Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-39

Hi my dr readers.. sorry for late update.. I know this time I jave taken really a very long break.. but pls forgive me.. I’m really not getting time from my work.. then how can I think and write FF 🙁 🙁 🙁 Sorry sorry sorry.. take sneak peak into last episode
Episode 38

Lets move to Episode 39
Saumya left party venue because of Rudra’s irritating behavior. She was sitting in lawn and lost in thoughts. Rudra.didn’t notice Saumya leaving and busy chatting with girls. After sometimes he found Saumya missing and ask Ananya and other friends. No one saw Saumya leaving. Rudra get tensed and leave that place. He search for Saumya everywhere in hotel but he can’t find her. He again go to roof top and ask his friend Chubby about Saumya. Same answer. He get worried about her and stand at the edge of railings. Suddenly he captured view of a girl in lawn and to his surprise it was Saumya. He relaxed and run towards lawn.
Om thinks, now I have to make her eat.. why don’t they come and feed her.. She will yell at me if she see my face and even I don’t want to go near her. After thinking for a while, he decides to feed her. He go near her and gently call her, “Gauri.. Gauri..” then he hold her flawless cheeks and feel it so soft. He call her by gently patting her. Gauri slowly wake up and blink to get clear vision. Om is lost in her almond shaped eyes that flutter and dance like butterfly. He get mesmerized by this and Gauri is making her vision clear and saw Om close to her, which make her shiver. His mesmerized state was broken when Gauri’s sharp eyesight attacked him. He ask her to have food before take pills. Gauri wake up with little struggle. Om hold her and help her to sit comfortably. They have an eye lock.
Saumya sitting alone in lawn and lost in thoughts. She think how her life changed after she met Rudra. She thinks, I don’t know that u’ll dominate my life this much when I met u in hospital.. after lots of misunderstanding and struggles we r here.. but y do I feel nowadays I’m away from u.. tear filled her eyes and ready to roll down at any moment. Rudra come and sit next to her and see he lost in thoughts. He just sit next to her and try to observe her. But later he is lost in her and start admiring her. He think how she helped him in hospital for first time when they met. His heart said, u made a very strong impact on me in our first meeting Saumya.. U started to dominate me since we met.. but I didn’t understand that for long time. He too think about all their moments, their wedding, their misunderstanding etc,. Both were lost in each other’s thought.
Om takes food tray and sit near her. Gauri say, I’ll have it and get tray from him. He feel bad but didn’t show. She try hard to eat with left hand but can’t. Gauri look tired and not in mood to give up, she avoid food and decides to sleep. Om holds her food tray and forwards spoon to feed her. Gauri Don’t want to eat with his help as she thinks she is forced into this relationship, she say, I’m not hungry I don’t want and turns her face. Om say, U may not be hungry but u have to take medicines, before that u should have some food.. so just eat and forwards his hand. She say, Don’t find reasons to come near me.. I don’t know who u r, everyone say u r my husband.. but.. I can’t believe this.. I can’t see anyone else in my Madhav’s place.. I know u would have married me without my wish.. but he helped me and saved my life.. but as I said earlier (2yrs before she said this in Bareilly to her mom) I will not give his place to anyone.. I did not want to get married.. but u did it without my wish.. but I can’t consider it and take u as my husband. Om was shell shocked to hear this from Gauri and even confused more.. because he was in dilemma about her character.. now this too.. he say, its ok if u don’t believe this marriage and consider me as ur husband.. just have some food now thinking me as ur friend. Gauri was not convinced but she can’t control her hunger anymore because of her medicines and health condition. She accept to eat with his help. While feeding her Om had several thoughts about Gauri.
