobile.. but these r our treasure.. this is where it started. We can’t forget this or ignore this.. whenever we r going out of town, we use to carry this as our memories. We won’t miss eo and feel like we r together.

Gauri smiles and check box.. she found some old scribblings of a kid and questions. Janvi say, its Om’s first-ever drawing.. Shivay wanted to treasure it, as it was his brother’s first favorite thing. In fact after this only we know Om is interested in Arts. Saumya took old knee caps and torn life saving kit.. she think for a minute and say, Janvi Aunty.. this is Rudra’s right? Rudra lighten up and grab that from her. He ask, Mummy.. u remember how this got torn? Janvi nods and smiles. Rudra say, this green color kit was my favorite.. but one day, when we were out for picnic.. I jumped into pool and some sharp material in pool torn this.. Shivay Bhaiya and O came to my rescue. So we treasure this as memory of saving me. They all smile and get nostalgic. Annika took a broken bowl/cup with many broken marks that r decorated with colours and glitters and ask about it. Janvi look and laugh at Shivay. Shivay face palms and turns. Annika noticed that. Janvi say, actually its a big story.. Om made this Cup as his art work and gifted it to Shivay. But one day Shivay broke it in anger.. u know abt his anger right? Om felt sad and started crying.. Shivay felt bad and apologized to Om. He can’t control Om,

Om was crying for the whole day, he did not eat, didn’t play with Rudra and Prinku, did not talk with anyone in house. He was just sitting alone and crying. Shivay was trying very hard to console him.. But nothing worked out. Om felt tired of crying and slept. Shivay was feeling bad seeing him like that and he started crying after him. Mummy ji consoled him and made him sleep. Next day Om was sadly sitting in lawn and did not talk with anyone. Shivay finally fixed and decorated this Cup and gave it to Om. Om’s happiness have no limits. He hugged and kissed Shivay in happiness. Shivay was in cloud nine after seeing his brother’s happiness. He promised him to save that a memory as Om’s happiness. Since that day they treasure this. And also since then, he will never break other’s things whatever in bad mood he is.. he’ll break his things or hurt himself. Shivika remember how Shivay wounded his hands after knowing/ misunderstanding Annika and Daksh before wedding. Annika admire Shivay and they have eye lock while describing this. After that Om and Shivay gets emotional and Om pat on his shoulder. Meanwhile all this happening, Gauri was laughing to the core silently.. when they all were emotional and silent her giggles were heard..They all look at her confused..
To know why she was laughing.. wait for next episode.. ???

Precap: Same as yesterday for Shivika and Rumya.

Pls wait for sometimes guys.. Pls let me give you my thoughts.. if I’m boring u with this kind of thoughts pls tell me clearly and openly.. I’ll change my track and give as u needed. Else let me do my work.. Hope u’ll let me know what u think.. Take care my drs.. Love u all 🙂 🙂

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