Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode- 40

Hi my drs.. thanks for ur response.. take sneak peak into last episode
Episode 39
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Let’s move to Episode 40..
Dadi and Buama enjoy their nok jhok for sometimes and smile at each other. Om say, its my mistake to get concern on u.. u r yelling me for helping u. Gauri say, if u really wanted to help, u would have done it without second thought.. but u did this because of helplessness.. mom or Annika di was not here so u did this helplessly.. this is enough to know about u. They keep fighting and yelling at each other. Annika came there and saw them fighting. She ask Dadi about it. Dadi say, even we r confused Annika.. in beginning we thought they were just playing.. but it does not seem like tat.. they r really fighting. Annika worries and they all go inside. Rikara stop by seeing them and turn away. Buama ask, How r u Gauri? Did u have food? Gauri nods. She intentionally ask, how did u eat.. we were all busy with work and just now came.. ur hand is not good. Gauri and Om look at each other. Gauri say, Buama ji.. actually.. she don’t know how to address Om and just stare him. Om understood and said, I made her to eat Buama. Dadi say, so u both finally started caring for each other. They both share a cute eye lock and look aside. They 3 smile at them. Om excuses and leave room. Annika sit near her and ask how was her health. Suddenly Om came back and said, Babhi.. just now she had food.. pls give her medicines.. I have kept there.. he went out when Annika noded yes. All ladies r happy to see Om caring Gauri and Gauri feel something for Om. After some chit chat they went to sleep.

Next morning, Shivay getting ready to office and search for Annika.. he made coffee and reading news paper in his room. Annika entered room with worried face and didn’t notice him. Shivay call her and ask what happened? She say, Shivay.. I’m really worried for Gauri and Om.. I don’t know how will Gauri accept this relation if she is crazy about that dead Madhav. What will Om do? How will he handle this? They both lost in thoughts. Om was more confused abt his feelings and Gauri, he wanted to clear this and go to GM to clear his doubt. He go to her room with tea and greets her. GM say, Damad ji.. Y do u bring tea.. I could have come and made myself. Om say, Maa ji, Won’t u have this if ur son is giving? GM was touched by this and feeling happy for such caring and good hearted son in law. They both smile and have tea. He enquires about her health and take her to lawn for walk. They both share some good time.
Om makes GM sit and serves breakfast. While eating Om try to talk about Gauri.. He ask, Maa ji.. Gauri is getting better nowadays.. but her memory is still 2yrs before.. she is not remembering anything of recent days. GM worry about her and say, even I’m worried for her memory damad ji.. unless she remembers ur marriage she will never accept u or this marriage.. sorry to this, but, even she won’t even turn to ur side without getting memory.. because she believed in Madhav and his love. If she don’t get her memory back then she will live just with the memory of him. Om gets thinking. GM see this and ask, Don’t worry damad ji.. I believe Sankar ji will give us some way to overcome this problem. Shivika say, as u said Maa.. Ur Shankar ji have shown way. They smile looking each other. Om and GM ask, what they mean to say.

Annika say, Just now doctor came with Gauri’s reports. He said, her memory would come back if she visit same places of her past. Om and GM got rays of hope and felt good about this news. They all have smile in their face. Shivay say, so u guys r going to Bareilly tomorrow.. I’ll arrange chopper and get ready.. Om nods and Shivay leaves talking in phone. Annika takes GM with her to talk to Gauri. Om felt good after knowing about her health status. He started to plan about what to be done in Bareilly. He think and remembers wherever they met and its circumstances. He had smile when he thought about the nok jhok they had during their phone exchanging phase. Then he becomes upset after remembering her with Kali.. but GM’s words reflects in his mind and get confused again. He say, shit.. what’s wrong with me.. why am I not able to decide in this matter. He think for a while and goes.

In Rikara’s room, Annika and Saumya packing Gauri’s belongings. Gauri is sitting in couch and talk with them. Rudra come with a box and tell Saumya to keep that in their luggage. Saumya ask, Rudra.. what is this box? He say, Its just our O’bros secret.. Me and Shivay Bhaiya use to give this every time to O whenever he goes out of city.. even they use to give me.. me and O use to give Shivay Bhaiya sometimes.. it can’t be shared with u Sumo.. he say by making face. Saumya too makes face and turns. Annika say, ok then I’ll see that and tries to take that. Rudra screams, Babhi no.. pls its our O’bros special secret.. not to be shared with anyone.. in pleading way. Annika and Saumya frowning at Rudra. Om come and say, Rudra.. what is this.. there s nothing that is to be hidden from our family right.. that too with Babhi and Saumya.. r u mad Rudra.. just show them what it is. Rudra widen his eyes by like warning him and say, O.. Its not TV show to be shown to all.. and rolls his eyes. Annika and Saumya say, see now Om itself said to show that, come on show and they try to grab from Rudra’s hands. Rudra signs no and run. He stood behind Om and ask him to listen. Om packing his things. Om doesn’t mind him and say, Rudra what’s wrong with u and pulls him out. Rudra start running around room. Gauri enjoy their playtime even though she doesn’t remember them. Annika and Saumya locks him in two ways and managed to grab from his hands move away from him. He makes cry baby face and say, O.. its over and signs failed by his thumbs down. Om confused and signs what? Rudra sing him with his hands. Om understood and shocked. Gauri Don’t understand their dumb charades and wonder what it was. Annika and Saumya opened box and take those things and laugh seeing that. Om face palms and runs to grab from them. He got box from them and shyly blush.. Gauri can’t wait more to know what was there in tat box and ask, what is that? Pls show me also and tries to peek into it. Om is shocked and look at her speechless. He stammer telling NO. Gauri becomes sad.

Precap: Rudra snatched box from Om and show it to Gauri. Gauri can’t control her laugh. Shivika fight and Annika push Shivay into pool. Rudra tries to scare Saumya by wearing ghost mask and gets scared. He fell unconscious in floor.

I know it was late update.. sorry sorry sorry and pls forgive me drs.. ur valuable suggestions are welcomed. Thank u my drs.. take care.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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