Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-30

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At OM:
Entire OM is decorated and lightened up to.welcome its new Bahu. OM was glowing like sun in the solar system. It was fully decorated with colourful tulips, orchids and many other florals. Dadi, Buama Janvi and Pinky go to make all arrangements for Grahapravesh ritual and ask Annika and Saumya to take bride groom to home. Annika and Saumya go to Gauri, theyI hug and congratulates her for marriage and welcomes to Oberoi family. Shivay ask Om and Gauri to walk forward. Rudra ask them to pose for a click. They all take pic and moves. Gauri was awestruck by the decorations and grandeur of OM. Annika say, all this arrangements r for u and Omkara. We wanted to bring our Omkara’s wife like princess in our home. Because he is such a special person for all of us.. and u r his wife.. u r also equally special for us. Moreover u r our favorite Chulbul and wished Bahu (On Jagrata they all wished her to make her wife for Omkara) Gauri is overwhelmed by their talks and gets emotional. She thinks, See my fate.. I have got such a wonderful family and their love for me is more than this world.. but everything for few days. She feels bad but cheered up by them.

They stand in front of door and all the rituals happen for Grahapravesh. Om and Gauri go to house temple and pray to GOD. Om doesn’t pray but stand silent. They were taken to their room. Shivay gets call and leaves. Janvi say, Annika.. take some food for Om and Gauri.. first give them sweets and then tell them to have food. Annika nods and takes food trolley. Rumya joins her on the way. Om say, Don’t get emotional and develop feelings as this house’s Bahu.. everything is for few days. Gauri look at him and nods. Om thinks and say, not even few days.. Svetlana left.. so I think u should be ready to leave by tomorrow. Annika and Rumya come there and ask, why should she leave? Om gets shocked and they both turn to see them. Om and Gauri look them in shock and look at each other. Om stammer and say, Babhi.. nothing.. I was.. I was just.. Annika smile at them and say, hereafter she’ll not go anywhere.. if she wants to go then U take her wherever she wish.

Rudra jokes and say, Thank god.. I thought O got spoiled but he got saved. All r confused and look at him. Om ask, what r u blabbering? Rudra sings him showing Gauri and does dumb charades like cap and hair (Actually he meant Chulbul by his action).. Om still confused and say, open ur mouth and say u duffer. Rudra saw all three girls and signs again and sing Ma ladadla bigad gaya. Om understood what he mean and embarrassingly look at Gauri. Gauri ask, What? I don’t understand. OmRu manages and say, Nothing. Annika and Saumya too confused and they three make signs. Rudra say, anyway I’m so happy that U both got a boy friend but that boy turned to be a girl.. that too beautiful Gauri Babhi.. he praise her and say, me and Shivay Bhaiya got saved. Om pats on his head and say, shut up Rudra. Annika really lost her cool and confronts Rudra. She ask him to clear them their secret. Om say, Babhi pls.. he is saying some stupid things, Om signs him not to say. But Saumya takes Om away and Annika shows her Tadi face to Rudra and he was bit scared.

Rudra makes cry baby face.. and say, Babhi pls don’t look at me like this.. I’ll say.. Om face palms. Rudra explain how he and Shivay was jealous on Chulbul and worried for Annika and Saumya. AniSauRi can’t control their laughter and all three laugh out loud. While Rudra was explaining all those incidents Om reminded about Chulbul and his sacrifices and help. He gets thinking and look Gauri. She was laughing like a kid and he thought how can she do this.. Am I really misunderstanding her? Gauri saw him and controls her laugh. Both look in either ways avoiding each other. After all these funny moments Annika say, Om.. Gauri actually we came to give u something to eat. Om say, not now Babhi.. I’ll have later.. let Gauri eat. He wants to avoid her and about to leave the room, but Rudra catch him and dragged him and make him stand near Gauri. Prinku joined them.

Meanwhile, Shivay reached Svetlana’s room and ask, Have u not left till now? R u waiting to get kicked out? Svetlana smiles evil and say, I have a small work left and then I’ll get my way. He ask, What do u mean? She show intimate pics of Tej and her to Shivay. She threatens to show in media (same like she threatens Om in DBO). Shivay thinks, Shit.. we didn’t get rid of this witch forever.. I should find some way to kick her out of our lives forever. He did SSO signature style and tell, stay here.. will discuss later.. and he goes. Svetlana laughs. Shivay say, she has bade papa in her hands.. she is trying to make us dance in her fingers using him as trump card.. I have to end her game soon. Else she’ll be creating problem in Om’s life too. He go to Om’s room.

When he entered he saw Rudra holding Om and saying, Where r u going? We have planned a lot with u guys. Be like a good boy and girl and listen to us.. after all u r newly married. Om stares him. Ok.. ok.. u got married before 2 months but just now we know and u bought Gauri Babhi here.. So we say that. He ask Annika to say. Om and Gauri look at her. Annika made them sit and served sweets. She say, both of u came in our house as husband and wife for first time.. so have sweets first. They were about to have with helpless face but Annika and Rudra shouts to stop. They were shocked and look at them. Shivay ask, Annika what is this misbehavior.. they r about to have know.. then what? Annika ask, Shivay.. how can u too forget that? See they r having themselves. Shivay got what she mean. He supports her.

Om and Gauri was confused and ask, Why? What happened? Saumya smiles and say, Om Bhaiya.. u should feed sweets to Babhi first.. how can u eat urself? Om look at Gauri and hesitates but they all insist him. Om feed her sweet in helplessness. Prinku say, Rudra Bhaiya.. click these moments na.. it’ll be good memory to look in future. Rudra praise her idea and click pics. Om feed her and then Gauri feed sweets to Om. They all smile but Om and Gauri r faking smile because of helplessness.

Precap: Gauri saw a chip inside Robot. She rush to ShivOmRu and show them. They are shocked to see video. Shivika romance. Rumya nok jhok.

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