After long time of thinking Rumya come back to reality. Rudra ask, shall we move? Saumya nods and they leave in their car. They were silent for long time and didn’t talk a single word. Rudra wanted to break the ice, he ask, so u enjoyed well? Saumya look at him and turns face. Rudra makes puppy face, he can’t tolerate her silence and wanted to break tat at any cost.. he keep trying. So what did Pragati said? How is her studies going on? She remains silent. He nag her to say and talk to him. Saumya done with his nagging and huffs before speaking. Rudra jerks and make innocent face. Saumya say, why r u asking me? U were busy with for long time na.. infact she was spending more time with u than me.. why didn’t u ask her. She said this in scolding tone at one go, she makes face at him and turns. Rudra was blown up by her anger and came back to sense, took deep breaths and relaxing himself when she was murdering him for 40th time in her mind. Suddenly their car breakdown and he gets down to see what happened. He opened car bonnet and search. Saumya gets down and ask, What happened? Why did car breakdown suddenly? Rudra was seriously searching something. Saumya taps him and ask same question again. Rudra serious gace and thinking a lot and say, Don’t know what happened? Suddenly car stopped.. and think again. Saumya ask, ok.. what is the fault? Can u fix it? He turn to her and say, Sumo.. didn’t u hear me? I don’t know what is the problem.. how can I fix? Saumya thinks for a while and ask, it means u don’t know anything about mechanical? He nods no with innocent face. Saumya lost cool and shouts, U duffer Oberoi.. then y did u open bonnet like big mechanical engineer? U have wasted this much time.. at least we could have called some mechanic by this time. Rudra laughs and joke, he say, come on Sumo.. have u not watched in movies? Whenever car breakdown, they use to open bonnet and search something.. that is what I’m doing. She glares at him and he moved away with puppy face. Seeing this Saumya can’t control her laugh and burst out laughing to core. Rudra too laugh with her and mesmerized. Saumya check her mobile and say her battery dead. Same with Rudra. He say, its ok.. we near home only.. we can walk and reach there. Saumya nods.
Om and Gauri did not speak even a word while having food. They were just starring each other with lots of thoughts running in their mind. Gauri, who lost her memory and doesn’t remember anything about their marriage is irritated with Om, but his care for her sometimes shake her inner soul to think about him. Om going through lots of thoughts, he think, Our marriage didn’t happen with her wish.. I just filled her maang and took rounds without even asking her.. even.I didn’t see her face at that time.. she just asked for help from me, I just did drama to shut those villagers mouth.. but she considered this as real and kept this relationship. If she gain her memory fully how will she react and what will happen to her? If she remembered her first love Madhav and still crazy about him even after knowing he is dead.. how will she accept this again. Gauri finished her dinner but Om still feed wit spoon and she can feel some sour taste and finally come to sense. She saw Om scratching empty bowl and feeding her imaginary food. She didn’t understand that he is lost in thoughts and call him, suniye.. suniye.. she think he is avoiding her and get furious. She call him, Hey.. hey jatadhari hippy.. Om was amazed to listen that word from her.. he turns to her with excitement and questioning face.. she say, can’t u hear me? he ask, What? She say, U r making me eat just this spoon.. there is no porridge in bowl.. See. Om look at bowl and his hand, he understood what he was doing and apologize to her. She yells, Where r u lost? If u r not interested toin feed me.. y don’t u call my mom or someone else.. Oh.. u r trying to come near me and finding reasons to stick to me right? Om was shaken by this statement and yells back, Oh hello.. mind ur words.. I’m not finding any reasons to stick around u.. Its my mistake to keep concern on ur health.. even I did not wish to feed u like a kid.. I tried my best to reach ur mom, Annika Babhi.. but they were all busy with some work.. that is y I decided to do this.. don’t dream like u r the only beauty queen in this world. She huffs, oh then u didn’t even have a small humanity in ur heart.. u did this because of ur helplessness.. right.. how mean u r.. their nok jhok continues, Buama and Dadi come to see Gauri and enjoy their cute hubby wifey fight.

Precap: Om talk to GM and she say everything about Gauri’s life to him clearly. Om and Gauri go to Bareilly.. Shivika and Rumya miss Rikara.

Thank u all.. take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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