Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-32

Hi my dr darling readers.. Loved ur comments and love for my next part. As said yesterday.. Buama didn’t turn negative and I’ll continue with Rumya track in my FF. Take sneak peak into last episode

Thank god this Maha Stupid episodes over.. I’m really disgusted with this pinky and yes I felt this Maha Stupid is only for pinky not for Shivika and Omri. Anyways Let’s move to Episode 32
Night at OM:
ShivRu bring Om to his room. Om is stunned to see his room decorated with pleasant smelling florals and decorations. He is confused and ask what’s all this Shivay? ShivRu look like teasing him and say, what is this Om u r just married and came with ur wife and its a ritual. Ru tease, I know O.. y u r tensed.. don’t worry I’ll send u tips and talk naughty in his ears. Om give brotherly slap to him and signs him to shut up. Ru made puppy face and run to Shivay and they both tease him. Meanwhile Annika and Saumya bring Gauri. Annika say, Awww wow.. groom has come before bride.. Om (she say teasing way) and SauAni laugh at him. Om say, Babhi pls.. u too don’t do this to me. They all laugh and tease them.
Gauri and Om felt embarrassed and irritated to face each other. Turn either sides. Shivay say, ok guys its time for us to leave.. let’s go. ShivRu hugs Om and Annika hug Gauri and they leave their room. Om and Gauri look at each other and give irritating look. When they moved,they bumped. Om holds her from falling. They have an eye lock. Later came to sense and try to move away. Gauri’s chunri get struck in nail near couch and struggle to free it. She can’t move as it rounded her legs while trying to free it. Om see this and hesitantly go to help her. They both try to take cloth without tearing. Gauri’s Haar get struck in his hair while bending down and he screams. She say, Sorry.. sorry Omkara ji I’ll do it. Gauri sat on couch and placed his head on her lap and slowly she is fixing while Om say, be careful and slow.. r u fixing it or cutting my hair? He keep complaining. Gauri gets irritated and tell him to be quite. After she fixed, Om relaxed and sat down in relief and Gauri was removing her jewelry in mirror. Om and Gauri look and think what happened. He think how was lying on her lap and Gauri close to him. They both feel embarrassed to face each other. Om goes to change.
Shivay is busy with khanna and checking for freezer box. He say its very important to find it and he say search in all basement areas. Khanna got his plan and directs his team. Gauri too changed fast, she joins the team and Shivay shocked to see Gauri roaming out this time. He ask, Gauri.. why r u here? This time? I’ll handle it.. u go to ur room. Gauri say, No bade Bhaiya.. its my duty first.. I need to help Omkara ji and that’s my work. Shivay confused and ask, What? Gauri say, Nothing bade Bhaiya I’ll come now and leaves. Om came and didn’t find her in room and say, its good she is not here.. else I would have got disgusted seeing her face. I have find that freezer box at any cost. Svetlana has kept that box in second floor old store room. Gauri didn’t find Svetlana in her room and suspects she should have gone to freezer box area. Om come to Shivay and ask, Shivay.. did u find that freezer box? Shivay gets worried and say, Om.. what’s wrong.. this is not time to be here.. but u guys r roaming out. Om is confused and ask, who else is here? Shivay say, Gauri. Om shocked.
Gauri run and come to Shivay and say, Bade bhaiya.. sultana is not in her room.. I’m sure she would have gone to that freezer box area. We have to find her soon. Om ask, how do u know that she went to freezer box area. Gauri say, I know it, when I was Chulbul.. she use to roam during late night for her beauty treatment.. u remember I use to give u Aamla in beginning to make u unconscious.. she’ll go to basement after making u unconscious. I’m sure she must be there. We have to find her ASAP Bhaiya. Shivkara nods and join hands. Rudra too joined. They all r connected in conference call and decide to search in each part of house. Shivay say he’ll look at garden and backyard with his team. Rudra have to handle ground floor till main gate. Om look at first floor and Gauri in second floor. They all search every part and its more than an hour. No one got any clue or Svetlana. Om taunts Gauri’s stupid idea and scold her for wasting time. Shivay defend her. He ask Om to check again whether Svetlana is in her room. Om didn’t find her in room and informed them. Shivay say, so she’s still out and there is something fishy. We have to wait for sometime.
