Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi. Epsiode-29

Hi my dr sweet hearts.. I think nowadays u ppl r bored by the way I’m taking story.. I’m writing on going track in my way of imagination and sometimes feeling like everything is similar to the show.. I’m planning to end my FF in next few episodes.. pls give me ur valuable suggestion. And yeah I’m really feeling FTW happening in this both shows.. next week Maha Sangam gonna happen and in yesterday’s episode of IB and DBO I felt like that both shows r different.. although they won SPA awards together I felt like its traveling in different path. In IB there is no DBO ppl and in DBO I have never seen any IB ppl except ShivRu. Do u guys think just one week of togetherness is enough for our show? We want both shows inter related and same track.. here they r not talking about Svetlana pr Om’s problem in IB and in DBO such big incidents like Prinku wedding, Annika shot and much more happened but there was not even a talk in the show.. I’m fed up with this.. so I convince myself by connecting and writing both shows.. if u don’t like this pls tell me.. I’ll end this and concentrate on my Weekend Shot.. and try to come back with another FF. Ok.. Let’s start our Episode 29..

In Bareilly:
Om was shocked when Shivay said, Dadi Buama and Bade ma asked to bring their Bahu back home. Bade ma said I want my Gauri back.. She is like my daughter. Om look at Gauri. He turns to Shivay, but Shivay.. just now u know.. how do they know about Gauri and her name? Shivay say, even I want to know that.. Only u can answer for this Gauri.. tell me what’s happening in OM without our knowledge. Gauri explains how she got caught by Janvi on Jagrata celebration day. Om remembers her singing and their moments. Shivay ask, is that u who came to sing on Jagrata? She nods. He gets happy and say, before bade ma found ur truth Buama, Dadi, bade ma, Annika and Saumya liked u and Dadi wants to make u as our Bahu and wife of Omkara.. but fate has already joined u in this relationship. I’m sure everyone will be surprised and happy to accept u as our family member.. U r coming with us. He goes to make call.

Om and Gauri tries to talk with him but he goes aside. Om was stunned after knowing about her identity revealed in front of his family. He blames her for this and say its her plan(I don’t want to show Om like villain or mad). Gauri lost her cool say, Enough.. I’m not the type of girl u r thinking.. even if I explain u r not ready to listen to me.. and I don’t want to prove that to the man who does not want to understand. I will not come with u as u wish. Hereafter I won’t disturb you in any way. She turns to go.. Om gets call and leaves. Shivay calls her and ask, where she is going. He ask her to come with him. Ur family is waiting there in OM. Gauri refuses.. Om come there and say, Shivay.. Gauri will come with us.. I’ll talk to her.. u call our chopper. Shivay nodes and goes. Gauri look at him confused. Om say, u’ll be coming with me as my wife for 1or 2 days.. means till that Svetlana leaves that house. Then u can go to ur life. Gauri say, wow.. now u want me to help u.. how u believe that I’ll come with u even after this much insult. Om say, u have to come.. u have no other choice.. Ur friend called u.. when I attended I came to know that she is hospitalized and ur friend has no money for her treatment. I paid whole amount for her treatment.. so this is just a deal.. I paid and u work. Gauri is hurt to the core and cries thinking her ill fate. She thinks and ask God, Hey Sankar ji.. what is this fate.. my husband is making deal with me paying money to go with him as his wife. This is such a insulting moment in my life and our relationship. Y did u give me such fate and joined me in this kind of relationship. I can’t leave this relationship but at least my self respect should get saved. Now what will I do? She cries and thinks. She thinks, whatever Omkara ji do.. but I’ll keep this relationship for life.. I’ll not accept this deal.. but will help him as his wife. I have to go to OM with him as his wife. She turns to him and say, I’ll come with u. Om say, ok.. move. They three reach helipad (near cliff) and boards chopper.

Chopper flies around OM and they saw all wedding arrangements. Chopper lands in OM’s helipad. Svetlana is overjoyed and taunts Buama, So my would be husband has arrived in chopper and he’ll be mine in few minutes. Buama and Janvi silently smile at each other. Shivay gets down chopper. Rudra, Annika, Prinku and Saumya excited. Omkara gets down Chopper and look at them.. Svetlana smiles at him and takes a rose and move towards him. Om forwards his hand and Gauri places her hand on his hand. She gets down chopper with Omkara’s help and he hold her tight when she gets down. Gauri shivered and jerks after getting down. Om say, Remember our deal? Its just matter of few days. Gauri gets sad and nodes. She stand near him and have Gunghat/ veil over her face. Svetlana shocked to see to Omkara with another girl in bridal wear. She ask, Omkara.. who is she? What is this prank on our wedding. Om smile and takes rose from her hand and give it to Gauri, he introduces her, Well Svetlana.. Meet my wife.. Mrs. Omkara Singh Oberoi. Svetlana shocked and can’t talk a word.

Shivay goes to Dadi and Buama and say, Dadi.. here is ur Bahu.. I got her as u wished. R u happy now? Dadi and Buama hugs him.. Buama say, u r my darling.. u got My Omki and my Bahu back. U r a superhero. She cups his face. Janvi say, Omkara.. bring my Bahu inside our home.. we have to do all rituals. Svetlana shouts, What the hell is going on here.. She goes to Om and say, R u trying to fool me? Don’t u remember the pre-nup u signed.. don’t u know that all ur properties and shares will be mine. Om say, A small mistake.. it does not belong to u.. its written that.. All my properties and shares belong to my wife.. not Svetlana.. there is no name mentioned as Svetlana in any place. She gets agreement papers and check and makes face. U got it Svetlana? So my all properties and shares belong to my wife.. and she is my wife. Everyone smile at them. Svetlana don’t believe that marriage and say, its a lie.. u r doing this to get rid of me. Om say, Omkara Singh Oberoi never lies.. and my marriage already happened. U wanna see my wife.. see. He go to Gauri and lifts her Gunghat/ veil. Gauri’s face is seen. All r happy to her except Svetlana. Annika and Saumya see each other and say, same girl we saw on Jagrata. Svetlana ask, U?

Gauri replies, yes.. its me.. whom u met in mata rani temple, who asked job from u.. and one more special and secret information for u.. I’m the one whom u hired to spy on Omkara ji.. Chulbul. I’m Gauri Kumari Sarma. Rumya, Annika and Prinku and Shakti Pinky were shocked and surprised. Svetlana can’t bear this and shouts, its fake.. What proof do u have that u r married? Gauri say, entire Bareilly is the proof.. moreover a big proof is that Kali Takur. Svetlana shocked. Shivay ask her to get out and takes them inside.

Precap: Om and Gauri enters OM doing all rituals. Rumya and Annika go to talk with Gauri in Omkara’s room. Svetlana send intimate pics of Tej and her to Shivay and threatens him.

And thats all my drs.. pls think about what I said earlier and reply me. I’m really sorry again for giving similar scenes of DBO.. but I wish this is how both shows to be connected forever. And one more thing to say.. nowadays I’m getting new readers.. I’m really really happy for that.. but I’m missing my old and regular readers comments.. like Shivika, Amaya, Ahaana, mehek and few more.. where r u all.. did u forget ur friend and her FF? I really miss u guys.. pls come back and comment drs. thanks a lot for all my regular readers and commenting ppl.. and also silent readers..Take care my drs.. love u all 🙂 🙂

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