Annika wake up and can’t find Shivay. She saw Rudra roaming in hall and enquire him and he say their mission. Now Annika too joined. Om was about to leave Svetlana room but he found some behind partition and went to see it. He found a secret passage (what to do guys.. I want end her chapter na.. so pls bear this stupidness) and informed to Shivay. He say, there are two ways Shivay.. one is going down another is going up. Rudra remember Dadi telling him, O better u use upstairs because downstairs will lead to garden gate. Shivay Bhaiya is there she is not in garden area. Om nods and take upstairs step. Meanwhile Gauri saw some extra wiring connection taken through extension wiring box into a room. She enquires about that room. Shivay after thinking for a while say, its a old store room.. its shut down for more than 10yrs and nothing can be there. Gauri say, no bade Bhaiya.. there is some wiring connection given to that room and it look new. Something is there.. but I can’t open this door. How to open this? Shivay say, Go to the Third guest room and get keys from cupboard. She run and get keys. She opened door and saw room full of dust and dirt. She switched on light and saw many old things. She hear some noise and got frightened. Om opened the secret door and came into that room. Both r surprised to see each other in same room. They both ask, U? Here? Om explained Svetlana’s room have secret passage to this store room.. it means that box should be here. AniRu runs to second floor. Om and Gauri search everywhere and found it behind a broken table where wiring connection is given. They open freezer box and find real Svetlana lying. They get shocked and inform others.
Svetlana who was hiding behind come screams Omkara’s name. She say, u cheated me Omkara.. u did a very big mistake in ur life by messing up with Svetlana. Now u r going to die. She points gun at him. Gauri stand in front of Om like shield and protect him. Om is stunned to see Gauri and look at her. Svetlana say, so husband and wife both of u wish to die.. then die. She triggered gun at the mean time Rudra came hold her but bit late. Om shocked and push Gauri aside he too bend down. When Ru pulled her gun point missed and hit on Gauri’s right shoulder when om pushed her. Gauri got shot and hit on the wall and fell unconscious. OmRu and Annika got shocked and Shivay too get shocked by seeing this. Securities hold Svetlana. She screams to leave her while taking her away.
AniShivOmRu shell shocked to see Gauri in pool of blood. Her head and hand bleeding badly. Om thinks its all because of him Gauri got shot and he hit her on wall. Om screams Gauri.. everyone rush to her. Om hold Gauri and took her in his lap and calls out her name. He cries and ask, Shivay.. Babhi.. tell Gauri to wake up.. y she is not responding. He cries. ShivRu console him and ask him to take her to hospital. All family members woke up because of gun shot sound. Om took Gauri in his arms and rush. Rudra runs fast to get car and family members don’t understand what’s happening. When Om took Gauri downstairs everyone shocked to see Gauri’s condition and panics. Shivkara rush without making late.. Annika explained whole incident and take family to hospital. Om can’t control his tears when they r taking her to hospital. He keep calling Gauri and try get her conscious. She did not respond a bit. Shivay keep consoling Om, he call doctor to make everything ready.
Gauri is rushed to OT in stretcher and Om didn’t take his eyes off her and hold her hands crying. His soul too went inside OT with Gauri. He saw his white night suit filled with stain of Gauri’s blood and he saw that and break down. After a long time he get shivered inside and felt scared of loosing her. He see her from outside and cries. ShivRu console him meanwhile all family members arrived and drama happens. Annika Prinku and Saumya go to Om and console him.

Precap: Gauri is sitting on bed and talking with Annika. Om give medicine with angry face. Gauri say, can’t u talk with a smile in ur face? Have anyone not taught u how to smile? I don’t want to see ur face.. just go from here. ShivOmRu shocked.

And that’s all my drs. Pls leave ur comments below so I can know ur views about this FF. And pls don’t think Om is same again. Tomorrow u’ll know about changes in him. And say ur views about it. Take care my drs.. love u all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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